The Witcher 3: Skellige Witcher Contracts - Dragon, Here Comes the Groom, Missing Son Walkthrough

The Witcher 3: Skellige Witcher Contracts - Dragon, Here Comes the Groom, Missing Son Walkthrough

A complete guide to all Skellige contracts in The Witcher 3.

This page will include a walkthrough for Dragon, Here Comes the Groom, Missing Son, Muire D'yaeblen, The Phantom of Eldberg and Waylaid Transport. All in all, you can find a guide to every Witcher contract in Skellige right here.

But if this wasn't what you were after, then head over to our Witcher 3 guides walkthrough hub, containing a wealth of articles on the game including guides on completing every main quest in the game, as well as a full bestiary of all the monsters in the world of The Witcher.

Skellige Witcher Contracts Guide

Witcher Contracts are a great way for players to earn some extra Crowns and level up Geralt before he tackles some of the more difficult main quests. If you want to maximize your experience, ensure that you're completing contracts when you are a comparable level to the suggested level. Waiting too long will result in a lower experience reward, and going after it too soon will result in your death. Neither of these are ideal.

Contract: Dragon Walkthrough

Start this quest by reading a post on a notice board in the village of Fyresdal, on the island of Ard Skellig. The notice tells of a reward for any who can kill the winged serpent that has harassed the island. Talk to the village elder of Fyresdal near the jarl’s longhouse for more information. Negotiate for a higher reward if you wish, and then ask about the dragon’s victims.

Talk to the victims’ mother, Karli, who is making funeral preparations in her home across from Vagr’s location. After speaking with the mother about where the bodies were found, ask permission to look over their corpses. Examine the victims’ bodies using your Witcher Senses, to discover claw and bite marks on the bodies.

Use your Witcher Senses to follow the monster’s tracks to the site of the attack. Head north out of the village toward a junction in the road, where you find the corpse of a cow. Investigate the area, and find cow’s blood on a rock nearby. Follow the monster’s tracks using your Witcher Senses. Across the field toward the river, you discover the corpse of a dog that was dropped from high up. Look up to find an overgrown siege tower, likely the nest of the creature you are searching. However, rather than a dragon, it seems you are dealing with a forktail instead.

Return to the village and talk to the village elder in Fyresdal about bait. He gives you a mangy sheep to lure the forktail. Guiding this sheep can be a bit tricky, so try the following:

  • Use Axii to guide the sheep.
  • Approach from the left if you want it to go right, and vice versa.

Lead the sheep to the vicinity of the dead dog, and back away when you reach the siege tower. The forktail will swoop in when you are at least 20 yards away. Prepare to kill the forktail, using these tools to help aid you in combat:

  • Potion: Golden Oriole
  • Bomb: Grapeshot
  • Oil: Draconid Oil
  • Sign: Aard

After you have slain the non-dragon, take a trophy from the forktail and return to the village elder in Fyresdal for your reward. If you lie to Vagr, claiming that you actually killed a dragon, you will receive the full reward. If not, you will only get a portion of the reward, so answer appropriately.

Here Comes the Groom Walkthrough

Begin this quest by visiting a notice board in the port village of Svorlag on the isle of Spikeroog. Ask Kevan about the contract regarding the missing groomsman named Nils. His sister Britt was meant to wed Nils, but says that she saw a beast carry Nils off. Barter to increase your reward if you wish, and then talk to Britt about her missing betrothed.

Britt mentions seeing a “shadow of great wings” that took Nils to a nearby cave. Venture toward the southern shore, and seek a cave guarded by sirens. Explore the caves Britt mentioned using your Witcher Senses.

Be prepared to slay several drowners as you make your way through the cave. The first tunnel opens into a waterlogged chamber, featuring an altar to the deity Melusine. Use your Witcher Senses to uncover the following:

  • Strange scales on the altar
  • Siren tracks from a very large siren
  • Scales showing odd coloration

Continue making your way through the tunnels, using your Witcher Senses to follow the trail, fighting off any more drowners you may encounter. Find Melusine in the caves by following the trail to an opening in the southern chamber. Climb the ledges, and head out to the exterior cliffs. Search the ground to find Nils’ corpse lying face down, seemingly dropped from a great height.

As Geralt examines the body, the screech of a siren overhead signals the start of a battle. Prepare to kill the monster, using these tools to aid you in combat:

  • Bomb: Grapeshot
  • Oil: Hybrid Oil
  • Signs: Igni, Aard

Once you defeat the screeching creature, take a trophy from Melusine and return to the village to collect your reward from Kevan. Kevan asks you to break the news to his sister Britt about her betrothed, which you can choose to accept or deny. Should you choose to tell Britt the news, she gives you a reward as a token of gratitude for believing her story. Choose to accept or deny her reward, concluding the quest.

