How to Get and Beat the Final Fantasy 15 Judgment Disc Demo

How to Get and Beat the Final Fantasy 15 Judgment Disc Demo

Here's how to get and beat the last Final Fantasy 15 demo before its impending release.

In a surprise move after what was thought to be the last demo in the Platinum demo, Square Enix released one more gameplay sampler for Final Fantasy 15 in Judgment Disc. Unlike the Platinum demo, though, Judgment Disc is an actual slice of the final game, including the tutorial and the introductory chapter. So if you were worried about the fact that the Platinum demo wasn't a piece of the actual game, you might want to try Judgment Disc.

The catch is that it's only available on the Japanese PSN and Xbox One stores, which require you to be from Japan. And since it's exclusive to Japan, it's also in Japanese, with no other language options. Fear not, though, because there is a workaround if you don't mind muddling around in an unfamiliar language. Here's how to download Judgment Disc and play through the demo.

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How to Get Final Fantasy 15 Judgment Disc

  1. For the PS4 version, start up your PS4 and create a new PSN account. You don't have to put in any credit card information, but make sure you put in a Japanese physical address. It can be any one, it really doesn't matter as long as it's in Japan. On Xbox One, log into your Gamertag and enter the settings menu. Go into System, then Language and Location to set your location to Japan. Then, reset your system.
  2. Go into the Japanese storefront and look for Final Fantasy XV Judgment Disc in the featured section of the storefront. If it isn't the first thing you see when you try this, look around a bit in this section. It shouldn't have gone very far.
  3. Download Judgment Disc. The demo is 13.5 GB, so make sure you have enough space.

Final Fantasy 15 Judgment Disc Tutorial Walkthrough

  1. During the tutorial, you'll have to demonstrate that you know how to use the controls. First, guard against attacks from your opponent using the associated button before a strike.
  2. Hold the guard button to Phase to avoid attacks three times.
  3. Hold down the blitz button to attack.
  4. Parry an attack by pressing the guard button when the orange shield icon appears, then hit blitz when it prompts you right after to counterattack. Parry three times to continue.
  5. Use the techniques you've learned to defeat the practice enemy.
  6. Choose the first option to start the next tutorial. Press the warp button to do a blade-warp. Then, lock onto the enemy and warp to do a warp-strike. Center your camera on a point on a pillar above you that has a point-warp mark on it. Hold down the warp button while facing it to point-warp. Then warp again to warp-strike the enemy.
  7. Hide behind a pillar with the guard button until your MP gauge is full.
  8. Defeat the enemy using warp-strikes.
  9. Select the first option again to continue the tutorial. Then, attack the enemy as you normally would.
  10. Switch weapons using the D-Pad buttons and try each one on the enemy.
  11. When you're given a spear-looking item, go into the menu and select the third option to open your gear. Hit the shoulder button until you find the spear you were given and put it into the empty slot. Then use the associated D-Pad button out of the menu to equip it. Attack the enemy with the spear.
  12. Next, open up the menu again and go into your gear. Hit the shoulder button until you get to the last category. Equip that spell onto a slot and exit the menu. Select the spell you just equipped and cast it on your opponent.
  13. Defeat your opponent. You can create new spells in the menu by selecting the sixth option and adding elements to one of your flasks.
  14. In the next tutorial, attack your opponent with your partner. Then, use the right trigger to open up a different menu referring to D-Pad buttons. Press the button with the only box that isn't empty.
  15. Go over to your partner and rescue him using the button prompt when you stand next to him. Then use the item you have less of on both of you to recover your HP and maximum HP.
  16. Defeat your opponent with your partner one last time to complete the tutorial.

Final Fantasy 15 Judgment Disc Demo Walkthrough

  1. Push your car forward until the scene shifts to a gas station, where you car can be serviced.
  2. Wander around the rest area for a bit. You'll eventually be prompted with some text from a party member. Once you are, talk to Cindy, the blonde woman who spoke to you initially.
  3. Cindy will task you with eliminating some pests. Follow the waypoint marked on your map and kill all the groups of scorpions you find at the destination markers.
  4. After Cindy calls you once all the pests are killed, head for the next waypoint and enter the abandoned shack you find there. Kill the Sabretusks inside.
  5. Go to the next waypoint, where you'll find another shack with more Sabretusks around it. Before you get too close, look for a spot on the nearby windmill to point-warp to in order to get bonus AP. Dispatch the Sabretusks.
  6. Go to the shack and talk to Dave to finish the task. He'll then assign you another one.
  7. Go to the marked area and kill the mutant beast there.
  8. Head back to the gas station and retrieve your car.
  9. Drive to the rest area marked on the map, where you'll get more directions. You can also pick up a side quest here if you wish.
  10. Drive to the resort at the southernmost tip of the explorable area and go through the hotel to the ferry dock. Talk to the man sitting on the bench there.
  11. Drive out to the waypoint and get out of the car. Look for a way up the cliff to where you have to get the gem. It's next to a giant sleeping bird, so you're going to have to sneak by slowly.
  12. Take the gem back to the man at the dock to finish the demo. Note that you can go around doing sidequests first if you wish. Look for question marks on the map, and chat up restaurant employees who double as tipsters who can give you marks to hunt.

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