Anthem Controls Layout - All Anthem Controls for Flying and Combat

Here's our guide to the complete control layout of Anthem.

BioWare's Anthem does a pretty good job of easing you into the world in the opening few hours, but it can still be pretty overwhelming at times. In this Anthem controls guide, we'll be getting you up to speed with a complete control scheme for Anthem, whether you're soaring through the skies, or fighting on foot.

But if you instead need help with any other areas of Anthem, you can head over to our main Anthem guides hub. Here you can find a complete beginner’s guide for BioWare’s new game, as well as an overview of all four Javelin types available.

Anthem Controls Overview

As we said at the top, there’s plenty that Anthem throws at you in the opening hours. Just below, we’ve compiled a complete list of all the controls for the game. At the moment we’ve only got button layouts for the Xbox One controller, since you can only currently play Anthem on the Xbox One or PC during the early access trial phase.

  • Jump - A
  • Dodge - B
  • Reload - X
  • Change weapon - Hold X
  • Melee ability - Y
  • Take off - A while airborne
  • Aim - Left trigger
  • Fire - Right trigger
  • Use grenade - Left bumper
  • Use ordinance ability - Right bumper
  • Use Ultimate Ability - Up on D-pad
  • Emote options - Left, right, or down on D-pad
Here there be weird spider monsters. | Hirun Cryer/USG, EA/BioWare

This is the complete control scheme for Anthem on the Xbox One. We’ll be updating this guide with the layout of the PS4 controls, as soon as the game is available on Sony’s console on Friday, February 22.

Now that we’re all done here, you can check out our other Anthem coverage here at USG. You can head over to our Anthem DLC guide, or our Anthem Storm Javelin guide for more.

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