Destiny 2 The Arms Dealer Nightfall Strike Guide - Prism, Timewarp: Killing Time Mods Walkthrough

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In this Destiny 2 Arms Dealer Nightfall Strike guide, we'll be walking you through exactly how to take down the difficult Strike, walking you through all the various difficulty modifiers, as well as how to deal with Bracus Zahn, the titular arms dealer boss character of the whole mission.

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Destiny 2 The Arms Dealer Nightfall Strike Guide

The Arms Dealer Strike isn't necessarily one of the most difficult in the base version of Destiny 2, but every Strike that's affected by the Nightfall rotation always ramps up significantly in difficulty. The aim of the game with the Arms Dealer Nightfall Strike is to move quickly, and to eliminate targets as a group, instead of splitting up across the battlefield.

One of the more important things to remember with the Arms Dealer Nightfall Strike is that although it may look like you've got a lot of time to spare when the mission timer starts, you actually need to finish the mission with at least five minutes remaining on the countdown clock. This means you can't simply run through the entire Nightfall Strike, so you've got to keep a healthy amount of time on the clock for the final boss fight with Bracus Zahn.

The Arms Dealer Nightfall Strike Difficulty Mods:

Just below, we've outlined all the difficulty modifiers for the Arms Dealer Nightfall Strike, and further down from that, we'll outline how your plan for the Nightfall Strike should adjust accordingly with each modifier.

  • Prism Mod - This mod means that there'll always be bonus damage applied to a certain weapon type, but this will change throughout the entire Strike.
  • Timewarp: Killing Time Mod - As you might have guessed from the name of the mod, you'll only be able to gain time back on the countdown clock whenever you kill an enemy.

The Prism mod grants you bonus elemental damage for a certain elemental type, but said elemental type changes constantly throughout the entire Nightfall Strike, roughly every thirty seconds. This means that you'll want to come into the Arms Dealer Nightfall Strike with an extremely varied roster of elemental weapon types, so you'll want a weapon slot dedicated to every elemental type, these being Solar, Void, and Arc.

As for the Timewarp: Killing Time difficulty modifier, as we previously explained, every enemy you kill will gain you a certain amount of time back on the countdown clock. This means you'll want to focus on taking out enemies in the Nightfall Strike as quickly as possible. Make sure to save up your Ultimate Abilities and Power weapons for more powerful enemies, like the Cabal Tanks, and have your Fireteam stick together at all times due to the increased difficulty, and it shouldn't be too challenging to finish with over five minutes remaining.

The Arms Dealer Nightfall Strike Boss Guide

For the Bracus Zahn boss fight of the Arms Dealer Nightfall Strike, you'll undoubtedly want to work quickly, and as one team. For example, we'd recommend that all three players go together to deal with the cores whenever you have to pick them up from the other side of the map, as strength in numbers is key here.

Otherwise, you'll want to stick together and hammer Bracus Zahn with the most powerful weaponry possible in this boss fight. Make sure that if the mission timer falls too close to five minutes, you could always make some time back quickly by killing some of the weaker enemies around the arena. It's a good idea to keep on top of the enemies that back up Zahn in the fight, so as to not let them overwhelm you.

This might be it for our Destiny 2 Arms Dealer Nightfall Strike, but keep an eye on our Destiny 2 Strikes guides in general, as we'll be updating them every week as the weekly reset timer brings in a new Nightfall Strike every week.

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