The Witcher 3: Velen Side Quests - Ciri's Room, Funeral Pyres Walkthrough

The Witcher 3: Velen Side Quests - Ciri's Room, Funeral Pyres Walkthrough

Complete the secondary quests for the Velen territory in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This includes Ciri's Room and Funeral Pyres.

Secondary quests in The Witcher 3 are generally available for a limited time while certain main quests are still active. If you wait too long before completing a secondary quest, it may move to the failed quest section where you'll be unable to complete it. For this reason it's important to complete secondary quests as you receive them if you wish to obtain the reward. This guide for The Witcher 3 is a walkthrough of every side quest in Velen.

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Witcher 3 All Velen Side Quests Walkthrough

Velen has some pretty awesome side quests to play through. Here's how to beat all of them:

Witcher 3 Ciri's Room Quest Walkthrough

Use your Witcher Senses to search Ciri's room for any vital clues regarding her location.
  • Starting Location: Velen, Baron's Residence
  • Associated Main Quest: Family Matters
  • Reward: Experience Points

Once you're done with the Baron's residence during the Family Matters main quest, you will begin the Ciri's Room secondary quest. Go to the waypoint marker in the Baron's residence where Ciri stayed while she was there. Activate your Witcher Senses and search the three red items the area, which includes a book you need to read (The Natural Obscurity of Curses), the clothes and spinning top on the floor.

Open your inventory, go to your quest items and read the book "The Natural Obscurity of Curses." Head to the kitchen, which is the next waypoint on your map, right across the hall. Go to the kitchen and talk to Gretka to complete the quest.

Deadly Crossing Quest Walkthrough

  • Starting Location: Troll Bridge
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points

Head to the bridge just southwest of Crow’s Perch. Here you should find 3 bandits here who try to wittle 50 Crowns out of you. If you’d like, simply pay them and move on. However, if you want to eliminate the scourge of banditry, and make this area a bit safer for travelers, you can use your Axii Sign (level 2 or higher) to make them give up the venture. If all else fails you can also murder them and rid the world of their filth for good.

Defender of the Faith Quest Walkthrough

  • Starting Location: Velen
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points

After completing the secondary quest, Races: Crow's Perch, look for the exclamation point on the map along the main road west of Crow's Perch. There's an old woman here. Speak with her and agree to fix the damaged shrine to begin the quest.

You are tasked with fixing two more shrines. The first is located at the Duén Hen fast travel sign, south of Midcopse. This shrine is guarded by a an Endrega Warrior. Kill it then examine the shrine on the ground to fix it.

Continue along the road to the south to find the last shrine near the southern tip of the continent. Here you'll find some unholy men destroying the last shrine. When you interrupt them you can either let them leave or fight them with your fists. However you decide to handle it, the quest concludes immediately after.

Face Me if you Dare Quest Walkthrough

  • Starting Location: Crow’s Perch
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points

Close to the bridge that leads into Crow’s Perch, Geralt will come across Ronvid, a man seeking to challenge passerbys in a duel. He’ll babble on for a few moments about a maid named Bilberry, as well as the knights he hopes to kill one day, but despite your best efforts to talk some sense into him, the fight commences.

Simply hit him a few times with your sword and he’ll give in. He’s a defiant little bugger, as he’ll make a few more remarks about his plans for the future, and then head on his way. To finish this quest off you’ll need to find Ronvid again near Novigrad. When you come across him, he’ll challenge you once more. Now armed with a handy shield, he’s ready to prove his worth in a rematch. He’s still not ready to fight, however, as he gives up a few hits into the battle.

Sadly this little quest isn’t over just yet, and you’ll need to find Ronvid a third time near the docks. This time he’s brought along some help, and once they realize you’re a witcher you can either kill them all, or use your Axii Level 2 Sign to convince them to return home.

Forefathers' Eve Quest Walkthrough

  • Starting Location: Velen
  • Associated Main Quest: Ladies of the Wood
  • Reward: Experience Points, Crowns x50

Upon completing the secondary quest, A Towerful of Mice, step outside of Keira's hut to find the pellar waiting outside. Approach him and agree to help in order to begin this quest. If you haven't completed the Family Matters main quest, you can find the pellar at Crow's Perch after you complete the secondary quest, A Towerful of Mice.

Head to Fyke Isle and make your way to the waypoint marked on your map. Meditate until midnight, then speak with the pellar. Your job is to protect the ritual's participants from the attacking monsters. Several Drowners and a Water Hag attack from the south.

