The Witcher 3 - How to Get the Grandmaster Griffin Gear

The Witcher 3 - How to Get the Grandmaster Griffin Gear

Find all six Grandmaster Griffin diagrams.

This guide will show players where to find all six Grandmaster Griffin Gear diagrams in the Witcher 3. These diagrams allow players to craft the highest quality Griffin School gear.

If you needed help with anything else relating to Geralt, then be sure to head over to our Witcher 3 guides walkthrough hub, containing the locations of every Witcher school diagram and more.

The Grandmaster Griffin Gear set is the best Griffin School Witcher gear available in the Witcher 3. Grandmaster Witcher Gear diagrams are only found in Toussaint as a part of the Blood and Wine DLC expansion. There are two sword diagrams and four armor diagrams, making six total diagrams in the set. Head over to Blacksmith Lafargue in Beauclair to craft any Grandmaster quality gear items.

Witcher 3 Grandmaster Griffin Gear

The Grandmaster Griffin Gear is a medium weight set that increases Armor protections, and players must be at least level 40 or higher to equip pieces of the set. The Griffin gear promotes the use of Signs through an increased Sign Intensity bonus. Additional bonuses are applied when three or six pieces of the set are worn simultaneously. These stat bonuses are as follows:

  • 3/6 Equipped Pieces - Three seconds after casting a Sign using Stamina, an additional Sign can be cast for free.
  • 6/6 Equipped Pieces - Yrden trap size is increased by 40%, and the player will receive a damage reduction, increased Sign Intensity, and Stamina regeneration while standing within the Yrden trap.

Witcher 3 Grandmaster Griffin Gauntlets, Boots, and Steel Sword

Travel to the ruins of Fort Ussar, east of Ardaiso Quarry. If you approach the ruins from the west, you’ll alert a pair of Slyzards from the nearby monster nest and will need to fight both of them. If you wish to avoid the Slyzard confrontation, approach the ruins from the east instead. Explore the ruins for a crate underneath a short staircase. Loot the crate to obtain the three diagrams for the Grandmaster Griffin steel sword, gauntlets, and boots.

Witcher 3 Grandmaster Griffin Armor, Trousers and Silver Sword

Three more Grandmaster Griffin diagrams are found within the castle of Mont Crane. Travel northeast of the Fort Ussar Ruins to reach the castle high on the hill. As you enter the front gate, prepare to fight a handful of Hanse bandits. Funnel the group of bandits out the front entrance to prevent getting overwhelmed.

Don’t go upstairs after defeating the bandits on the first floor. There is another large group of higher-level bandits on the second floor, but you don’t need to fight them in order to get the diagrams. After clearing out the first floor of bandits, examine the wall to the far left of the entrance. Use your Magic Lamp to clear the illusion, then enter the passage.

Proceed through the corridor. As you explore the passage, be prepared for another wave of bandits to ambush you from the corridor entrance. Eliminate the bandits. Take the Power Crystal off the table in the far corner, then look for a switch near the center wall by the alchemy shelf. Press the switch to open the passage door. Place the crystal on the wall ahead, and blast it with Aard to activate the portal. Upon entering the portal, you must face a Golem. Defeat the Golem and head up the stairs to the back of the chamber.

Loot the shelf beside the stove for the Grandmaster Griffin armor diagram. The sack on the chair holds the Grandmaster Griffin trousers diagram. Pick up the note on the table to obtain the Grandmaster Griffin silver sword diagram, and be sure to read the back to learn about Jerome.

For other medium weight Witcher gear, check out our guides on how to find the Manticore Gear and the Grandmaster Wolf Gear in the Witcher 3 Blood and Wine expansion.

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