The Witcher 3: Broken Flowers, Get Junior Walkthrough

The Witcher 3: Broken Flowers, Get Junior Walkthrough

A walkthrough for some of the key quests in The Witcher 3

Some of the main quests in Novigrad have an impact on the quests later in the game, so it's important to pay attention to the recommended decisions listed in this guide. This portion of our guide covers the main quests Pyres of Novigrad, Novigrad Dreaming, Broken Flowers, Get Junior, Ciri's Story: Visiting Junior, A Favor for Radovid, Count Reuven's Treasure, A Poet Under Pressure and Ciri's Story: Breakneck Speed.

There are many other areas of The Witcher to cover, so head over to our Witcher 3 guides walkthrough hub to get all the information you need on completing every side quest in the game.

Witcher 3 Novigrad Main Quests Walkthrough

Here's how to beat all of the main Witcher 3 quests in Novigrad.

Witcher 3 Pyres of Novigrad Quest Walkthrough

  • Visit Triss in her house.
  • Talk with beggars about the king of beggars.
  • Look for thieves on the main square and carefully follow them.

Head into the Glory Lane district of Novigrad to find Hierarch Square where two people are being burned at the stake. Continue on to Triss' last known whereabouts and ask the looters if they know where she might be. Head into the townhouse and loot the place using your Witcher Senses to find everything of value.

Wait for a crime to be committed, then follow the thief to ask them for information. You can also ask any number of beggars in the area for additional information. Head west to find more beggars and speak with them. Make sure to choose the first dialogue option and never mention Putrid Grove yourself. You're looking for someone who will bring it up on their own, so keep talking to beggars until that happens.

Once you find someone who will talk about Putrid Grove head south, over the bridge to the new location. Follow the thief or wait for him to commit a crime, then follow him out to the east. When the thief gives his loot to someone else, continue to follow the one that walks along the side of the canal. Alternatively you can follow the other person south to an ambush, attack everyone and get a passphrase.

  • Find the King of Beggars' hideout.
  • Meet with the King of Beggars.
  • Follow Triss.
  • Enter the basement.
  • Find the secret passage using your Witcher Senses, then open it.
  • Follow Triss.
  • Find the lost parcel using your Witcher Senses.
  • Give Triss the parcel.

Head to the next waypoint on your map and explain that you're a freak. If you got the passphrase earlier you can get in without much hassle. If you didn't you'll have to pay 50 crowns or have Axii level two so you don't have to pay anything. There's also an alternate way in if you head outside of the city to the Glory Gate and locate the sewer entrance. Take down the Drowners and use your Witcher Senses to find a corpse that holds a key. Head into the storage room and up the ladder, take out the thieves at the top and head into Putrid Grove.

Head east to find both Triss and the King of Beggars. Follow Triss, kill the Drowner and use your Witch Senses to search the area. Find the torch on the middle pillar and push in a loose brick to find a hidden passage. Follow Triss once more, swim to the west into the center of the water and dive down to find what's left of a boat. Collect the item for Triss, then head back and speak with her again.

  • Follow Triss.
  • Place rat traps around the warehouse. Use your Witcher Senses to guide you.

During the next conversion, request to be paid in advance then use your Witcher Senses to determine where to place the crystal traps. Speak with Triss again, then take down the Witch Hunters that attack to get another cut scene that completes this quest and begins the main quest Novigrad Dreaming.

Witcher 3 Novigrad Dreaming Quest Walkthrough

  • Find the dreamer in the old house.
  • Search the attic.
  • Take the doll.
  • Put the doll in the crib.
  • Find out why the door slammed shut.
  • Examine the oven.

Head east from the Brandon Granary and turn left at the old cart. Continue up the stairs and speak with Rudolf de Jonkheer. Go inside and head upstairs, then take the ladder up to the attic. Use the Aard Sign magic to remove the wooden planks and reveal a storage room just beyond. Loot the room and read the note you find. Head back down the ladder and into the room off to the side to place the doll in the crib.

