Mario Tennis Aces Blocking Guide - How to Block a Special Shot

Mario Tennis Aces Blocking Guide - How to Block a Special Shot

Here's our full Mario Tennis Aces guides hub, featuring a characters list, shots guide, controls info, and more.

Blocking is a massive part of Mario Tennis Aces, especially when you’re going to have to deal with powerful special shots from your opponents. In this Mario Tennis Aces how to block guide, we’ll be walking you through how to completely master the core mechanic of the tennis game, in particular detailing how to block special shots, so you can keep your racket intact.

But if you instead need a helping hand with anything else on the latest Mario tennis game, you’ll want to head over to our complete Mario Tennis Aces guides hub. It’s here that you can find all the information you need on getting to grips with all the shot mechanics in the game, as well as a list of all future DLC characters arriving in the game.

How to Block in Mario Tennis Aces

Firstly, we should note that when we mention “blocking” a shot, we’re referring to the specific blocking mechanic for returning zone shots in Mario Tennis Aces. This is entirely different to simply returning a shot the standard way, by positioning yourself in the line of the ball so you can press any of the serve buttons and send the shot back at your opponent.

Instead, you’ll need to perfectly block zone shots or special shots from your opponent in order to stop the shot and prevent your opponent from scoring a point. Your main method of blocking zone and special shots in Mario Tennis Aces is to firstly slow down time, done by holding down the R button. Note that this consumes energy, so you can only slow down time if you’ve got energy stacked up.

Next, while time is slowed down and the zone or special shot from your opponent is coming over to your side of the field, you need to position your character in the path of the ball. Now, you need to press any of the four shot buttons (Y/B/A/X), just as the ball reaches your character.

You can only successfully block a shot like this if you time the button press perfectly. Press it too early, and if it was a zone shot from your opponent then your racket will lose a life from its green health bar. But if you mistime the button press and the original shot from your opponent was a special shot, your racket will shatter entirely.

If you’re playing in the ‘free play’ mode of Mario Tennis Aces, you’ll instantly lose the match if your racket shatters. However if you’re in online or the tournament mode, then you have a set number of rackets (usually three), before you automatically lose the match.

Therefore, the timing of your button press is everything. You really need to get the timing down, so that you press the shot button the moment the ball is right upon your character. The danger here is that you panic and press the shot button too early, which is definitely a trap we’ve fallen into a fair amount of times while playing Mario Tennis Aces.

We might be all wrapped up with this complete blocking guide for Mario Tennis Aces, but there are plenty other areas of the game yet to detail. Head over to our complete Mario Tennis Aces characters guide, where we’ll be going over all sixteen characters in the entire game, detailing which areas they excel and falter in.

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