Pokemon GO Zapdos Raid Boss - Raid Guide, Best Counters, Weakness, Shiny Zapdos, Free Raid Passes, Zapdos Day Thundershock

Everything you need to know about battling the Legendary Electric Bird Pokemon Zapdos.

In Pokemon GO, Zapdos can be a pretty tough Raid Boss to take down if you go in underprepred. You'll want to refresh yourself with the Zapdos Best Counters, Zapdos weakness, and tips. In this Pokemon GO Zapdos Guide, we'll give you some tips on how to beat Zapdos Raids. We'll also give you all the details on how to get a Shiny Zapdos.

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Pokemon GO Zapdos - Best Counters, Shiny Zapdos

Pokemon GO Zapdos Best Counters, Weaknesses

If you want to make the most of Zapdos events, or any Zapdos battle in general, you’ll need to go in with a strong team of appropriate pokemon. The best pokemon to battle a certain type are called Best Counters, so here we’ll outline the Best Counters for Zapdos. These choices are based on Zapdos and its particular strengths and weaknesses.

  • Zapdos is weak to Rock-type attacks. Going in with a Tyranitar is your best bet. Arm it with Smack Down and Stone Edge to ensure a victory every time
  • Another great rock pokemon to use is Golem, preferably equipped with with Rock Throw and Rock Blast
  • Other than those two, you can get by using high damage-dealing pokemon. Mewtwo is great for this, with Psychic and Confusion good options in terms of moves
  • If you’re looking for a tank pokemon to bring into the fight, go for Piloswine. Zapdos is also weak to Ice, so equip Piloswine with Avalanche and Ice Shard

Pokemon GO Zapdos Moves

Here are the moves you’ll be up against when facing Zapdos in a Raid Battle:

  • Thundershock
  • Thunderbolt
  • Thunder
  • Zap Cannon

Zapdos Pokemon GO Raid Battle Tips and Tricks

  • Don’t have everyone in your team leave to go to the lobby at once. Leaving Zapdos alone in battle allows it to heal
  • There is a known dodge glitch associated with dodging a would-be fatal attack. You can avoid this by swapping in a pokemon to take the hit instead, then swapping your main back in.
  • Build your team around the weakness of the Raid Boss Pokemon - there's no point taking in Pokemon that won't work well against a boss.
  • Take your Pokemon that have the strongest Charge Attack, since these are the attacks you'll mainly be using against the Boss Pokemon.
  • Raid Boss Pokemon usually have ten times as much CP as normal Pokemon, so you could be there for quite a while.
  • Remember to dodge! Swipe to either side as soon as you see a flash, and you should avoid any attacks from the Raid Boss.
  • Raid Passes can be earned through fighting in a Gym, and you can only hold one Raid Pass at a time.
  • Once used, a Raid Pass will give you access to a Raid for the hour that it takes place, so if you fail you can just head back in.

Pokemon GO Zapdos Free Raid Passes

If trainers unlock Zapdos Day during Pokemon GO Fest, they will get the opportunity to earn free Raid Passess. This will allow them to take on Zapdos in a Raid Battle, and hopefully bag a shiny Zapdos.

Pokemon GO Shiny Zapdos

During Zapdos events, trainers will see an increase in Zapdos encounters. With each encounter, there is a small chance that they will come face to face with a Shiny Zapdos. The only way to get one is to try as many Raid Battles as possible, and hopefully you’ll get lucky and get a Shiny Zapdos in Pokemon GO.

That’s everything you need to know about battling Zapdos in Pokemon GO. We’ve got a ton of guides on Pokemon GO for you to check out, including how to evolve Eevee in Pokemon GO, our Pokemon GO Field Research Guide, and our guide on how to get Ditto in Pokemon GO.

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