Defeat the monsters and you'll have to make a choice. You can continue to help the pellar and defeat the witch hunters, or you can stay out of the fight and the quest will end abruptly. It's best to continue helping the pellar and take down the three witch hunters.

Once again the ritual is interrupted by enemies. This time you'll have to defeat the Wraiths. Lay down a Yrden Sign magic to make the battle a little easier. After another cut scene, head to the next waypoint on the map, which is quite a distance from Fyke Isle (fast travel to the Orphans of Crookback Bog to cut your travel time).

When you arrive at the highlighted area, take care of the Rotfiends, then head to the middle of the area. Find the body of the pellar's father in the swamps using your Witcher Senses, then use Igni Sign magic to burn it. Fast travel to Heatherton to cut down on travel times as you make your way back to the pellar and the next waypoint. Head inside his hut and speak with him to complete the quest.

Highway Robbery Quest Walkthrough

  • Starting Location: Boatmaker’s Hut
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points

Locate the Boatmaker’s Hut just south of Crow’s Perch, and then move down the pathway into the forest. As you walk through this area keep an eye out for a trader, who is being attack by three bandits. As you approach, however, you’ll quickly learn that it was all a trick to attract any would-be heroes to the scene. Take out the bandits, then loot up their bodies before moving on.

Witcher 3 Last Rites Quest Walkthrough

  • Starting Location: Blackbough
  • Associated Main Quest: Blood Baron
  • Reward: Experience Points, Crowns

Make your way over to the bridge that overlooks the small pond just to the north of Blackbough. If it’s nighttime you’ll find an Old Woman standing here. Speak to her and you’ll be asked to find the old woman’s husband’s grave and put a stop to the hauntings that she’s been experiencing.

Move to the area marked on the map, and once you arrive you’ll need to place the ring on the grave. There are a few ghouls around this area, so watch out as you head to the unmarked cemetery, and use your Witcher Senses to find the grave. If you have the Magic Lamp that Keira gave you, you can equip it and watch the two spirits unite. Once the deed is done it’s time to return to the old woman for a reward.

Head back to down and locate Lessy’s hut. You’ll learn some fairly shocking things about her grand-mother, and then once everything is said and done, collect your meager reward to bring this quest to a close.

Looters Quest Walkthrough

  • Starting Location: Heatherton
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points

As you make your way across the war-ravaged land of Velen, you’ll come across different groups of looting citizens. These groups are hostile, and normally feature some riders on horseback, as well as several infantry men. Avoid them or Kill them, the choice is yours.

This first group of looters is found down the wooded path to the east of Heatherton. There are about five infantry, and three men on horseback. Kill them to conclude this quest.

Master Armorers Quest Walkthrough

  • Starting Location: Crow’s Perch
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points, Witch Hunter's Armor

Upon your arrival in Crow’s Perch, make sure to speak with the dwarven armorer here, a man named Fergus. Your task right now is to ask if Fergus is a master armorer, which he’ll answer with a resounding yes. From here, ask him about a ‘durable and lightweight suit’, which he’ll say is impossible to make.

Right about now his young helper, a woman named Yoana, will chime in and advised that the people of Clan Tordarroch (who inhabit the isle of Undvik) have acquired the tools to make the type of armor that you’re asking for. Fergus will reprimand her for speaking out of turn, however, Yoana will ignore him, and describe the place where you can find these tools.

At this point you probably aren’t a high enough level to travel to Unvik (as it requires level 24 or higher), so continue questing and playing through the Main Quests until you reach Skellige with Yennefer. Here you can accept the Secondary Quest: Lord of Undvik, which is a perfect time to pick back up on this little side adventure.

Once you have arrived at Kaer Trolde with Yennefer, wait until you are given free rights to explore the islands. Now head over to the island of Undvik, where you’ll moor your boar at the Marlin Coast marker. From here your path to get the blacksmith’s tools from Undvik will fall hand in hand with the path you’ll have to take to complete the Secondary Quest: The Lord of Undvik.

  • First, venture along the coast in the northwestern area, to find a ship’s graveyard.
  • Now find the winding Cliffside path which will lead you across several small bridges and to a massive ship which the giant of the island is building.
  • Continue past the ship, onward to Hjalmar’s Camp, and keep working your way to the abandoned village of Urskar on the southwestern shore of the island’s central lake.

