Mario Tennis Aces Characters - Complete Character Roster List, All Mario Tennis Aces DLC Characters

Mario Tennis Aces Characters - Complete Character Roster List, All Mario Tennis Aces DLC Characters

Here's our full Mario Tennis Aces guides hub, featuring a characters list, shots guide, controls info, and more.

The Mario Tennis Aces characters are weird and wonderful, bringing characters from all around the Mario games to the tennis court. In this Mario Tennis Aces characters guide, we'll be walking you through the complete list of characters that you can play as in the game, including Boo, Peach, Bowser, Spike, and more, as well as their areas of expertise.

If you instead need help with anything else on the latest Mario tennis game, you’ll want to head over to our Mario Tennis Aces guide. It’s here that you’ll find all the information you need on how to get to grips with the basics of the game, including all the controls, as well as how to perfectly execute, and block, a special shot.

Mario Tennis Aces Characters Guide

Just below, we’ll list out all the characters in Mario Tennis Aces. Next to each name, you’ll see what type of role they fit into in the game, before detailing the types of roles that players can fill further down.

  • Mario - All-Around
  • Luigi - All-Around
  • Wario - Powerful
  • Waluigi - Defensive
  • Peach - Technical
  • Daisy - All-Around
  • Rosalina - Tricky
  • Toad - Speedy
  • Toadette - Technical
  • Bowser - Powerful
  • Bowser Jr. - Defensive
  • Boo - Tricky
  • Yoshi - Speedy
  • Donkey Kong - Powerful
  • Spike - Powerful
  • Chain Chomp - Powerful

So what does each role mean in Mario Tennis Aces? Just below, you can find a complete list of all six character types in the game, as well as a detailed breakdown of how each role functions.

  • All-Around - As the title suggests, these characters are adept at everything in Mario Tennis Aces, from serving and zone shots, to technical shots and blocking opponent’s shots.
  • Defensive - These types of characters mainly focus on being able to repel opponent’s special and zone shots, and they also have a slight bonus for trick shots, letting them cover more ground quickly to send shots flying back.
  • Powerful - The powerful characters like Bowser and Donkey Kong focus on pure hitting power, able to send normal shots, as well as zone shots, over to the other side of the court incredibly quickly.
  • Speedy - As the name of this category points to, these speedy characters can zip from one side of the court to the other in the blink of an eye, basically doubling up as a form of defensive character in their ability to stop any shots getting past them.
  • Tricky - There’s definitely a learning curve involved with the tricky characters, but once you’ve eventually mastered them, they’re able to pull off incredibly powerful shots, and they also have an increased trick shot success rate.
  • Technical - Finally, the technical characters are an interesting bunch. They generally have a higher success rate of trick shots, and they’re also typically better at placing charged shots like zone and special shots.

Are There Unlockable Characters in Mario Tennis Aces?

If you're looking to unlock new characters by beating the Adventure mode of Mario Tennis Aces, then you're unfortunately out of luck. There are no additional charaters to be unlocked whatsoever in Mario Tennis Aces, but youc can check out the list of DLC characters coming to the game for free, after launch.

Mario Tennis Aces DLC Characters - How Much Do They Cost?

As of right now, Nintendo has announced that there are a handful of free DLC characters making their way to Mario Tennis Aces at a later date. We’ll list all the confirmed characters for Mario Tennis Aces just below, as well as detailing when they’re coming to the game.

  • Koopa Troopa - August
  • Blooper - September
  • Diddy Kong - “After September”
  • Birdo - “After September”
  • Koopa Paratrooper - “After September”

Nintendo hasn’t yet revealed exact release dates for any of the characters listed above, but we’ll make sure to update this list whenever they reveal any additional details, such as exact dates or new characters.

We might be all wrapped up with this guide on Mario Tennis Aces, but you can continue ahead to our additional guides on the game. You can visit our Mario Tennis Aces shots guide for how to execute every type of shot in the game, or our Mario Tennis Aces blocking guide for how to perfectly block a special shot.

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