The Best PS4 Black Friday Gaming Sale Prices - PS4 Pro, PSVR - Wolfenstein 2, FIFA 18, CoD WW2

All the best Black Friday gaming sales, including when Black Friday takes place and what the best Black Friday gaming deals are. PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Gaming Laptop, 4K TV, Ultra HD 4K Blu-rays, and Smartphone and mobile deals.

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Sony’s PS4 is going to be in high demand this holiday season, so we’re going to help you out by letting you know about all the best PS4 Black Friday deals. This includes the best Black Friday sale prices on PS4 bundles, the best prices on the Black Friday cheap PS4 Pro deals, bargain games, and most likely PlayStation VR bundles. We'll also let you know about the best deals for 12-month PlayStation Plus memberships so you can get those free games each month and play online with your friends. Or you might just want to buy a PlayStation Coloring Book!

For a complete round-up of the best Black Friday deals, head over to our Black Friday Deals hub page. Over there you’ll find the best deals for games consoles, PCs, Laptops, and more. We've also got a Cyber Monday 2017 gaming deals hub, so you can grab any deals that retailers throw up on November 27.

PS4 Black Friday Sales

Read on for all the best Black Friday prices on everything related to the PS4 that has gone on sale over Black Friday. We’ll be updating all these deals with the best prices throughout Black Friday week. These cheap deals will include the best Black Friday prices on the PS4 Pro and PS VR, with deals from the US and the UK.

If you're unsure over what console to buy in the Black Friday sales, we'll try and help you out. If you are new to this generation of consoles (Xbox One, PS4, Switch) then the PS4 is a great buy. Until the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X arrive, the standard PS4 Slim was the best way to play games and it has access to the largest current-gen library. PS4 Pro systems have been heavily reduced over Black Friday, and there are numerous great bundles available, but you still only really need one if you are using a 4K TV.

The PS4 Slim might not offer 4K gaming like the PS4 Pro, but it will still play all PS4 games and you’ll get access to the broadest line-up of games and the most exclusives. If you're currently using a 1080p TV and don't have any immediate plans to upgrade it to a 4K display, the standard PS4 Slim is a great buy. You'll have access to a great library of PS4 exclusive titles and every third-party game (CoD, FIFA, Destiny 2, etc). If you're not using a 4K TV the benefits of a PS4 Pro are rather minimal.

The Best PS4 Slim Black Friday Deals

Here are the best cheap PS4 Slim Black Friday 2017 deals we’ve found this Black Friday.

The Best PS4 Pro Black Friday Deals

The PS4 Pro is a lovely bit of kit and is essential if you want to play some of the biggest PS4 games in 4K. When you’ve seen Gran Turismo Sport in 4K and HDR there is no going back. Here are the best cheap Black Friday PS4 Pro deals.

The PS4 Pro is the best way to play PlayStation 4 games, with the console able to output at 4K, delivering a crisp gaming experience on your 4K TV. If you want to see the likes of God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and GT Sport looking the best they can possibly look, the PS4 Pro is for you. Thankfully we've got the best PS4 Pro Black Friday deals so you can buy the console at a great price.

The Best PlayStation VR Black Friday Deals

PlayStation VR is now a year old and the library of games is getting bigger and bigger. If you fancy jumping on the VR bandwagon, these PS VR Black Friday deals will be what you’re after.

The Best PS4 Accessories Black Friday Deals

To play online multiplayer games on the PS4 you're going to need a PlayStation Plus membership. While Sony hiked the prices recently, there are deals to be had, especially over Black Friday.

If you've been tempted to give PlayStation Now, Sony's game streaming service a try, the current Black Friday discounted price of just $59.99 looks pretty good.

The Best PS4 Games Black Friday Deals

A new console isn’t much good with some games to play on it. We’ve rounded up the best PS4 Black Friday game deals so you can grab a bargain or two.

PS4 Black Friday Deals Tips and Tricks

Buying a PS4 or PS4 Pro over the Black Friday period can be a little stressful. How do you know that the price of the console or game you've been eyeing up isn't going to drop further as we get closer to the actual Black Friday, er... day? We've got some tips so you can buy with confidence and be happy with that cheap PS4 deal you've spotted.

  • Watch out for bundles - If a PS4 Black Friday bundle looks like good value because it has plenty of games packed in, think about if you're actually going to play those games. Five extra games for another $60 might look good on paper, but if you're never going to play them you're better off going for a bundle that's only offering a single game you want to play.
  • Buy now, be Happy - It's human nature to think a better deal might be coming along if you wait, but if you wait over the Black Friday week you might miss out completely. PS4 console deals are already selling out, so chances are that any better deals that appear on Black Friday itself will sell out even quicker. Wait and you might not get any deal. A good deal now is better than no deal at all.

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