Anthem Legion of Dawn Items - How to Get Legion of Dawn Items in Anthem

Anthem Legion of Dawn Items - How to Get Legion of Dawn Items in Anthem

Here's how you can claim all your Anthem Legion of Dawn armor and weapons from the Legion of Dawn Edition.

If you've purchased the upgraded Legion of Dawn edition of Anthem at retail or digital, then you're guaranteed to be given some pretty nice items within the game. In our Anthem Legion of Dawn items guide, we'll be detailing how to get the Legion of Dawn gear in Anthem, which you can only obtain if you ordered the upgraded version of the base game.

However if you instead need any additional information on BioWare’s new game, you can head over to our full Anthem guide. Here you can find beginner’s guide to the game, as well as full story primer for the events leading up to the start of your adventure.

Anthem Legion of Dawn Items

How to Get the Anthem Legion of Dawn Items

Just below, we’ll be briefly summarising how you can claim and equip all your Legion of Dawn gear in Anthem. Further down, we’ll be breaking down all these steps into greater detail, highlighting all the new items that you’ll acquire in the Legion of Dawn pack.

Step-by-Step Guide to Get the Anthem Legion of Dawn Items

  • Head to the market area of Fort Tarsis.
  • Interact with the stand next to Prospero to enter the store.
  • Scroll over to the ‘Rewards’ tab.
  • Claim the ‘Legion of Dawn Pack.’
  • Go to the Forge, scroll over to the ‘Appearance’ tab.
  • Equip your new Legion of Dawn items to your Javelin.

As we said above, if you’ve put down a pre-order for the upgraded Legion of Dawn edition of Anthem on either PC, PS4, or Xbox One, then you’ll have some exclusive items waiting for you within the game. Don’t worry about a final claim date for the Legion of Dawn items in Anthem, they’ll be sticking around for you to pick up whenever you’re ready.

Where to Find Prospero in Anthem

When you’re next in Fort Tarsis, you need to find Prospero. You’ll be introduced to this NPC within Fort Tarsis during the very early hours of the game, and he basically functions as the cosmetics vendor in Anthem. To find Prospero, head up to the open market area of Fort Tarsis, and with your Javelin and the Forge directly ahead of you, Prospero will be manning one of the stands on your left.

But, don’t speak to Prospero. Instead, interact with the pile of objects on the counter top of his stand, and you’ll be taken to the cosmetics store of Anthem. You’ll now find yourself on the ‘Featured’ tab of the cosmetics store, where you can purchase all of the fanciest cosmetic items for your Javelin with either Coin or Shards.

Your Legion of Dawn gear pack. | Hirun Cryer/USG, EA/BioWare

Scroll across to the ‘Rewards’ tab within the cosmetics store. Here, you’ll have two items to claim: the ‘Pre-order Items,’ and the ‘Legion of Dawn Items.’ Simply press A/X over both these items, and you’ll add them to your collection. If you want to equip them straight away, exit out of the shop, and go straight into the Forge.

Anthem Legion of Dawn Legendary Items

But what do you actually get for purchasing the Legion of Dawn edition of Anthem? We've detailed everything for you below:

Anthem Legion of Dawn Light of the Legion Marksman’s Rifle

Firstly, you’re going to be granted a Legendary marksman’s rifle, which you can see just below. This Light of the Legion marksman’s rifle has a power rating of 18 (very handy for rising up the ranks near the beginning of Anthem), a damage rating of 50, 240 rounds per minute, 16 bullets in a magazine, and 45 optimal range, so it can shoot a fair distance without losing accuracy.

The Light of the Legion marksman's rifle. | Hirun Cryer/USG, EA/BioWare
  • 18 power.
  • 50 damage.
  • 240 RPM.
  • 16 ammo.
  • 45 range.

Anthem Legion of Dawn Armor

Just below, you can see the additional, cosmetic items that you obtain through the Legion of Dawn edition of Anthem. The marksman’s rifle is the only weapon that you’ll be unlocking through the pack, and the three other items that make up the armor set can be applied to any of your four Javelins, at the same time. There are different Legion of Dawn armor items for the Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor, and Storm Javelins, but just below, we’ll give you a look at what the Colossus looks like with the Legion of Dawn armor equipped.

Our Colossus in the Legion of Gear attire. | Hirun Cryer/USG, EA/BioWare
  • Legion of Dawn Torso.
  • Legion of Dawn Arms.
  • Legion of Dawn Legs.

On top of this, you’ll also get a brand new metal through the Legion of Dawn pack. For those unfamiliar, metals basically function as paint items in Anthem. In the ‘Appearance’ section of the Forge, you can select which color metal you want to apply to your current Javelin. Check out the Colossus above, which has the nice shiny Legion of Dawn metal equipped.

Remember that any of the items that we’ve listed above can be equipped for any of your Javelins in Anthem. On top of this, you can claim the Legion of Dawn pack from the cosmetics store next to Prospero as many times as you want, so if you ever start a new game of Anthem over from scratch, simply head back there to get all the armor items and the marksman’s rifle again.

Check out our Anthem guide for more details on the all the Javelins, with tip for those just starting out.. Also check out our Everything We Know guide for info on the Early Access and full launches. For a look at all of the Anthem Chest Locations we've found so far, head over to our Anthem Chest Locations Guide.

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