The Surge 2 Little Johnny Boss Guide - How to Defeat Little Johnny

The Surge 2 Little Johnny Boss Guide - How to Defeat Little Johnny

Here's our guide on how to take down the Little Johnny boss in The Surge 2.

Little Johnny is the second major boss fight to take place in The Surge 2, but it's definitely one of the tougher fights in the game. In this Surge 2 Little Johnny guide, we'll be walking you through beating the boss as easily as possible, including what attacks to look out for, and weak parts to be targeting.

The Surge 2 Little Johnny Boss

Little Johnny might only be the second boss in The Surge 2, but he's a damn tough one to take on. You'll notice that the mechanical boss doesn't have a health bar, but instead has a rising temperature gauge near the top of the screen (more on that later).

In terms of attacks, Little Johnny doesn't strike particularly hard, but moves really quickly. The vast majority of its attacks revolve around stabbing or swiping with any of its three legs, and because the middle section of the boss can rotate around, it's incredibly hard to get in more than a quick few hits before it's facing down on you.

If you stay under the mech for too long, it'll come slamming down on top of you, so while it's good to get in a few hits, don't stick around for too long. Ideally, you want to be targeting the legs of the boss, locking on to them and getting in a quick few attacks where you can.

At two instances during the fight, Little Johnny will rise up into the air on its legs, with a pool of strange liquid jettisoned onto the ground. Move right back where you see this, because a wave of small mines are about to come out at you. All you need to do is simply sidestep these mines when they're coming towards you, because there's no risk of them actually detonating after they've finished moving.

What Are Little Johnny's Weaknesses?

In terms of weaknesses, you'll note that just underneath Little Johnny's main temperature gauge at the top of the screen, there are five blue icons. These are the cooling tanks of the boss, one can be found on each leg, while two are located on the main body of Little Johnny.

Lock onto a leg of Little Johnny, and you'll see that it's armored. You need to actually ignore this, and strike the armored legs of the boss until you destroy each one. As you go about destroying them by brute force, you'll see three of the five blue icons underneath the temperature gauge extinguish.

Whenever one of these blue icons dims, the temperature gauge of Little Johnny will increase. The goal of the fight is to destroy all five cooling tanks, so the temperature of the boss rises to the extreme, and the mech is destroyed.

While the coolant tanks on the legs of Little Johnny aren't too difficult to deal with, it's the two tanks on the main body of the boss that can be a real pain. You need to get right up in the face of the boss to damage these, which is really tricky because Little Johnny is nearly always on the move.

Pick a rapid weapon for this fight, or at least switch to one for this phase of the boss. Get in a quick few hits, and then back off, because Little Johnny is particularly fond of doing the body slam attack on the ground in this phase. Make sure to use your injectable healing items whenever possible in this boss fight, and make the cooling tanks on the body of the boss the last things you take on.

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