Anthem Flying Guide - How to Increase Your Flying Distance in Anthem

Anthem Flying Guide - How to Increase Your Flying Distance in Anthem

Here's how you can increase the distance your Javelin can fly for in Anthem.

Although your Javelin can soar through the skies with relative ease in BioWare's Anthem, it can't stay airborne for too long before overheating. In this Anthem flying guide, we'll be detailing how to fly for longer in Anthem, with a series of tips and tricks that we've uncovered to help manage the heat level of your Javelin.

But if you need help with any other areas of BioWare’s new game, you can instead head over to our Anthem guide. It’s here that you can find a complete beginner’s guide to the game, as well as all the information you need to know about the story behind the adventure.

How to Fly for Longer in Anthem

When you’re playing Anthem, you can press the left analog stick while in the air in your Javelin to begin flying. As soon as you’ve started flying in your exosuit, you’ll notice that a small bar near the bottom middle of the screen is filling up, marking the time that you have left to fly before your Javelin overheats, and you plummet out of the sky.

All four of Anthem's Javelins. | EA/BioWare

But there are things you can do even while airborne in your Javelin to decrease the rate at which the bar fills up. If you fly vertically upwards in your Javelin, the bar for your exosuit overheating is going to fill up more rapidly. But if you fly down towards the ground, you can actually decrease the amount that the bar is filled, taking the overheating gauge backwards and giving you more time to stay airborne.

If you’re thinking that water around the world of Anthem might have a cooling effect on your Javelin, then you’d be correct. If you stand in water before taking off in your Javelin, or if you happen to fly underneath a waterfall while airborne, you’ll receive a ‘Cooling’ notification on the left of your screen.

This means that you’ve decreased the temperature of your Javelin, and so the overheating bar will fill at a slower rate. Bear in mind that your Javelin will only stay cooled for roughly 30 seconds after you’ve left the water source, so make sure to take advantage of the cooling effect while it lasts.

As of right now, these are all the tips and tricks that we know of to make your Javelin stay airborne for longer in Anthem. Now that we’re all done with this particular guide, you can head over to either our Anthem Storm Javelin guide, or our Anthem DLC guide for more.

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