Anthem Server Status - All Anthem Error Codes, Are Anthem Servers Down?

Here's the latest information on the server status for Anthem, and a list of all major bugs and issues currently affecting BioWare's game.

Anthem is a game that's entirely online, and so there's always a reliance on the servers working properly for the game to function. In this complete Anthem server status guide, we'll be going over a complete list of all the Anthem error codes that are currently known, providing workarounds for them where possible.

But if you instead need any additional information on BioWare’s brand new game, you can head over to our complete Anthem guide. Here you can find not only our full beginner’s guide to Anthem, but also a list of essential tips and tricks that all Javelin pilots should know.

Anthem Server Status

In the section of the guide just below, we'll be detailing the latest status of the Anthem servers. BioWare's game has now finally released for general sale, after previously being available in trial form, and at the time of writing, the servers for the game are fully functioning.

There's a whole lot of scorpions in Anthem's Bastion. | Hirun Cryer/USG, EA/BioWare

Of course, there’s going to be times when BioWare takes their game offline for temporary maintenance. At the time of writing, no downtime has been scheduled for Anthem, but as soon as BioWare announces any maintenance periods, we’ll be sure to update this guide straight away to let you know.

It should be worth noting that Anthem’s servers originally took a beating when the game first went live on EA/Origin Access, on February 15. If you’re after a more up-to-date report on the current server status for Anthem, head over to the official EA website.

Anthem Error Messages

So far, there have actually been relatively few error messages for Anthem. This isn’t like Rare’s Sea of Thieves, which was giving players different error phrases for you to then go and look up online, but instead the game will just tell if you there’s been a connection error.

Anthem Servers Full Error Message

It’s entirely possible that you might get a “servers full” message of some sort when trying to jump into Anthem. If this occurs, then you simply need to exit the game, wait a few minutes, and then try rejoining again, to see if the servers have stabilized at all from what was hopefully a temporary blip.

Anthem Failure to Connect Error Message

On the other hand, if you get a message along the lines of “failure to connect” when trying to get into Anthem, it means there’s a more pressing issue with the servers. A failure to connect entirely means the servers on BioWare’s end are taking a beating, and it could be a few hours at until everything is stabilized. If this is the case, we’d advise keeping an eye on the EA Help Twitter account, which provides you with the latest status of servers for Anthem, and other games.

Anthem Matchmaking Error

In both the open demo and the trial periods for Anthem, there was one major error players encountered during the Launch Bay. When setting out for a mission in the open world of Bastion, you can select the difficulty of the mission, choosing between easy, normal, or hard (Grandmaster tiers unlock after you’ve beaten the game). If you selected, say, hard difficulty for a particular mission, and there current weren’t enough players for Anthem to pair you up with, you’d get a message along the lines of “could not find players matching your difficulty, change the difficulty and try again.”

You'll be loading mission from Anthem's Fort Tarsis. | EA/BioWare

If this occurs when you’re trying to launch a mission in Anthem, then you need to do one of two things. Either change the difficulty of the mission and trying matchmaking again, or wait a few minutes and attempt to matchmake again, with the same difficulty. There’s always a chance that more players could be searching for that same mission on the same difficulty a few minutes later, so it’s always worth giving it another go after a few minutes of waiting.

Anthem Loading Screen Bug

By now you’re bound to have heard about the incredibly long loading screens for Anthem, and how they can drag on forever. There’s always a chance that the game won’t actually load past the loading screen, and it’ll just continue on for over 5 minutes, before giving you a ‘connection error’ message.

Anthem's loading screen can last a fair while. | Hirun Cryer/USG, EA/BioWare

When this happens, you’ve unfortunately got no choice but to load up Anthem all over again. Thankfully, the day one patch for Anthem aims to cut down on the loading times for the game, but there’s always a chance that this error with the long loading screen could still crop up.

Anthem Masterwork Weapons Bug

There are a number of Masterwork weapons in Anthem, which basically act as endgame loot for BioWare’s shooter. However there currently appear to be two bugs related to specific Masterwork weapons. Firstly there’s a reported bug with the Sentinel’s Vengeance grenade launcher, where the grenades won’t stick to their target like they’re meant to. Secondly there’s a bug appeared for the Divine Vengeance assault rifle, where instead of hitting weak points on an enemy to trigger an explosion, you merely need to hit them anywhere to trigger the chain explosions.

Just one of the many Masterwork weapons. | Hirun Cryer/USG, EA/BioWare

If you have these bugs with either of the Masterwork weapons, you’ll unfortunately need to stow them in your Forge, and come back for them when BioWare has fixed the issue. As of right now, there’s no solution to either of these bugs, if they’ve popped up with either weapon for you.

Anthem Incursion Mission Bug

Only a few hours into Anthem, you’re going to be tasked with completing a main story-related mission called ‘Incursion.’ It would appear that there’s a bug affecting some players, keeping them from completing this mission. On completion of Incursion, during the rewards screen you might get a “disconnected from servers” message, that will boot you back out to the main menu of Anthem.

From what’s been reported, it would appear this bug happens exclusively during the mission rewards screen in Anthem, and can keep players from completing this mission. If this has happened to you, there’s unfortunately no workaround for the bug, and you’ll merely have to wait until BioWare remedies the problem.

Check out our Anthem guide for more details on the all the Javelins, with tip for those just starting out.. Also check out our Everything We Know guide for info on the Early Access and full launches. For a look at all of the Anthem Chest Locations we've found so far, head over to our Anthem Chest Locations Guide.

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