The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone - Secondary Quest Guide

The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone - Secondary Quest Guide

Complete all secondary quests in Hearts of Stone.

This guide will help you to complete all of the secondary quests in the Hearts of Stone DLC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Many of these quests are tied in with the main story, and we'll help you to navigate that often confusing web of quests. Are you ready to dive back into The Witcher 3? Let's go!

If you instead needed help with any other matters in the base game, then head over to our Witcher 3 guides walkthrough hub, containing quest walkthrough guides on every quest in the main game.

Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone Side Quests Walkthrough

Witcher 3: Rose on a Red Field Quest Walkthrough

  • Starting location: Bowdon
  • Associated Main Quest: Evil’s Soft First Touches
  • Reward: Experience Points, Crowns

Play through the first main quest named Evil’s Soft First Touches and speak to Olgierd at the Garin Estate. As you exit the manor, a woman will grab your attention by calling you “Puss Peepers,” a nickname she seems proud to have coined. She asks you to look into the disappearance of a colleague of hers. Agree to help, and begin the quest.

Hop on Roach and head to Bowden, a small village to the northwest of the Garin Estate. Investigate Bowdon for clues about Kluivert’s murder using your Witcher Senses. As you enter the empty village, a pack of Ghouls will be prowling around the area. Clear out the Ghouls from the area.

Geralt will notice a strange stench in the air. Find the source of the strong odor using your Witcher Senses. Track the odor to one of the huts, and search the hut using your Witcher Senses. You’ll find some broken fisstech equipment, as well as a warning letter on the desk. Examine a set of prints on the bed that lead out the window. Walk around to the back side of the hut, and investigate around the hut for clues about the man who fled out the window.

Follow the set of footprints from the window to an open area in the nearby field. Locate and examine the dead body to determine if it’s Kluivert. Determine how he died, then look around for signs of the man who shot the bolt using your Witcher Senses.

Locate and examine a set of footprints next to the fence on the Bowden side. Follow the shooter’s tracks using your Witcher Senses. The tracks take you to some hoof prints near the Bowden front entrance. Follow the horses’ tracks until you reach a knights’ camp. Once you defeat the knights, continue to explore the knights’ camp in search of anything interesting.

Look amongst the items on a nearby cart to find a relevant document. Open your menu and read the document you found in the fallen knights’ camp. After reading the orders, hop on Roach and ride east toward the waypoint to investigate the fallen knights’ lab northwest of Brunwich.

When you arrive, you’ll encounter a pair of fallen knights guarding the hut entrance. Find a way to get rid of the guards, either by bribing them with money, persuading them with Delusion Level 2, or engaging in combat. We opted for the latter. Defeat the guards, and snag the key to the door from one of the guards’ pockets. Enter the lab to trigger a cut scene. Once you defeat the fallen knights, loot the area and prepare to leave for Oxenfurt.

Travel to Oxenfurt and head to the Alchemy Inn near the center of the city. Go to the woman who hired you to collect your reward. Afterward, the quest concludes.

Witcher 3: Without a Trace Quest Walkthrough

  • Starting location: Deadwight Wood
  • Associated Main Quest: Open Sesame
  • Reward: Experience Points, Crowns

Head to the notice board in Brunwich to locate a notice called “Apprentice Gone Missing”. The post is from Otto Bamber, an herbalist whose apprentice has gone missing. Once you take the notice, travel toward Oxenfurt to locate the herbalist’s hut. You can also locate the herbalist by playing partway through the Open Sesame main quest.

Talk to the herbalist, then make your way toward Deadwight Wood. As you get close to the objective waypoint on your map, begin to look for Folkert’s tracks in the Deadwight Wood using your Witcher Senses.

Look around the herbalist’s cart and follow the blood track nearby. As the tracks end, you’ll find yourself at a small, mostly empty village named Erde. Ask the inhabitants of the village about Folkert. There’s an elderly couple lounging on a nearby porch who may know something about the assistant’s whereabouts.

The couple offer little information, and send you on your way. Something about them just doesn’t seem right. Stick around for a bit and use your Witcher Senses to search the premises. There’s a house off to the far right of the couple that has a door that can be blown down with Aard. Inside, you’ll find some mysterious blood stains on the ground. Ask the couple about the blood stains if you wish, but they’ll just give an unsatisfying answer.

Walk around to the left side of the couple’s house, and Geralt will smell a suspicious odor. Follow the scent to its source using your Witcher Senses. Look for a pile of crates that can be blasted away with Aard, revealing a hidden hatch. Descend the ladder down into the hatch and search the room ahead. Examine the body on the back table, and go back outside to interrogate the peasant couple about what you found.

Confront the couple, and decide whether to let them live or die. Afterward, Fast Travel back to the herbalist’s hut to deliver the unsettling news.

Report back to the herbalist and break the news to him however you wish, then collect your reward.

