Final Fantasy XV God Mode: What It Is, and How to Activate It

Using the newly-discovered God Mode glitch, Noctis can fly like an eagle to wherever he likes.


Once more for the people in the back: This is a Final Fantasy XV story spoiler warning!

Like most fantasy story protagonists, Final Fantasy XV's Noctis Lucis Caelum is more than he initially appears to be. He's blessed with mysterious ancestral powers that, when activated, allow him to go Super Saiyan in a dignified matter befitting of a Final Fantasy character (so, less screaming and muscle-bulging, basically).

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Noctis enters "Armiger God Mode" twice during FF XV's story: Once when fighting Leviathan, and again at the end of the game. In both instances, he can fly freely around the battlefield and becomes far more resilient to damage.

One fan discovered a way to activate Armiger God Mode outside of its story points, which effectively lets Noctis fly around FF XV's world at his leisure. The person who originally discovered how to activate God Mode took down their instructional videos, but another fan, "edepot," picked up the ball.

Edepot uploaded a "How To" video to his channel. Here are the step-by-step instructions found within, though it's best to consult them in conjunction with the visuals provided by the video:

  • First, you need to beat the game. Make sure you have a save file for Chapter 15 (maybe several wouldn't be a bad idea).
  • 1) Load your Chapter 15 save after beating the game. Kill Ifrit again, and enter the throne room.
  • 2) Warp from the throne room down to Ardyn.
  • 3) Warp repeatedly to reach the building balcony.
  • 4) Warp to the Magitek Engine situated near the invisible wall.
  • 5) Warp to the tree to go to the balcony again.
  • 6) Turn left at the end of the balcony, and head east.
  • 7) Turn left and go north at the wall you see.
  • 8) Jump over the rubble.
  • 9) When you wind up on the street, run to the sleeping lodge.
  • 10) Open the lodge door.
  • 11) Fight Ardyn around this area until he has about 3/4ths of his health – when he starts using magic, and won't warp away.
  • 12) Press "X," and wait for Ardyn's attacks to end.
  • 13) Select "No," and attack Ardyn repeatedly.
  • 14) Press X again after you've done some major damage.
  • 15) Repeat these steps until the cutscene starts.
  • 16) Wait for the cutscene to end, and until Armiger starts.
  • 17) Select "Yes" when the floating swords appear.
  • 18) Go through with resting.
  • 19) Move up above Insomnia.
  • 20) Load your latest quick save.
  • 21) Save your file.
  • 22) Use Umbra to go to Altissia.
  • 23) Ride the gondola to make the menu work again.
  • 24) Save a final "God Mode" save.

Congratulations. You are now God.

See-through weapons for everyone!

Edepot has published a whole mess of videos that demonstrate the fun things you can do with your newfound powers. Once-mundane tasks are now kind of special, and you can examine Shiva's butt up-close. For science, of course.

There's a chance Square-Enix will patch out this feature (maybe sooner than later), in which case Edepot advises "This [glitch] works on the latest version (1.09), but if Square Enix updates the game to prevent it from working in the future, then simply remove all patches (need physical disc), turn off internet, and follow this video."

We have tons more guides, tips, and features about Final Fantasy XV, so make sure to check 'em all out when you're done playing at being a deity.

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