Make your way downstairs and into the room next to the entrance. Open the door to the cellar and head down the ladder. Walk toward the oven and then speak with Sarah. You can choose to keep Sarah happy or make her angry. This impacts the outcome of two quests down the line, and whether you meet an angry Sarah in the main quest, Bald Mountain, or a happy Sarah in the main quest Through Time and Space.

  • Talk to the dreamer.
  • Meet Corrine at the Golden Sturgeon.

It's recommended you make a deal with Sarah to keep her happy. When you next confront Rudolf on your way out, tell him the house is still haunted but not inhabited. This keeps Sarah happy. If you tell him why the house is haunted you'll end up with the angry Sarah.

Head to the west, then make your way north through the market. The Golden Sturgeon is your next destination, which is located just west of here. Head inside and then upstairs to speak with Corrine again. Your responses here do not change the outcome of the quest, and once you're done here the quest concludes.

Witcher 3 Broken Flowers Quest Walkthrough

  • Go to the Rosemary and Thyme.
  • Help Zoltan chase off the tramps.
  • Search the ground floor for clues, using your Witcher Senses.
  • Read Dandelion’s planner.
  • Talk to Zoltan.

When you reach Dandelion's brothel, use your fists to take down the enemies, then speak with Zoltan. Use your Witcher Senses to search for objects of interest, including an appointment book, a lute, barrels of wine, a diploma, a portrait, a silver laurel award and some letters. Speak with Zoltan again, then head out to find each contact.

Talk to Vespula.

Leave through the Gate of Hierarch and head toward the huts by the river. When you engage the enemies nearby you have two options. You can pay the 1,200 crowns, which keeps Vespula's shop open, or you can kill all four of them which forces her to move her shop near Oxenfurt.

Talk to Elihal.

Follow the river east to find a tailor's shop. Go inside and head into the back room. Speak to the person here for another cut scene. Once you're done, you can speak to Elihal again because you need her masks for the secondary quest, A Matter of Life and Death.

Talk to Marabella.

Head down to a lower cobblestone street to find a small hut serving as a school. Go inside and choose to wait or not. The outcome doesn't impact the quest at all. Speak with Marabella before you continue on your journey.

  • Talk to Rosa var Attre.
  • Find a way into the var Attre villa.

Make your way to the var Attre residence and speak with the Guard Captain. If you spoke to Zoltan enough earlier you can tell the Guard Captain that you're Rosa's new fencing instructor. If not, you'll have to use the sewers or gardens to enter the residence.

If you didn't speak with Zoltan enough, head north with the wall to your right until you see a few rocks near the angel statue. You can use this location to get into the residence. Alternatively you can find the sewer entrance close to the stairs, fend off a few Drowners and a Water Hag, then climb up toward the residence.

  • Follow the guard.
  • Grab a wooden practice sword.
  • Keep following the guard.
  • Beat Rosa.

Once you're inside, after a short cut scene follow the guard to the top of the stairs. Equip a wooden sword and head down into the practice area. You'll have to face Rosa in several matches. If you win the second match and agree to give her private lessons you will begin the secondary quest, Fencing Lessons. After another cut scene you'll be asked about fencing lessons again. If you wish to continue the secondary quest, be sure to agree once more.

  • Talk to Molly.
  • Meet Baroness La Valette and Voorhis at the Vegelbuds’ residence.
  • Find Molly.

Head toward the La Valette residence for another cut scene as you approach the residence. You can agree to go with the Baroness and automatically head to the next destination, or you can find your own way and take a horse or fast travel when it's more convenient for you.

When you get to your destination, make your way across the lawn and speak with the Baroness and the General. If you wish to participate in the horse race, quiz the General to get as much horse knowledge as you can. If you don't want to race, the Baroness simply tells you where to find Molly. If you decide to race and you win you get a special saddle. Once you're ready to move on, speak with Molly.