From there, trek your way up until you spot a cave entrance, which you’ll need to enter. Keep pressing forward until you arrive at a small pool, then dive in and work your way back up through the caverns and tunnel until you arrive at a ruined building atop the mountain. This is Clan Tordarroch’s famous forge. Once you’re here walk up to the broken ballista, and look out over the edge. Turn left from this view, to spot a cave opening near where you entered the area. Move inside, taking out the rock troll guarding the place, and then gather the tools that Yoana sent you to find.

Time to bring the tools to Fergus. Head back to Crow’s Perch, in Velen, and speak with Fergus. Advise him that you’ve got the tools, and just as you’re about to start haggling for a good price, General Groenekan of the Nilfgaardian army arrives to relinquish the armorer’s services. They walk away to barter prices, leaving you and an agitated Yoana behind. Talk to her and you’ll find out that Fergus can’t even shoe a horse, let alone craft armor. Turns out Yoana is the brains and brawn behind the shop.

Agree to help her prove her skills by helping her build a better set of armor than Fergus. In order to do this she’ll require a bit of acid from a draconic griffin. Now you’ll be tasked to get gland acid from an archgriffin. If you happen to have some of this already on hand, simply give it to her to continue. If you don’t, you’ll need to complete Contract: Components for an Armorer before continuing. For help completing this task, check out our detailed guide to the Velen Contracts.

Once you have the acid return to Yoana (not Fergus) and give it to her. She’ll apply it to the armor she’s been working on, and the general will arrive. Fergus presents his armor, which looks to be tied to gether by horse hair, and amid the confusion Yoana speaks out and shows off her armor. At this point the general demands that you and another citizen help test the armor to see which is better. Agree to help Yoana and you’ll put on the armor and stand beside the less fortunate citizen.

The general will take aim, firing an arrow into each set of armor. Fergus’s doesn’t fair so well, however, Yoana’s holds up, and the general proclaims her the head of the forge. Yoana will reward you for your help by making you your own set of armor. Wait a day in game, and then return to her to claim your prize.

Wild at Heart Quest Walkthrough

After you kill the werewolf, loot the body and go back to the nearby house to open this chest.
  • Starting Location: Velen, Notice Boards
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points, Monster Brain, Monster Blood, Monster Essence, Werewolf Saliva, Niellen's Key

Pick up a note from one of the notice boards that indicates Neillen's wife, Hanna, went missing. Accept this to begin the quest, then head to Blackbough. If you haven't been here before, go to the Hangman's Alley fast travel point and go east to the small village.

Talk to the hunter named Neillen at the waypoint and then ask the neighbors about Hanna. Head out to the next waypoint and search for signs of Hanna in the woods using your Witcher Senses. Around the southwest side of the highlighted area you will find Hanna's body alongside a pack of wolves. Defeat the wolves to be interrupted by cut scene with Hanna's sister. If you just want some crowns and don't care about much else, you can agree with Hanna's sister and end the quest 55 Crowns richer (or 65 if you hold out).

If you decide to continue onward, examine the wolf corpse on the ground (glowing red with your Witcher Senses). Inspect the corpse and look for red highlighted claw marks nearby to discover it was the work of a werewolf.

Find the werewolf's lair using your Witcher Senses and look northeast for blood on the ground. Follow the trail to the tree and examine it, then continue onward to find fur on the ground as well. Follow the aroma of the werewolf from the fur until you reach men's clothing on the ground.

Inspect the clothing and continue along the path to reach the hut ahead. Go inside and search the bedroom to find notes on the floor. Head around to the back side of the hut to find more blood on the ground and a door leading under the hut.

Blast the door open with Aard Sign magic and head inside to find the werewolf deep inside the cavern. He's accompanied by several wolves, so back away and defeat the wolves first, then defeat the werewolf. Once the enemies are down, Hanna's sister interrupts yet again. You can choose to kill the werewolf or let him live (and he'll kill Hanna's sister). The outcome for you is the same either way, with the quest completing as soon as the werewolf is dead.

Loot the corpse of the werewolf to find Niellen's Key, then head back inside the hut and open the chest in the bedroom to find additional loot.

Harassing a Troll Quest Walkthrough

  • Starting Location: Inn at the Crossroads
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points

Move into the wilderness just northwest of the Inn at the Crossroads. Nearby on the river bank you’ll find a small collection of rocks, a campfire, and a group of Nekkers attacking a poor helpless rock troll. Jump right into the action and slay all the Nekkers using your Silver Sword.

