Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Release Date, Loans, Microtransactions, Crafting - Everything We Know

All the details on Nintendo’s upcoming Animal Crossing Pocket Camp smartphone spin-off from the much loved Animal Crossing series, including the release date, crafting, friends, characters, gameplay details, and how to play it now.

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a brand-new mobile/smartphone spin-off of the Animal Crossing series, releasing in November. In this complete guide to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp we’ll tell you all you need to know about the game, including the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp release date, whether it’s coming to iOS, Android, or both, and everything else you need to know about crafting, friends, and loans! We've also got details on how to play the game ahead of its official release date.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Release Date

In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp you play as the campsite manager - someone who can turn an outside space into a comfortable place to live. The Animal Crossing Pocket Camp release date is currently set for late November. Pocket Camp will be arirving for compatible iOS and Android devices.

However, if you want to play Animal Crossing Pocket Camp now, you can if you're willing to jump through a few hoops. The game has already been released in the Australian App Store for iOS and the Australian Play Store for Android. We've got a full guide on how to play Animal Crossing Pocket Camp now, so take a look.

Crafting Furniture in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Crafting furniture to decorate your campsite is a big part of the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp experience.

You can help out other animals on camp by collecting fruit for them. Goldie wanted red apples. By helping others you earn rewards. The gift of apples to Goldie earned 100 Bells and 2 x Cotton. The gift of a tiger butterfly (which you can catch in your net) to Filbert earned 200 Bells and 3 x Wood.

  • Use materials to craft decorative furniture. Materials include Cotton
  • Cyrus takes orders for furniture - each item ordered costs Bells and a certain amount of crafting materials.
  • Animals have ‘favorite’ furniture items. Buy a ‘favorite’ piece of furniture and the animal who’s fond of it will come and hang out in your camp area.

It’s not just furniture that can be crafted in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Amenities cost a lot of money and take a lot of time to build, but can help you make friends and make animals happier.

A pool comes with numerous bonuses, but will costs a lot of crafting items and 5,000 Bells. If an item is taking too long to craft you can use Leaf Tickets to speed up the process.

It seems as though items have a level, suggesting you can either upgrade them or build new ones that come with better perks.

You share a friendship level with every animal in the game. Chat or fulfil requests to raise this friendship level that is individual to each animal on camp. Level up your friendship to get them to visit your campsite.

You can travel to other locations in your Camper van. Certain locations are better for finding crafting items.

Main Locations in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

  • Island
  • Beach
  • Forrest
  • River

You can go fishing. Using a rod is easy but catching one fish at a time is pretty slow. A throw net (bought with Leaf Tickets) can be used to catch multiple fish at once. Fish can be given as gifts, and you’ll be rewarded. Honey can also be purchased with Leaf Tickets to help you catch bugs. If you want to gather valuable minerals you can pay to enter a quarry, once again using Leaf Tickets.

In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, time passes as it does in real life. The in-game world cycles through morning, day, evening, and night, with different animals around during each time period.

Leaf Tickets - Animal Crossing Pocket Camp’s Microtransactions - How Much do Leaf Tickets Cost?

Leaf Tickets are another form of currency in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. You can earn them through normal gameplay (levelling up appears to award you with Leaf Tickets and Bells, while completing goals also gives you rewards), but they can also be bought by using real-world money. Use Leaf Tickets to make up for any crafting materials you don’t have.

Cost of Leaf Tickets

  • 20 - $0.99
  • 45 - $1.99
  • 100 - $3.99
  • 200 - $7.99

Shopping in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

A marketplace in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has numerous sellers with outdoor stalls. Visit them and use your Bells to purchase items.

  • Nookling Global - This store run by Timmy and Tommy Nook sells fancy furniture Items that can’t be crafted
  • Able Sisters to Go - Sells clothing. One shirt cost 480 Bells
  • Kicks - Sells shoes

The selection of items in each store rotates, so you’ll need to visit regularly to see what’s on offer.

As Animal Crossing runs alongside the time in the real world, it’ll also feature the seasonal events you expect. These events will have exclusive items that are only available for a limited amount of time.

Your Camper in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp can be fully customised, inside and out. The inside is essentially a little room that you can fill and decorate as you wish - providing you have the items you want.

OK Motors specialises in Camper customisation. You can get paint jobs or even second floor extensions. Be warned, though. These big jobs can cost a lot of Bells, so you might need to get a loan. That’s right! You can take out loans in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

Human Friends in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

While you’ll spend a lot of time talking to and helping out animal friends, other real players will randomly stop by your camp from time to time. You can also add friends by sharing your ID or by entering the ID of someone you know.

Once you meet up with a friend you can exchange Bells for items or visit their campsite.

In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp you can create your own character, but customisation options are fairly limited. You can choose to be a boy or a girl, select your skin color, eye color, and hair color, as well as choose from styles.

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