The Witcher 3: Open Sesame Quest Walkthrough

The Witcher 3: Open Sesame Quest Walkthrough

Bring extra coin to purchase some valuable items.

In this Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone quest, Olgierd sends you on a new task to fetch him the Borsodi house, which is seemingly easier said than done. Follow our instructions and you’ll acquire the house in no time.

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Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone: Open Sesame Quest Walkthrough

Your first step is to go to the Borsodi auction house in Oxenfurt and ask for the owner. Before heading to the auction house, make sure you have a decent amount of money in your inventory. A few thousand coin should be enough. This is an auction house, after all. You may find items that interest you.

The auction house is located just behind the sewer well you descended earlier. There will be a pair of guards standing outside the main door. Speak with them until Vimme Vivaldi arrives, and head inside.

After a brief chat with Vimme, follow him up the stairs and go to the upper floor of the auction house. Before going up, feel free to check out some of the auction wares in the entrance area if you wish.

Vimme will mention several people he knows throughout the auction house. You have the option to meet Vivaldi’s friends (which we recommend you do), or sit down when you’re ready to take part in the auction.

Speaking with Vimme’s friends gives you the opportunity to obtain a new Gwent card, as well as new Witcher Gear unique to this expansion. Hopefully you brought a little extra coin!

When speaking to Yaromir, he will attempt to quiz you on your art knowledge. When prompted, indicate whichever painting you wish. Depending on your answer, Yaromir may give you an interesting bit of information.

Now it’s time to wait for the auction to start. Once the auctioning begins, you can choose to bid on the items if you wish.

At intermission, speak with Horst Borsodi. Things don’t really go according to plan, however. Once outside, defeat the guards. Afterwards, a mysterious man offers you a proposition. Finish chatting with the man, then go to the herbalist’s hut near Oxenfurt and give the password.

Approach the herbalist’s hut, and defeat the soldiers outside. Speak with the herbalist, and head down to the lower level to talk with the mysterious man about his plans. You will be given three sub quests to complete: The Safecracker, Breaking and Entering, and Witcher Seasonings, all of which are parts of the Open Sesame main quest.

Breaking and Entering

For the Breaking and Entering portion, you must either go to the house where Hugo Hoff is hiding, or convince Eveline Gallo to participate in the robbery.

For The Safecracker, you must choose whether to convince Casimir to take part in the robbery, or go to the mercenaries’ camp and talk to Quinto. We chose the latter, but you can bring who you wish.

After choosing your accomplices, you must complete the Witcher Seasonings sub quest. Use your Witcher Senses to eavesdrop on Redanian soldiers patrolling Oxenfurt to find out where to find their cook. Travel back to the auction house and eavesdrop on the various soldiers nearby until you get the information you need.

Visit the garrison cook during the day and convince him to help you. Head to the docks and meditate to change the time of day if necessary. Afterward, go to the herbalist’s hut to prepare the robbery. Enter the basement to trigger a cut scene.

Once inside, get to the vault in the Auction House’s basement. As you make your way through the auction house, you’ll run into a bit of resistance from Horst’s guards. Defeat Horst Borsodi’s men to initiate the next cut scene.

After the cut scene concludes, go down into the vault with the stranger. Prepare to fight off some arachnomorphes as you enter the vault. Igni and Quen signs can be particularly helpful here.

Choose Who You Wish to Stand With

Once you defeat the monsters, continue to search the vault for Maximilian’s House. As you approach the main doors of the vault, another cut scene ensues. Choose who you wish to stand with, and defeat the opposition. Afterward, prepare to get out of the auction house.

When you’re outside, head back to the tavern to take Maximilian Borsodi’s House to Olgierd. After a brief chat with Olgierd, he sends you on another mission, and the quest concludes.

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