The Witcher 3 - How to Get Paintings for Corvo Bianco

The Witcher 3 - How to Get Paintings for Corvo Bianco

Decorate Corvo Bianco with paintings and shields.

This guide will explain where to get paintings for Corvo Bianco in the Witcher 3. Corvo Bianco serves as Geralt's home during the Blood and Wine DLC expansion. Both the interior and exterior of the vineyard can be upgraded with various renovations and decorations.

If this wasn't what you were after, be sure to head over to our Witcher 3 guides walkthrough hub, containing guides to every main, side, and Witcher contract quest in the main game.

In the Witcher 3, players can decorate the main house of Corvo Bianco vineyard with weapon racks, armor stands, paintings, and trophies. For this guide, we will show you where to obtain paintings and shields to mount on the walls of Corvo Bianco.

There are designated spots to hang paintings and shields throughout the interior of Corvo Bianco. Upgrading the vineyard allows more weapon racks, armor stands, and decorative areas to become available inside Geralt’s new home. Head over to our guide on how to upgrade Corvo Bianco vineyard to learn about the various vineyard renovations.

How to Get Paintings and Shields in Blood and Wine

Players can fill the blank spots on the walls of Corvo Bianco with paintings and mounted shields that are obtained during certain quests. Complete the quests below to acquire new artwork for your vineyard.

Portrait of Geralt

Keep an eye out for a painter standing among several art easels in the center square of Beauclair. Speak to the painter to begin a side quest called The Portrait of the Witcher as an Old Man. This quest may only become available after completing the secondary quest Warble of a Smitten Knight.

The painter offers to paint Geralt’s portrait in a particular setting. During the quest, Geralt must choose a pose for the portrait: on horseback, heroic, or reclining. You can only select one, so choose carefully. Each portrait can also be painted with or without a griffin, yielding up to six possible portrait outcomes. After completing the quest, purchase the portrait from the painter for 1000 crowns to hang it in Corvo Bianco.

The White Wolf

The White Wolf painting can be acquired during the secondary quest titled Big Game Hunter. Check the notice boards in Toussaint for the notice to begin this quest. Part way through the quest, Count Beledal will extend an invitation for Geralt to attend his art exhibition in Francollarts. Accept the invitation, and visit the exhibition the next day to receive this new painting.

Prison Poster

This artwork is only available if you have received the jail ending for Blood and Wine. Loot the debris to the left of the gate, and read the note to begin a quest titled The Perks of Being a Jailbird. Take the chisel and hammer from the cart across the courtyard and hide them where you found the note. Meditate for seven days, and return to the note location to find a new Prison Poster painting.

Geralt of Rivia & Ravix of Fourhorn Shields

During the secondary quest titled Warble of a Smitten Knight, Geralt is asked to participate in a Tourney. At the sign-up tent for the tournament, players must choose which coat of arms they wish to represent. The Geralt of Rivia shield and armor is white with red checkers, while the Ravix of Fourhorn shield displays a woman riding a bear. Select a crest and complete the Tourney. Afterward, you’ll get to keep the gear for whatever crest you chose.

Ancient Elven Shield

The Ancient Elven Shield is a wooden shield adorned with a tree. It can be earned during a secondary quest titled Extreme Cosplay. On the way to Gelenser Farm, look for an NPC attempting to aid a fallen person outside of a large structure. Speak to the NPC and enter the structure to begin the quest. You will acquire and use the shield during the quest itself, but will be allowed to keep it afterward.

Additionally, players can also hang older paintings from the base game and Hearts of Stone expansion. The Hierarch Hemmelfart and the Starry Night Over the Pontar paintings can both be displayed in Corvo Bianco. However, some players have experienced trouble hanging these paintings, so you may need to stick with the ones from Blood and Wine to decorate your humble abode.

Players can also earn specific trophies in Blood and Wine that can be displayed on dressers and shelves. Head over to our guide on How to Get Trophies for Corvo Bianco to learn how to acquire these three trophies.

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