Mario Tennis Aces Shot Guide - Every Shot Type

Mario Tennis Aces Shot Guide - Every Shot Type

Here's our full Mario Tennis Aces guides hub, featuring a characters list, shots guide, controls info, and more.

Your shot selection in Mario Tennis Aces often dictates whether you’re going to win a point, or whether you’re handing the advantage to your opponent in setting them up with a weak shot. In this Mario Tennis Aces shot types guide, we’ll be walking you through all the different types of shots within the game itself, breaking down which shot is the appropriate one to use in which situation.

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Mario Tennis Aces Shot Types Guide

Just below, you’ll firstly find a complete list of all the various shot types in Mario Tennis Aces. These are shots that are universally shared across all sixteen characters in the game, and just next to the name of the shot, you’ll find the corresponding button on the Nintendo Switch.

  • Topspin (A) - Your standard form of shot, a topspin shot is generally your quicker of the shots to play.
  • Slice (B) - The slice is a slower shot, typically bouncing close to the net on the other side of the field.
  • Flat (Y) - As the name says, this shot is generally flatter, and typically lands towards the back of your opponent's side of the field.
  • Lob (left stick up + X) - The first of the lob shots goes high up into the air, landing towards the back of the field and forcing your opponent to move.
  • Drop shot (left stick down + X) - A slow shot that lands near the net, forcing your opponent to quickly move up to meet the ball.
  • Trick shot (Right stick) - Move the stick to either side to quickly scamper across the field to get a ball that’s just out of your reach.
  • Zone shot (R) - When you have energy stored up, you can unleash this special shot, that let’s you aim the ball before launching it at your opponent’s side of the field.
  • Special shot (L) - When your energy is full, tap the L button to unleash a charged up version of the zone shot.

Which shot you pick to play in which situation will govern whether or not you can win at Mario Tennis Aces. For example, if your opponent is hanging around near the front of the court and near the net, you’ll want to play a long lob shot, that forces them to retreat to the back of the court.

Keep in mind that if you want to charge up your energy meter quickly, your best bet is to press a shot button to return a shot from your opponent as early as possible. If you find yourself positioned in the line of the ball, the sooner you can press a shot button, the more power you’ll hit the ball with.

We might be all wrapped up with this complete Mario Tennis Aces guide on how to select the perfect shot, but there are plenty more guides on the tennis title here at USgamer. Continue ahead to our Mario Tennis Aces characters guide, or our guide on how to block in Mario Tennis Aces, in case you ever need to return a supercharged special shot right back at your opponent.

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