The Witcher 3 Mutations - How to Get and Use Mutations

The Witcher 3 Mutations - How to Get and Use Mutations

Here's how to unlock Mutations and use them correctly in The Witcher 3.

This guide will explain the new Mutations system in the Witcher 3 Blood and Wine expansion. Mutations unlock new abilities in the skill tree that combine with Geralt’s current skills for enhanced moves or attributes. In the rest of this Witcher 3 Mutations guide, we'll be detailing how you can put the Mutations to the best possible use on Geralt.

Witcher 3: How to Use Mutations

In order to gain access to the Mutations system, you must first complete a secondary quest titled Turn and Face the Strange. After playing through a portion of the Blood and Wine main story, a messenger will deliver a letter to Geralt. After reading the letter, the aforementioned quest will become available. Complete the quest to acquire the Mutation tree in your Character menu.

Each Mutation must be researched before it can be equipped. This requires spending Ability Points and Greater Mutagens based on the type of Mutation you wish to research. For every two Mutations researched, a new Ability Slot will unlock in the tree. There are 12 Mutations in total, and each one embodies a certain skill type: Combat, Alchemy, Signs, or a blend of these types.

Only one Mutation can be active at a time, and its unique attributes are used in conjunction with your other equipped skills. The abilities you place in the extra slots must match the active Mutation type. For example, if you equip a Combat Mutation such as Bloodbath, you can only add Combat abilities into the new slots. Equipping a Mutagen of a blended type allows you to add skills of either of those types.

Combat Mutations (Red)

Deadly Counter - Sword attacks deal 25% more damage to enemies who are immune to counterattacks. Countering an enemy who is not immune to counters will trigger an automatic finishing move if the enemy is at less than 25% health.

Bloodbath - Killing enemies with sword attacks guarantees a finishing animation or dismemberment. Landing sword strikes also increases your Attack power by 5% for each consecutive attack. The bonus is removed if you get hit or the fight ends. Geralt basically becomes a real Butcher of Blaviken with this one.

Sign Mutations (Blue)

Magic Sensibilities - Signs now inflict Critical Hit damage. Critical Hit chance is also increased and scales based on sign intensity. Enemies may also explode from crits.

Piercing Cold - Aard has a 25% increased chance to freeze enemies. Opponents simultaneously frozen and knocked out by Aard will die instantly.

Alchemy Mutations (Green)

Toxic Blood - When injured in combat, a 1.5% portion of damage dealt is inflicted back on the attacker for each point of your Toxicity, up to 150% max.

Euphoria - Sword damage and Sign intensity are increased by 0.75% for each point of your current Toxicity amount, up to a max of 75%.

Combat and Signs Mutations

Adrenaline Rush - Upon entering combat, Attack Power and Sign intensity increase by 30% for 30 seconds based on the number of opponents you are facing in the fight. After the 30 seconds are up, the bonus is reduced by 10% for each remaining enemy still alive in that fight.

Conductors of Magic - Using a drawn Magic, Unique, or Witcher sword increases Sign damage by 50% based on the sword’s damage level.

Combat and Alchemy Mutations

Mutated Skin - Adrenaline points reduce damage taken by 15% for each available Adrenaline point, up to a max of 45%.

Cat Eyes - Crossbow damage is increased overall, and the crossbow critical hit chance increases by 50%. The crossbow can also stun, pierce, or knock down opponents. Enemies at full health will have their health reduced by 15% when shot by a crossbow bolt.

Combat, Signs, and Alchemy Mutations

Metamorphosis - Landing Critical Hits activates a random Decoction without a Toxicity cost for 120 seconds. This can occur for up to three Decoctions via this Mutation. Witcher Senses are also enhanced when used in the dark.

Second Life - When Geralt’s Vitality reaches zero, he will become invulnerable for a short time, regenerating his health completely. This can occur once every 180 seconds.

Try to utilize the best Mutations to complement your current skill build. You can also use a Potion of Clearance to respec your skill tree and start a new build, provided you have enough coin. Check out our guide on how to find the Manticore Gear if you’re looking for a new Witcher armor set.

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