  • Consult with Zoltan.
  • Meet Zoltan in the Kingfisher Inn after sundown.

Head back to the Rosemary and Thyme to meet with Zoltan again. After speaking with Zoltan head to the Kingfisher Inn and then meditate until sundown. Head inside for another cut scene that concludes this quest.

Witcher 3 Get Junior Quest Walkthrough

  • Go to the bathhouse and talk to Sigi Reuven.
  • Get undressed and put your clothing in the dresser.
  • Follow Happen.
  • Defeat the assassins.
  • Find Whoreson Junior’s hideout.
  • Search Whoreson Junior’s hideout using your Witcher Senses.

Make your way to the bathhouses near the center of Novigrad and head inside using the entrance near the small circular park. Knock on the door, and once you're let in put your gear in one of the dressers . Go through the bathhouse and open the door on the far side for another cut scene.

After the cut scene, take down the enemies that break in. You don't have your normal gear, which means you should rely more on your Sign magic if you're having trouble with these enemies. After the fight speak with Cleaver and tell him you'll help to begin the secondary quest, The Gangs of Novigrad.

Grab your gear then meet Dijkstra in his office. There's quite a bit of conversation here, but make sure you ask about Dandelion so you can begin the main quest, Count Reuven's Treasure. Once you're done, head into Temple Isle in the northern portion of Novigrad. If you have trouble getting in through the bridge, just swim over.

Head to the entrance of the Eternal Fire Temple and search around to find papers on the ground. Continue up the stairs and activate your Witcher Senses to find some scattered clothing and some equipment. Loot the attic and then speak with the dwarves. At this point you can shift over to the secondary quest, The Gangs of Novigrad, while it's still available. If you continue the main quest line too far you will not be able to complete this secondary quest.

  • Find Whoreson Junior’s casino.

As you continue with this main quest, head to the Gildorf District on the east side of the city. Speak to the guards outside and use Axii Delusion level three if you have it available. If not, you can bribe the guards with 200 crowns, or fight them. If you choose to fight you'll have to fight continuously throughout this area.

Once inside you can go the peaceful route or use violence. If you choose to be peaceful, don't mention Whoreson, the owner, or be rude to anyone in the casino and head upstairs to the card players. Play gwent against the people in the casino and beat three people to continue on with the quest. After a short cut scene you'll need to pull out your sword and engage in battle.

  • Defeat Whoreson Junior’s thugs.
  • Search the casino for information about Whoreson.

If you take the violent route and attack or be rude to anyone in the casino, you'll need to take down all 12 enemies that will attack. Don't worry, they're spread out throughout the casino, but you'll have to defeat them all nonetheless.

  • Talk to the tied-up halfling in the casino.
  • Talk to Dijkstra about Whoreson’s ties to the Redanians.
  • Talk to Vernon Roche in the partisan camp.

However you decide to handle the casino, when everything is said and done, head back to the top floor where the interrogation room is found. Speak to the guy tied up and choose to let him go so you can start the secondary quest, Honor Among Thieves. Head back to Dijkstra and speak with him, then you must decide if you want to venture off to complete the secondary quest, Honor Among Thieves before you continue with this main quest.

  • Visit Whoreson Junior’s arena.

Head to the Bits District in the northeastern part of the city. Speak with the guards at the entrance and you have a few options to get in. You can bride them with 100 crowns, use Axii Delusion if you have it at level three, or find a corpse nearby with an invitation on it. You can also threaten the guards, but then you'll have to battle your way through the entire area. Once you're inside you can speak to Igor and fight in the arena to win money and get the answers your seek, or you can attack everyone.

  • Talk to Igor.
  • Fight in the ring to prove you’d make a good bodyguard.
  • Defeat your opponent(s).
  • Survive the fight.

