Destiny 2 The Traveler Guide - All Vendors, All New Quests and Factions

The Farm is the brand new social space in Destiny 2, featuring a soccer field and numerous vendors. This Farm guide will detail all the vendors and activities.

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At the very end of the Destiny 2 campaign, The Traveler becomes active once again, ushering in a brand new Golden Age and setting the stage for all future Destiny 2 content. In this Destiny 2 Traveler guide, we'll be focusing on all the vendors and other NPCs you can find in the new Traveler social hub.

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Destiny 2 Traveler Social Hub Guide

The reward of the new Destiny 2 Traveler social hub at the end of the Destiny 2 campaign is a nice touch, that properly brings all the characters like Zavala, Rey, Cayde-6, and Banshee-44 back together. In the screenshot below, you can see the full layout of the new Destiny 2 social space.

An overview of the Traveler in Destiny 2.

Over to the left of the screen you'll find Ikora Rey and Suraya Hawthorne, the latter of which you can go to in order to claim any outstanding Clan rewards. On the right, you've got Cayde-6 and Amanda Holliday, the former of which you can go to to claim Flashpoint rewards, and the latter you can purchase new ships and sparrows from.

The NPCs dotted around the middle of the Traveler are as follows:

  • Commander Zavala - You can go to Zavala to trade in Strike Tokens, and earn rewards for your efforts.
  • Banshee-44 - This Gunsmith will collect any Gunsmith materials you have lying around, as well as selling you weapon mods.
  • Postmaster - The Postmaster's icon will only flash up when you have an item waiting for you to collect.
  • Tess Everis - The representative of the Eververse Trading Company, you can purchase Bright Engrams using real money here.
  • Lord Shaxx - As the Crucible Handler, you can go to Shaxx to trade in Crucible Tokens, and earn some valuable gear for doing so.
  • Master Rahool - Everyone's favorite Cryptarch is back in the Traveler, and he'll unlock any encrypted Engrams you have in your inventory.
  • The Vault - You can access your Vault in the Traveler to both store gear you no longer need, and take out gear you previously stowed away.

These are all the NPCs you can find in the Traveler social hub, which you can only access once you've beaten the main campaign of Destiny 2. If you haven't beaten the story just yet, then we'd absolutely recommend you do so, as the Traveler is a big step up from the Farm.

Destiny 2 Faction Rallies Vendors

If you haven't heard already, then the Faction Rallies event will be taking place in Destiny 2, running from the weekly reset on September 26, all the way to October 11. While we don't yet have a confirmed location for the representatives of the Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult, we can safely bet that they'll be appearing somewhere in the Traveler social hub, waiting for you to turn in any Faction Tokens with them.

We'll update this guide as soon as we have confirmed locations for all three Factions vendors in the Faction Rallies event, but if they are in the Traveler social hub as we suspect, then you'll have to beat the main campaign of Destiny 2 before pledging your allegiance to any one of the three Factions.

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