Once you’re finished wiping the Nekker blood from your blade, Boris, the rock troll, will inform you that his love for Nekker soup caused the attack, then without another thought he’ll reward you with a small prize of random items.

At the Mercy of Strangers Quest Walkthrough

  • Starting Location: Mulbrydale
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points

Follow the road heading westward out of Mulbrydale. As you round the corner near the riverbank, a chorus of screams for help will reach your ears. Head down to the noise to find a man, tied and bound, being attacked by a group of Drowners.

The bound man, a soldier named John Verun, advises you of his situation. His army was destroyed by the Black Ones, and he managed to escape, only to end up tied and left to die by the villagers after they find out about his desertion. You have two choices here.

  • You can untie him, receive his thanks, and zero reward aside from Experience Points.
  • You can leave him to the next round of Drowners and continue on your way. Return to the site later on and you’ll find his corpse and more enemies to slice and dice.

Either of the previous two choices will bring the quest to an end. However, if you choose to save him, you can find him north of the Pontar River with his pals. You can fight him and his friends, or accept his reward for saving him. The choice is yours.

Bitter Harvest Quest Walkthrough

  • Starting Location: Velen, Albin NPC
  • Associated Main Quest: The Nilfgaardian Connection
  • Reward: Experience Points, Crown x20

There's a group of men on the battlefield northwest of the Hanged Man's Tree fast travel point. Speak with Albin there to begin this quest. It's best to start the Fake Papers secondary quest first (see above) as they coincide with one another. Once you have both quests going, protect the scavengers from monsters and kill off the Ghouls that attack in waves of three or four.

Keep a close eye on the scavengers, especially Albin. If they're being attacked you need to stop attacking your current enemy and help them out. They can't take many hits before dying and you need to keep them alive to successfully complete the quest. Once enough enemies have been taken down (about three waves) the quest will be completed successfully. At this point you can finish the Fake Papers secondary quest.

Caravan Attack Quest

  • Starting Location: Marauder’s Bridge
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points

Head down the path near the ponds just to the west of Marauder’s Bridge. Ahead you should hear the sound of fighting. As you get closer you’ll find several caravaneers under attack by bandits. Jump right in the middle of it all, and fight off the bandits.

Once all of the enemies are dead, speak to the traders and learn that they aren’t very good at hiring trustworthy people. You’ll receive a small reward, and then around seven days later the surviving merchant will arrive at Crow’s Perch to piddle his goods.

Deadly Crossing II

  • Starting Location: Lindenvale
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points

Just southwest of Mulbrydale, and a little north of Lindenvale, you’ll spot a group of looters scrounging around supplies near a long wooden bridge. Speak with them to learn they’ve found a sword, Mourner, which they’d like you to buy. If you want the weapon, and have 525 Crowns, you can purchase it here and now. If you aren’t interested, however, you can simply refuse and be on your way.

Death by Fire

You might stumble upon this one while riding through the land, but it shouldn't be too difficult to knock off.
  • Starting Location: Codger’s Quarry
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points

As you make your way around the path near Codger’s Quarry, you should spot smoke coming from a burning cottage. Head up to the area to find bandits standing outside the house. They aren’t reasonable by any means, which limits your choices to the following.

  • Ignore the situation and move on.
  • Kill the bandits and then release the elven woman before she burns alive.
  • Choose not to get involved, blow the door to the cottage away with Aard, and help the elf fight the bandits.

Break the door open with Aard and once the bandits are dead, speak to the elf. She’ll mention a half-hollowed stump behind the cottage, and offer you whatever you want from her stash. Head behind the house, and use your Witcher Sense to find the stump by the corner of the house.

Witcher 3 Fake Papers

  • Starting Location: Velen, Shady Merchant (Exclamation Point on the map)
  • Associated Main Quest: The Nilfgaardian Connection
  • Reward: Experience Points, Transit Pass

Take the road north from the Hanged Man's Tree fast travel point and follow it when the road curves west. When you reach a scattered settlement (before the bridge), look to the east side of the road to see a Shady Merchant (marked with an exclamation point). See what the counterfeit pass seller's brother-in-law needs. You can also pay the fee to end the quest immediately.

If you chose to save your gold, first head northwest across the bridge to speak with the Redanian soldier and start the secondary quest, Thou Shalt Not Pass, which is directly tied to this quest. Once you've got both quests going, head to the waypoint just west of the scattered settlement.