Witcher 3: Avid Collector Quest Walkthrough

  • Secondary Quest: Avid Collector
  • Starting location: Oxenfurt
  • Associated Main Quest: Open Sesame
  • Reward: Experience Points, Crowns, Trophy

This quest can become available if you make the right moves during the Open Sesame main quest. Begin the Open Sesame main quest, and continue until you have the opportunity to meet Vimme’s friends. This step is considered optional in the main quest, but needs to be completed in order to access the Avid Collector quest.

Meet Vivaldi’s friend Yaromir, who is studying the paintings near the far wall. He will attempt to quiz you on your knowledge of art by asking you to identify a painting by a particular artist. Indicate the portrait of the merchant to impress Yaromir, and he will reveal a secret regarding the auction and urges you to bid on the van Rogh. Afterward, you can choose whether or not to reveal the information to Vimme before the auction starts.

Once the auction begins, do as Yaromir said and prepare to bid on the van Rogh painting in lot number two. Win the bid for the painting, and you will unlock the Avid Collector quest. When you’re ready, head to Hierarch Square in Novigrad and locate the bookseller. Sell the van Rogh painting to the Novigrad book merchant, Marcus Hodgson to collect your reward.

Witcher 3 Races: Swift as the Western Winds Quest Walkthrough

  • Starting location: Upper Mill
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points, Saddle

This simple quest can earn you a new saddle and some extra experience points. Begin by heading to the Upper Mill in the northeast region of the map. Here you will meet an Ofieri merchant, as well as the Runewright.

Speak with the merchant to get acquainted with him. When prompted, tell him “Fine horse you’ve got.” After some brief dialogue, he challenges you to a friendly horseback race. Defeat the Ofieri merchant in a horse race, and he will humbly reward you with a new saddle.

Witcher 3 Enchanting: Start-Up Costs Quest Walkthrough

  • Starting location: Upper Mill
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points

Begin by taking a notice from the notice board at the Seven Cats Inn titled “A Runewright Upon Your Shores Has Landed.” This will add the Enchanting: Start-Up Costs secondary quest to your journal. Track the quest, and travel to the Upper Mill to visit the runewright and learn more about his craft.

The runewright can be found in a tent just beside the Ofieri merchant. Talk to the runewright to learn about the unique runecraft trade. After he conveys the general idea behind runecrafting, he tells you that he lost his trade tools in a shipwreck. Agree to help restart his business by offering to bring him a sum of money in exchange for his talents.

If you have 5000 coin handy, give it to the runewright to complete this quest, and a new quest called Enchanting: Quality Has Its Price will become available.

Secondary Quest: Enchanting: Quality Has Its Price

Starting location: Upper Mill Associated Main Quest: None Reward: Experience Points, Enchanting

This secondary quest picks up from where the previous Start-Up Costs quest left off. After giving the runewright a decent chunk of change, he asks you to fetch him some substantially sized jade.

You can find a pickaxe in the back of the barn just around the corner from the Ofieri merchant. Now, you must acquire a hunk of jade for the Ofieri runewright. You can find jade deposits in an area northeast of Novigrad, which should now be marked on your map.


here will be three objective waypoints indicated on your map. Stop by each one to see if you can gather enough jade. It turns out the middle location is the only one of the three that yields enough jade for the runewright. However, you must enter a dank cave and defeat a handful of Arachnomorphs before you can acquire the jade inside.

Once you collect the jade, return to the Upper Mill to take the hunk of jade to the Ofieri runewright. He has left his tent and set up shop just outside the mill. Give him the jade to conclude the quest. He will now be available to enchant various gear for you. The next step is to earn 10000 coin to help get advanced tools for the runewright, and enhance the runewords he has available.

Witcher 3: The Drakenborg Redemption Quest Walkthrough

  • Starting location: Bloodrot Pit
  • Associated Quest: Enchanting: Quality Has Its Price
  • Reward: Florens

This short quest can be found in a cave called Bloodrot Pit, just north of Yantra outside of Novigrad. You will also encounter this cave as a part of the Enchanting: Quality Has Its Price secondary quest.

As you enter the cave, a group of Arachnomorphes will be scuttling about the entryway. Prepare to battle these creatures by applying Insectoid Oil to your silver sword. They are vulnerable to both Aard and Axii, so use your signs accordingly to fight them off.

Use your Witcher Senses to locate a body along the entryway. Read the letter that you find on the body, and then search the cave for a chest using your Witcher Senses.

As you proceed further into the cave, prepare to fight off another set of Arachnomorphs. One of these will be a bit larger than the others, presumably meaning it will do a bit more damage.

Once you’ve cleared out the Arachnomorphs, search the area with your Witcher Senses to locate a chest next to a shovel sticking up from the ground. Snag the hefty amount of Florens from the chest to conclude this quest. Time to make a trip to Vimme Vivaldi!

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