Missing Son Walkthrough

You can begin this contract by reading a message from Odhen on the notice board in Rannvaig.

Talk to Odhen of Rannvaig about the notice he put out regarding his missing son, Olve. He has not seen his son since Olve went to explore the ruins of a fortress with some rogues from Faroe. Agree to help Odhen, and then head to the castle ruins through the wooded hillside to the southeast.

Examine the castle ruins using your Witcher Senses. Carefully walk into the overgrown courtyard, and find yourself face-to-face with Morvudd the Fiend!

Check your Bestiary for the most efficient methods to exploit this creatures weaknesses:

  • Bomb: Samum, Devil’s Puffball
  • Oil: Relict Oil

As the fiend gets low on health, it will spit and temporarily blind you. When you regain your vision, you discover that the fiend has fled. Find the fiend’s lair using your Witcher Senses. Scan the ground to find huge hoofprints that lead across the stone bridge and the river to the east.

Discover the ruined settlement where the fiend has its nest. As the fiend notices you, it rears and begins to attack again. Kill the fiend, using the tactics mentioned above if necessary.

After slaying the creature, take a trophy from the fiend. Before you leave, search the fiend’s lair using your Witcher Senses to find a corpse in a yellow tunic. It’s none other than Olve.

Return to Odhen in Rannvaig to collect your reward, and to tell him the bad news about his son.

Muire D’Yaeblen Walkthrough

To begin this quest, read a post on the notice board near the wharf of Kaer Trolde Harbor in Ard Skellig.

Talk to the shipbuilder near the Kaer Trolde bay named Bjorg. He explains that the muire d’yaeblen, or drowners, have been attacking travellers of the harbor, and that these drowners are more fierce than the ones found on the Continent. Negotiate a suitable reward, and agree to talk to the witnesses of the drowners’ attack.

Look for the boatwright’s apprentice, Rurik, standing nearby. He tells you of a time when drowners flipped over his boat, drowning his friend. Then, walk along the dockside to find a woman named Tove, who shares how her husband fell victim to drowners as well.

After speaking with the witnesses, two objective areas will appear on your map, both in the Kjerag Cliffs on Ard Skellig’s western side. Head to each of these areas, and investigate the place where the drowners were seen using your Witcher Senses.

Travel the path uphill to the nearest objective area. Discover a small rocky harbor swarming with drowners and littered with a few dead bodies. Fight off the vicious drowners, and use your Witcher Senses to follow the rotten stench in the air to the next location.

The next area is further down the coast to the south. It is easiest to swim along the coast, following the stench to a small beach nearby. Continue to follow the smell of rotting flesh to a water-filled cave entrance.

Head into the tunnel of the cave, and search the drowner’s lair using your Witcher Senses. The tunnel splits off into two tunnels, leading left and right. Scan the tunnels with your Witcher Senses and discover the following:

  • In the right tunnel: a scratched pelvis, with wide claw marks, and some bloated & scattered bodies.
  • In the left tunnel: a cavern containing another handful of vicious drowners to fight, as well as a side tunnel with an animal carcass and more corpses.

Use your Witcher Senses to find a pile of broken boat parts in the corner. From the marks on the corpses and various other clues, Geralt concludes that this lair actually belongs to a water hag.

Geralt has a brilliant plan to trick the water hag by disguising his smell with drowner pheromones, which you should now have a diagram for. Prepare a potion using drowner pheromones and use it to hide your scent.

Go to the alchemy tab in your inventory and combine the following ingredients to create the potion:

  • Puffball (1)
  • Dwarven Spirit (1)
  • Drowner Brain (1)
  • Sewant Mushrooms (1)

Select the completed potion and place it in the potions slot on your person. Take the potion when ready, and hide in the water hag’s lair and wait for the monster to return.

Prepare to fight a grotesque, fetid creature named Abaya, as well as several drowners when you return to the cave. Consult your Bestiary, and exploit the water hag’s weaknesses to gain an edge in combat:

  • Bomb: Northern Wind
  • Oil: Necrophage Oil
  • Signs: Quen, Igni

Once you kill the water hag, take a trophy from the water hag, and return to Bjorg in Kaer Trolde to collect your reward from the shipbuilder.

The Phantom of Eldberg Walkthrough

You can begin this quest by finding a message regarding “The Phantom of Eldberg” on a notice board in Arinbjorn on the isle of Ard Skellig.

