Ni no Kuni 2 Evermore Guide - What to Build First, What to Research, How to Upgrade Your Kingdom

Ni no Kuni 2 Evermore Guide - What to Build First, What to Research, How to Upgrade Your Kingdom

Here's our complete Ni no Kuni 2 guide walkthrough, including how to forge weapons and armor, complete controls and combat guide, as well as how to earn XP and level up quickly. We'll also be going over every Higgledy Stone location in Ni no Kuni 2.

Introduced in the third chapter of Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom, the kingdom of Evermore is established by Evan and friends as a brand new land, far away from conflict as a haven for everyone. In this Ni no Kuni 2 Evermore guide, we’ll be going over how to build Evermore, as well as all the best buildings and research projects that you should focus on first.

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Ni no Kuni 2 Evermore Guide

Evan will establish Evermore partway through chapter 3 of Ni no Kuni 2, and it’s this new kingdom that you’ll be working to upgrade and populate throughout the rest of the game. While sitting on the throne in the actual castle of Evermore, you’ll have an overview of your entire kingdom, which at the very start will be sparsely populated with no buildings that aren’t houses dotted around the map.

You can collect the earnings from your population on the main menu, which automatically generate over time. You can increase the amount of Kingsguilders gained from your population over time by constructing some buildings for Evermore straight away. There’s no construction time, so go ahead and construct a Weapons Workshop and an Outfitters, the plots of land for which are located directly in front of the main Evermore castle.

As soon as you’ve constructed these two buildings, you’ll want to assign citizens to each building, so click on one building at a time and select the ‘personnel’ option, which will let you assign citizens to work at each shop. You can now assign citizens to work in the workshops, and they’re all ranked on the menu in order of suitability. For example, warriors like Bai Gon or Chingis are great for working in the weapons workshop, and they’ll be ranked top of the ‘personnel’ list for the weapons workshop accordingly.

Ni no Kuni 2 - What to Research First in Evermore

Once you’ve assigned a citizen of Evermore to work in a building, go to the ‘research’ tab of the workshop, and you’ll see a list of projects that you can put your citizens to work on. With the weapons workshop, the first research project on the list will be researching higher level weapons for you to then craft, and the same goes for the outfitters shop.

We’d recommend undertaking the first research projects for both the outfitters and the weapons workshop straight away. When they’re completed after just a few minutes, you’ll immediately be able to head into the actual town of Evermore in Evan’s chibi-like form, and interact with both shops, selecting upgraded weapon and armor items to purchase from both.

You should stick with research projects from both the weapons workshop and outfitters for the next few hours of the game, or at least until you’ve exhausted the research options available to you from both. You’ve got a limited amount of Kingsguilders to play with while you’re still setting up Evermore, so you’ll want to use research to get hold of more powerful weapons and armor items from both shops.

How to Upgrade Evermore in Ni no Kuni 2

To upgrade each of the buildings in your Evermore kingdom, you’ll want to select on any of them while you’re in the overview mode, and hit the ‘level up’ tab at the bottom of the menu. This will allow you to spend Kingsguilders to immediately level up that particularly building, farm, or workshop, but keep in mind that the option to upgrade a building is always dependant on the amount of Kingsguilders and influence level your Evermore has at the time.

To level up your overall kingdom of Evermore itself, you’ll want to tab over to the castle itself while in the overview mode, and select on it. Choose the ‘level up’ option, and it’s here that you can level up your entire kingdom in one go, expanding the amount of land on which you have to build workstations, farms, and other buildings. However levelling up Evermore itself is no small feat, as you’ll have to have 5,000 Kingsguilders and over 25 citizens recruited to your kingdom, which means you’ll have to get out there and complete both story and side quests for different characters, with the hope that they’ll join you in Evermore after their quests are completed, like Min Ti and Bai Gon.

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