Anthem Alliance System Explained - How to Join an Alliance, How to Increase Alliance Rewards in Anthem

Here's everything you need to know about Anthem's Alliance system, including rewards, how to increase your level, and more.

There’s a single main ‘Alliance’ group in Anthem, and raising your standing with them can be pretty beneficial. In this complete Anthem Alliance guide, we’ll be walking you through everything there is to know about the system, including how to increase your Alliance level in Anthem so you earn increased XP from missions, and much more.

But if you instead need any other details relating to BioWare’s new shared world shooter, you’ll want to head over to our main Anthem guide. Here you can find a beginner’s guide to your journey through the world of Bastion, as well as list of essential tips and tricks that every Javelin pilot should know.

Anthem Alliances Explained

Firstly, we should point out there actually isn’t more than one ‘alliance’ in Anthem. There’s just one such Alliance, and it’s this Alliance that you’re going to spend the whole of the game with. This alliance doesn’t have a physical presence in Fort Tarsis or the world of Anthem as such, but it instead acts more as a scoreboard in the menu systems of the game.

Confused? Yeah, we were too. Basically, the Alliance system in Anthem has you competing against your friends, and other players around the world, to stay atop of your own local scoreboard for contributing XP in any given week. Every time you gain more XP, you’ll raise the reward level of your Alliance, meaning you get a better reward payout at the end of every week in Anthem (more on this below).

How to Join the Alliance in Anthem

But how do you join the Alliance system in Anthem. Simply put, you don’t, Anthem automatically opts you into the Alliance system from the moment you start playing the game, so don’t worry about having to visit a certain NPC in Fort Tarsis to sign up, or anything like that.

However, you do need to have populated your Alliance score list with friends on your relevant platform. So if you’re playing Anthem on PC, PS4, or Xbox One, you’ll be automatically placed in a score list for Alliance rewards with other people on your friends list that are also playing Anthem.

Thankfully, if you don’t have any friends that are playing Anthem, the game will pair you up with the last few players that you played alongside during the matchmaking process. In other words, don’t worry if none of your friends are playing Anthem, because the game will make up for this.

How to Earn Alliance XP in Anthem

In order to reap the rewards from the Alliance system in Anthem, you need to raise the reward level of your Alliance to the highest level possible, by the end of each week. To do this, you need to contribute a lot of XP to your Alliance. Here's how:

  • All the XP you earn is also counted towards your Alliance XP gain.
  • So every time you earn XP, it goes straight into your Alliance total.
  • Missions are the best sources for raising XP quickly.
  • Undertake Strongholds, story missions, and open-world events to get XP fast.

Every time you earn XP in Anthem, it also gets counted towards the total of your Alliance. So, if you complete a Stronghold and earn a total of 2,000 XP for your pilot, that same amount of 2,000 XP will also go straight into your Alliance level.

All your XP in Anthem goes straight to the Alliance system. | Hirun Cryer/USG, EA/BioWare

There are no special activities or unique missions that you need to undertake in order to raise your Alliance level. Instead, you just need to earn as much XP as possible. A solid source of XP income in Anthem is any of the three Stronghold missions in the game. Outside of this, you should undertake story and faction missions, as well as partaking in events out in the open world of Bastion, if you want to earn a lot of XP quickly.

Anthem Alliance Rewards

At the end of every week in Anthem, you’ll receive a certain reward, depending on the level of your Alliance. The only reward you can earn from your Alliance level is the Coin currency; there are unfortunately no special weapon or item rewards that are handed out through the Alliance system.

Our current Alliance reward level in Anthem. | Hirun Cryer/USG, EA/BioWare

There are two instances where you’ll earn a payout from the Alliance system: every time you raise the reward level of your Alliance, and at the end of every week, as we mentioned above. However, what we currently don’t know is the amount of Coin that you’ll earn from the payouts of the Alliance.

It’s a fairly safe bet to say that the higher you raise your reward level to in the Alliance, the more Coin you’ll earn. We’ll be updating this section of our guide as soon as we uncover any additional details on the amount of Coin you can earn in the Alliance system.

Check out our Anthem guide for more details on the all the Javelins, with tip for those just starting out.. Also check out our Everything We Know guide for info on the Early Access and full launches. For a look at all of the Anthem Chest Locations we've found so far, head over to our Anthem Chest Locations Guide.

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