If you choose to fight in the arena, head down the stairs and through the gates ahead. Continue to the south, then make your way around to the east to find Igor. Don't mention Whoreson's name and you'll take on three opponents in the arena. Make sure you're ready to go after you agree to fight in the arena. Get your health up to full and make sure you're prepared for battle. Once you're ready, speak to Igor again.

Spare your first opponent (defeat him, but don't kill him) and he'll be helpful later on. The next bout is against two opponents who will have to be killed, then take down a Wyvern before you have to continue fighting as two Endrega appear. Finally take down a bear to finish this round of fights. After a short cut scene you'll have to engage every enemy in the vicinity and take them down with furious malice.

  • Kill Whoreson's thugs.

If you decide to use force during your time in the arena, mentioning Whoreson's name, being rude or attacking anyone, you'll have to fight off 16 opponents before you can move on to the next portion of the quest.

  • Search the area for information about Whoreson.
  • Read the documents you found.
  • Use your Witcher Senses to find a way to access the secret stash.
  • Search the secret stash.
  • Read the mysterious letter.

After the huge battle, search the area for loot. Find Igor's body near the throne on the west side of the balcony. Loot it to find a key, then look around Igor's chair to find a chest on the side table. Read the message you find within to get directions to a hidden lock box.

Turn around and head west down the corridor. Continue north through the archway, then east down the next corridor. Turn east again and use your Witcher Senses to find scrapes on the ground near the far wall. Examine the torch on the wall to the right to open a secret passage, then loot what's inside.

  • Talk to Dijkstra about Whoreson’s ties to the Redanians.
  • Talk to Vernon Roche in the partisan camp.

Read the letter you find, head back to the bathhouse and speak with Dijkstra again. Once you're done, leave the city and head southeast toward Oxenfurt. Just north of the city is the Temerian Partison Hideout. Speak to the guard and you'll get into the hideout. However, if you sided with Iorveth in Witcher 2 or stated that you did during the Imperial Audience main quest, you'll have to engage in a fist fight before you can enter.

  • Meet Roche by the bridge in Oxenfurt.
  • Enter the chess club with Roche.

After a cut scene, head south and across the bridge. Once you spot Roche, follow him south for a cut scene. Tell King Radovid you're looking for Whoreson. After the cut scene you can head back to Vernon Roche for the secondary quest, An Eye for an Eye, or continue on with this main quest. This is also your last chance to complete the secondary quest, Gangs of Novigrad if you haven't done so already.

  • Get inside Whoreson’s hideout.
  • Search the guards’ bodies.
  • Search Whoreson Junior’s residence.

Head to the west side of Whoreson's hideout and speak with the guards. If you opted for violence in the casino or arena, you'll have violence now as well. If you were peaceful for as long as possible you can head inside without a fight. If not, you'll have to kill the guards and then loot their bodies for a key in order to get in.

If things get violent, kill all of the guards on the inside before you head into the central part of the mansion. Use the entryway around back, or the one near the fountain in order to get in. Kill a few more guards on the bottom floor before you can move on.

If you were able to get through peacefully, head down the ladder and make your way through the sewer. When you get to the cave, look around for a brick wall that you can remove with a quick blast of Aard Sign magic. Kill a few guards as you make your way upstairs to the ground floor of the mansion.

  • Kill Whoreson Junior.

Head to the northwest corner of the mansion to find some stairs. Use your Witcher Senses to examine the woman upstairs, then head through the bathroom door to find Whoreson. After a cut scene this quest is put on hold while the main quest, Ciri's Story: Visiting Junior begins.

Ciri Quest: Visiting Junior Quest Walkthrough

  • Get on the roof. Get on the balcony.
  • Enter through the window to Whoreson Junior’s room.
  • Kill Whoreson Junior.
  • Escape from Whoreson Junior’s hideout.

