The Witcher 3 - Skellige Gwent Tips

Tips for playing the Skellige Gwent deck.

This guide offers tips for how to play the Skellige Gwent deck in the Witcher 3. The Skellige deck is the newest Gwent faction to arrive with the Blood and Wine expansion. Practice using and playing against the Skellige deck to hone your skills for the tournament in Toussaint.

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The Skellige Gwent deck in the Witcher 3 utilizes a unique blend of familiar tactics to thwart opponents on the battlefield. To begin building your own Skellige deck, defeat a merchant in Toussaint in a round of Gwent. The merchant in the Cockatrice Inn is one of the first you will encounter. Not only will you earn a new Skellige Gwent card for winning, but you will also unlock the quest titled To Everything - Turn, Turn, Tournament.

Witcher 3 Skellige Gwent Tips

Upon receiving this quest, travel to the Pheasantry Inn in Beauclair and speak to Count Monnier about the Gwent tournament. Ask to sign up for the tournament, but hold off on participating until you are ready. After your conversation, Count Monnier will give you a set of Skellige Gwent cards to start you off.

Witcher 3 Skellige Leader Abilities

  • Crach an Craite - Shuffle each player’s graveyard cards back into their decks.
  • King Bran - Units affected by inclement weather conditions only lose half their strength.

Witcher 3 Gwent Power Combos Guide

The Skellige Gwent deck is all about devastating combo moves. Build a deck with cards that are meant to combine with others, whether it be through Mardroeme, Muster, or Bond. Streamline your deck to have unit cards with only these abilities to increase the odds of drawing these cards. Multiple Shield Maidens, Clan an Craite Warriors, and War Longships can accumulate a ton of damage when paired with cards of the same name.

Cow and Kambi cards have no attack power, but will automatically be replaced with a powerful unit or Hero card upon being removed from the board. This can happen at the end of a round as well, which can be used to your advantage. Playing Cow or Kambi cards in the first round will allow a powerful card at the start of the next round to appear on the battlefield without using a turn.

Cerys an Craite is one of the most powerful weapons for the Skellige deck. Cerys is a Hero card that uses Muster to summon any Shield Maidens in the deck onto the close combat row. The Shield Maidens utilize Bond, which will double or triple their attack damage when two or more are played together. Throw down a Commander’s Horn or Dandelion to buff the row and deal a devastating blow. This move is huge Scorch bait, however. Your opponent will likely use a Scorch or Villentretenmerth to immediately burn you down depending on the other cards you have in the close combat row, so be sure to wield Cerys wisely. Defeat the innkeep in Flovive to earn Cerys for your Skellige deck.

You can also utilize the Drummond Shield Maidens over two rounds depending on your hand and leader card. If you have Cerys in your hand along with some Shield Maidens, use the Shield Maidens in the first round, reserving Cerys for later. During the next round, use Crach an Craite’s leader ability to reshuffle the graveyard back to your deck. Your Shield Maidens that were used in the first round will now be available again for Cerys to summon them to battle.

Mardroeme and Berserker cards are unique to the Skellige deck and are built to work together. The low damage Berserker cards will transform into powerful Bear cards when Mardroeme is played on the same row. Bear cards also utilize Bonds to buff its companions. Use Berserk and Mardroeme early to pressure your opponent into passing the first round.

After practicing with the Skellige deck and earning more cards, return to the Count to participate in the tournament and emerge victorious. Keep in mind that Majordomo will practice Gwent with you at Corvo Bianco. You can choose which faction to play against, as well as the difficulty. To gain access to Majordomo, head over to our guide on How to Upgrade Corvo Bianco vineyard.

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