The Witcher 3 Gwent Quests - Old Pals, Skellige Style Walkthrough

The Witcher 3 Gwent Quests - Old Pals, Skellige Style Walkthrough

Complete all of the Gwent quests to earn all of the unique cards.

This page will give you a complete walkthrough of all The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gwent Quests, including Playing Innkeeps, Velen Players, Big City Players, and Old Pals. Completing these quests will help players to unlock rare Gwent cards that cannot be found anywhere else in the game.

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To start a particular Gwent quest, ensure that you’re checking the Notice Boards in the all the new areas that you discover. They will generally lead to your first match of a particular quest, and beating that person will take you to your next opponent. Most of the quests will have three to five people you can play, and each of them will offer up a unique card that cannot be found anywhere else in the game. Once you begin a quest, be sure to track it. This will put an objective marker on your map that allows you to easily work your way from one player to the next.

Witcher 3 Gwent Quests Walkthrough

Witcher 3 Gwent: Playing Inkeeps Quest Walkthrough

To begin this quest, make your way to Oxenfurt and into The Alchemy Tavern that sits just off the main square. Inside you’ll find Stjepan, and engaging him in conversation should provide you with the option to challenge him to a game of Gwent. Beat the Innkeeper, earning his unique card in the process. In this case that card is Yennefer of Vengerberg, a Medic and a Hero card with a value of seven.

Depart that establishment and travel to the Kingfisher Inn that sits within the city limits of Novigrad. Your next opponent is the Innkeeper named Oliver, and beating him will add Tibor Eggebracht, a Long Range Hero card that has a value of 10. It, unfortunately, is exclusively available for your Nilfgaard Deck.

With your two new cards making a home in your decks, mount your trusty horse, Roach, and ride back to Velen. You’re looking for the Inn at the Crossroads, a place that should be fairly familiar given Geralt’s adventures in the main quest line. Enter the tavern and speak to the Barkeep, challenging them to a game of Gwent and subsequently defeating them. Your reward in this case will be the Menno Coehoorn Hero card. It’s a Close Combat unit with a value of 10, but like the previous card you won can only be used in your Nilfgaard deck. It is also the final card you can earn during the Playing Inkeeps quest, which means it’s on to the next.

Witcher 3 Gwent: Velen Players Quest Walkthrough

This quest is acquired from the Notice Board at Crow’s Perch. It’s a place you should have no trouble finding since the main quest line forces you to this location time and time again. Look the board over, taking note of a challenge to beat Baron Phillip Strenger. Accept this, then speak with the Bloody Baron and challenge him to a game of Gwent. When you defeat him he’ll hand over his Sigismund Dijkstra card. It’s not a Hero card, but it is a Spy card, making it one of the most valuable cards in the game despite the fact it’s value is only a four. It is also exclusive to the Northern Realms deck, which suits us just fine since that is by far our favorite one to use. With your new card in hand, head back to the Crows Perch signpost and get ready to move on to your next opponent.

Ride or fast travel to Benkelham, tracking this quest so that it leads you to the Old Sage. He’s got a story to tell, but he’s also got a unique card to win. Hear him out and complete any quests that he might have, then challenge him to a game of Gwent. When you beat him he’ll give you his Crone: Weavess Monster card. It’s not a Hero, but it does have the Muster ability, as well as a value of six. It’s likely to find a place in any Monster deck. With your new card in your back pocket, head to the nearest signpost and get ready to move on to your next victim.

Fast travel, walk, run, or ride to Oreton, tracking this quest and locating the Boatmaker. Defeat him like you have everyone else (hopefully), taking possession of his unique Letho of Gulet Hero card. It’s a Close Combat unit that has a value of 10, but can only be used in the Nilfgaard deck. If that’s your favorite faction to play as, the chances are this card is an upgrade from several that are currently in service.

There’s still one more person you need to beat to complete this quest, and his name is Haddy, a Gwent prodigy that can be found in Midcopse. Get to that location however you see fit, then destroy Haddy in a game of Gwent, breaking his heart by snatching away his best card. In this case you’ll be getting a Close Combat Hero named Vernon Roche. The card has a value of 10 and is exclusive to the Northern Realms deck, factors which should make it a valuable addition to your collection. Obtaining it will also conclude this quest.

Witcher 3 Gwent: Old Pals Quest Walkthrough

This particular Gwent quest looks to be the most confusing of all, as many players have a hard time figuring out where and when to start it. We kicked it off after we had completed the secondary quest, A Deadly Plot. If you want to follow in our footsteps, make your way to the Rosemary and Thyme in Novigrad where you’ll find Zoltan Chivay hanging out. Speak to him and challenge him to Gwent. When you beat him, he will hand over his Eithné card, which is a Long Range unit with a value of 10. It’s also a Scoia’tael Hero card, meaning no other special cards or abilities can mess with it.

Find the nearest signpost and fast travel to the Temerian Partisan Camp where you can speak with Vernon Roche. He too should have the option to play Gwent, and beating him will land you another pretty sweet card. It’s another Scoia’tael Hero card, the Saskia/Saesenthessis. This Long Range unit also has a value of 10, and its addition to your deck should be a welcome one.

The next card you can earn during this quest is likely the one you’re here looking for, which is the Geralt of Rivia. Go to the Seven Cats Inn fast travel point and head inside. You’ll find Thaler leaning against a wall in a quiet corner of the establishment. In order for the option to play Gwent with him to be there, you must be done A Deadly Plot, and you must have beaten Zoltan and Roche. If these conditions are not met, Thaler will either not be there, or you will not have the option to challenge him to Gwent. Once you beat him you will earn the Geralt of Riva Close Combat Hero card. It can be used in any deck, and has a value of 15. Only the Ciri card can equal this one in value.

The final Gwent game of this quest will not be available until you return to Kaer Morhen during the Ugly Baby main quest line. You will have to complete another quest called The Final Trial, but after that you should have the option to challenge Lambert to a game of Gwent. Beat him, then take his Triss Merigold Close Combat Hero card. It only has a value of seven, but it is neutral and can be used with any of your four decks.

When this match is over and you’ve won, this quest will come to an end, leaving only one more in the Gwent quest line.

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