Enter the longhouse next to the notice board, just to be stopped by two unfriendly locals named Kori and Kraki. The situation gets heated, but is quickly diffused by an older man named Jorund, son of Sigvald.

Agree to sit down and talk about the contract with Jorund from Arinbjorn. He tells you of a particularly hostile wraith that has begun haunting the isle of Eldberg, causing a thick blanket of fog to cover the lighthouse. The lighthouse keeper, Mikkjal, has also gone missing. Negotiate a price for the contract, and agree to investigate the isle.

Head north toward Eldberg Isle, a small island chain connected by ruined bridges. Trek northward along a rough road, jumping any gaps and fighting of ekhidnas when necessary. You can also sail to this location, if you prefer.

Follow the winding path through the thick mist, and be prepared to face several wraiths along the way. Investigate the isle of Eldberg and find Mikkjal’s lighthouse. Use your Witcher Senses to find:

  • A corpse by the drystone wall, who nearly escaped the wraiths.
  • The front door of the longhouse, where you discover Mikkjal inside, alive and cowering in fear.

Mikkjal tells you that the mist appeared suddenly, but that the wraiths knew him by name. He gives you the key to the lighthouse. Explore the lighthouse using your Witcher Senses, and discover the following:

  • A set of bonding symbols on the outside of the lighthouse tower, indicating a curse placed on the location.
  • Search inside the tower to find a letter, indicating Mikkjal as the one who extinguished the lighthouse, causing various shipwrecks.

Go back to the longhouse and talk to Mikkjal about the penitent that haunts the isle. You confront Mikkjal, telling him that the only way to fight this spirit is to rekindle the lighthouse flame, which will weaken the wraiths and allow them to be defeated. Geralt cannot do this alone, and insists that Mikkjal light the fire while he defends against the wraiths.

Defend Mikkjal from the penitent until he lights the lighthouse brazier. As Mikkjal makes his way up to the lighthouse, you must defend against the wraith’s onslaught. The Penitent is swift and dangerous, so be quick to dodge its powerful attacks and prepare to fend off the slew of summoned wraiths.

Consult your Bestiary and utilize these tools to help you gain an edge in combat:

  • Bomb: Moon Dust
  • Oil: Specter Oil
  • Signs: Yrden, Quen

After a short while, Mikkjal eventually illuminates the lighthouse, allowing you to finally kill the Penitent.

After slaying the specter, take a trophy from the penitent, and speak to Mikkjal. If you had found the incriminating note regarding Mikkjal’s involvement in the shipwrecks, you can choose to either let him stay on the island, or urge him to leave. Afterwards, head back to the tavern to collect your reward from Jorund. As this quest concludes with a brawl in the tavern, the Secondary Quest: Stranger in a Strange Land begins automatically.

Strange Beast Walkthrough

This quest begins with a post named “Monsters on the High Road,” on a notice board in the port village of Larvik on the isle of Hindersfjall.

Talk to the village elder in Larvik named Thorleif, son of Bear Haugs. He can be found on the southwestern side of the village sitting outside of his house. He tells you of a horrid creature that has been attacking travelers on the main road to Larvik. He also mentions a man named Sverre who gathered a group to take down the creature, but only four of them returned. Settle on a price for the reward, and agree to talk with the survivors.

Locate Sverre standing with a fellow warrior at the northern part of the village. Talk to the warriors, asking for details about the attack. This reveals the location of the attack as an objective area on your map.

Find and investigate the ambush site using your Witcher Senses. Travel northwest along the main road toward Lofoten. When you find the remains of a cart in a ditch, use your Witcher Senses to scan the area for clues and locate the following:

  • The remains of a corpse near a wagon.
  • Pieces of a corpse across the road.
  • Surprisingly large nekker tracks.

Follow the tracks using your Witcher Senses. The tracks lead uphill to a nearby cave. Carefully drop down into the cave, where poisonous gas fills the air. Continue eastward through the tunnel, killing any nekkers you encounter along the way.

Reach a ledge overlooking the main nest, and drop down into the nest, moving forward until several nekkers appear. Kill the nekkers in the nest to provoke their pack leader.

Suddenly, an evolved nekker warrior named Hagumban appears. Be prepared to fight this odious ogroid, as well as several waves of nekkers summoned by this pack leader.

Proceed to kill the pack leader to the best of your ability. Check your Bestiary and exploit this warrior’s weaknesses by using these tools in combat:

  • Bomb: Northern Wind
  • Oil: Ogroid Oil

Once you have slain Hagumban, take a trophy from the nekker warrior. Return to Thorleif in Larvik to collect your reward, and the quest concludes.

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