Take control of Ciri and have a conversation with Dandelion. Climb up the ladder and make your way to the rooftop, then continue to the southeast. Drop down to the balcony and open the window for another cut scene. Battle against Whoreson until his health is low, then take out the guards after another brief cut scene.

Head through the door that leads to the stairs that go down to the casino. Fight off a few more guards, then drop down to the lower level to find even more guards. Finish them off and leave the building to conclude the quest and return to the main quest, Get Junior.

The last portion of this quest requires you to determine if Whoreson should live or die. The impact of this decision is felt in the main quest, Payback, which occurs much later in the game. There isn't a huge difference either way, but things are slightly better if you allow him to live. After you make a decision this quest concludes.

A Favor for Radovid Quest Walkthrough

  • Go see King Radovid.

When you try to leave Whoreson's residence you'll be met by soldiers who take you to Radovid. After conversation with Radovid the secondary quest, Redania's Most Wanted begins. Complete the secondary quest, then go to the Kingfisher Inn in Hierarch Square to find Priscilla in her room. Speak with her to complete this quest.

Count Reuven's Treasure Quest Walkthrough

  • Follow Dijkstra.

If you don't already have this quest active, speak with Dijkstra and offer to help him out in order to begin this quest. Head to the bathhouse if you're not already there, and then climb down the ladder in the secret room Dijkstra shows you.

Follow Dijkstra, and after a cut scene and some dialogue, take the antidotes from Dijkstra and explore the sewer. As you're exploring the sewer you'll come across clouds of mold spores. Take an antidote anytime you're near these if you wish to live through your time down here.

  • Investigate the site of the break-in using your Witcher Senses.
  • Follow the current.
  • Use your Witcher Senses to search the sewer room for evidence.
  • Return to the bathhouse and summarize with Dijkstra.
  • Look for clues about the thieves in the bathhouse side rooms using
  • your Witcher Senses.

Use your Witcher Senses to examine the scene, then step through the broken wall and search the room beyond. Find the grate and pieces of the pipe to continue with the quest. Head east to the open grate and use one of the antidotes. Continue down the corridor and take down the Drowner before examining the nearby area for an emerald ring.

Make your way into the next room and take down more Drowners before examining the corpse here. Continue to follow the current and take out two more Drowners just ahead. Head through the open gate to find more Drowners, then move out onto the balcony and through the iron gate to the west. Examine the cylinder here to complete this objective, then head all the way back to the bathhouse and Dijkstra's office. Speak with Dijkstra for a cut scene, then head southeast and activate your Witcher Senses to examine the area. Once the pool is drained, examine it as well.

  • Go to Margrave Henckel’s house.
  • Search Margrave Henckel’s house using your Witcher Senses.
  • Solve the riddle from the mysterious note.
  • Search the hidden room using your Witcher Senses.
  • Check what’s going on downstairs.

Leave the bathhouse and continue west toward the Golden Sturgeon where Henckel's home is across the street. Use your Aard Sign magic to break through the door, then activate your Witcher Senses and follow the footsteps upstairs. Examine the table to find a note, then read it to continue.

Head into the next room and examine the wine, then continue to follow the footprints. Use your Witcher Senses to search the room where the footprints lead. Once you've found all of the clues you watch another cut scene with some dialogue options, then you need to meet Triss at the Eternal Fire shrine at midnight.

  • Meet Triss at the Eternal Fire shrine near the harbor around midnight.

The Eternal Fire shrine is south from Henckel's residence, east of the harbor. Head over there and meditate until midnight for a cut scene. When the guards start making a fuss you can avoid all rude responses, or you can start a fight. It's important to avoid all rude remarks so you can have Triss help with the Battle for Kaer Morhen and have Dijkstra assist during the main quest, Brothers in Arms: Novigrad.

  • Follow the Witch Hunter leader.

If you choose to avoid conflict, stay close to Triss and during the next dialogue sequence respond with, "Fine, take her," or use Axii Sign magic if it's level two or above. How you respond to the upcoming dialogue is very important. Only use the following dialogue options to avoid a violent confrontation that impacts future quests.

  • "Why Not."
  • "Your hunters are torturing Triss, but haven't been paid."
  • "Witchers do anything for gold." OR "Triss betrayed me first."
  • "Free my friend Dandelion."

After another cut scene speak with Triss, then head back to Dijkstra.

  • Kill the witch hunters.
  • Kill Caleb Menge.
  • Search Menge’s desk for any clues.
  • Read the note from Menge’s desk.

If you elected to go with a few rude comments or said anything that led to violence, you'll need to kill all 16 witch hunters. Move through them slowly so you don't have to face all of them simultaneously. When you finally get to Menge, kill him as well and then search the desk. Read the note you find in the desk (along with a book), then speak with Triss again. From here you must head back to speak with Dijkstra.

  • Find a way out of the witch hunters’ outpost.
  • Sneak out the witch hunters’ outpost. (optional)
  • Tell Dijkstra what you've learned.

Find the door located in the northwest corner of Menge's office and use the key to open it. Head out onto the balcony, then you can help Triss burn the place down with your Igni Sign magic if you wish (this is optional). When you're done, jump onto the crates near a torch and up to the roof before dropping down into the outer courtyard. The main exit is locked, but you can use Aard Sign magic to clear away an archway to the north. Head through the archway for another cut scene.

  • Find the drop box using your Witcher Senses.
  • Place the Holy Tome there to signal that you want to meet with the spy.
  • Be at the arranged meeting place at midnight.
  • Find a good place to hide and wait for the spy.

If you chose the route of violence, you'll have to head back to the Eternal Fire shrine after speaking with Dijkstra. Use your Witcher Senses to find a lockbox near the southeast pillar and examine it to place the Holy Tome. Head south to the town of Farcorners and find the empty house. Meditate until midnight, then head inside the house and move behind the open door. After a cut scene there are several dialogue choices to be made, none of which change the outcome of the ques

  • Talk to Priscilla.

Head back to the Kingfisher Inn once more and find Priscilla in her room. Speak with her to complete this quest.

A Poet Under Pressure Quest Walkthrough

  • Meet Zoltan at the site of the ambush.
  • Chase Dandelion’s abductor.
  • Use your Witcher Senses to pick up the trail.
  • Ask if anyone from the camp has seen Dandelion’s abductor.

Travel east beyond the Seven Cats Inn until you reach the ambush point. Find Zoltan at the waypoint marker and speak with him. After a cut scene and some dialogue you can play gwent if you'd like, then wait around until you hear the horses.

Fighting breaks out, but you need to leave as soon as you see a guard ride off on horseback. Chase him down and use your Witcher Senses to track his movement. Search the highlighted area for horse prints and take down the Drowners as you track the guard. When you reach the town, ask people about the person you're looking for.

  • Follow the smell of Dandelion’s cologne.
  • Explore the area in front of the hut in the woods.
  • Enter the halflings’ home via the secret passage.
  • Free Dandelion. Defeat the Witch Hunter.

Continue past the camp until you reach a fork in the road. Examine the object to the side of the road and then follow the scent trail into the woods. When you reach the house, speak with the people outside to get a key, then head behind the structures to find a trapdoor. Head down the ladder and into the cellar below.

Make your way to the west heading through the cellar, then climb up the ladder and through the door. Kill the witch hunter and free Dandelion. After another cut scene and some dialogue the quest is complete.

Breakneck Speed Quest Walkthrough

  • Flee toward Temple Isle.

Take control of Ciri and quickly head southwest through the gate. Time is of the essence so do not delay. Mount the horse on the left and gallop past all of the enemies. Continue until Dandelion tells you to dismount. Take down Whoreson's men, then wait for Dandelion to reach the door. Head up the stairs to engage a few more soldiers with another cut scene that concludes this quest.

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