At the waypoint you'll find Albin and his group attacked by two Ghouls. Take the enemies down and make sure Albin doesn't die (attack any Ghoul attacking Albin), then speak with Albin. This begins the Bitter Harvest secondary quest. Once the Bitter Harvest quest is complete, head back to the Shady Merchant to get a discount on your pass and complete this quest.

Witcher 3 Funeral Pyres

  • Starting Location: Velen, Priest of Eternal Fire
  • Associated Main Quest: The Nilfgaardian Connection
  • Reward: Experience Points, Crowns x60

Take the road west from Mulbrydale, southwest from the Hanged Man's Tree fast travel point. Just before the road curves to the north there's a priest of Eternal Fire standing on the north side. Speak with him to begin the quest. This places three waypoint markers on your map with the closest being southwest of the priest's location.

Head to the first location and defeat the Rotfiend that attacks nearby. When its head starts to expand, move away to avoid taking any damage from the small explosion that follows. With the Rotfiend down, move over to the pit and interact with it to sprinkle oil on the bodies. Step back and use Igni (magic) to light the bodies on fire. This will complete part of the objective that requires you to find and burn the bodies lying in pits on the battlefield.

Make your way to the next waypoint southeast of your current location. Four Ghouls guard this area. Make quick work of them, then sprinkle oil on the bodies here and light them on fire. When you get to the last waypoint to the far north, four more Ghouls await, this time attacking another person. Take care of the Ghouls to initiate a cut scene in which you discover the priest isn't as trustworthy as you may have thought.

Light the last set of bodies on fire and head back to the priest (next waypoint). In the scattered settlement just southwest of the priest's location is where you begin the Fake Papers secondary quest. When you reach the priest you can take his bribe and receive the reward for the quest, or you can refuse it and battle the priest and his guards, then loot the reward from their corpses. The choice is yours as the final outcome is the same.

Looters II

  • Starting Location: Codger’s Quarry
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points

Head up to Codger’s Quarry to find a group of looters grabbing gear from the nearby corpses. They’re hostile citizens, so take them on, or avoid them. If you attack, you’ll end up helping them fight off a group of ghouls.

Man's Best Friend

  • Starting Location: Inn at the Crossroads
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points, Child’s Toy

Walk down the road from the Inn at the Crossroads towards the Border Post. As you walk you should spot the shell of an old farmer’s cottage on the side of the road. In front of the house is a Wild Dog, and the corpse of another dog. Take out the beast, then inspect the corpse to find that it has been roasting. Around this time you’ll hear voices in the cottage.

Slowly approach the door, and talk with the children inside until you convince them to come out. Now you can either ignore them and move on, or give them food or money to receive a Child’s Toy, and a book.

Thou Shalt Not Pass Quest Walkthrough

  • Starting Location: Velen, Redanian Soldier
  • Associated Main Quest: Nilfgaardian Connection
  • Reward: Experience Points

Take the bridge northwest of the Shady Merchant's location in the Fake Papers secondary quest. Speak with the Redanian soldier at the end of the bridge and use magic to get information on the passes to begin this quest. At this point you need to complete the secondary quest, Fake Papers. Once that's done, head back to the soldier to complete this quest.

The Volunteer

  • Starting Location: Oxenfurt Port
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points

After picking up the warning note entitled “Beware of Trolls” on the Notice Board in Whitebridge District, Oxenfurt. Now head down to zone marked on your map and look around the area. The first thing you’ll need to do is swim, or sail across the Pontar River, continuing westward to a group of low-set islands. It shouldn’t take you long to happen across the rock troll’s campsite, which is made up of broken boats and other rubble.

Speak with the troll to find out he was ‘hired’ by the Redanians to watch their boats. You’ll also learn that he’s been eating those who find the camp. Once you reach the end of the conversation you have two choices.

  • Kill the troll, fulfilling your first quest.
  • Agree to help the troll find some red and white paint so he can mark the campsite as a Redanian colony.

If you choose to help him you’ll need to find the paint the troll needs. To do this head back to Oxenfurt, and over to the General store in Whitebridge. Talk to the merchant, and purchase the paint using your own hard-earned Crowns.

Time to deliver the paint to the troll. Grab a boat, or swim if you want, back to the campsite, and present the paint to your new friend. At this point you can either paint the insignia for the troll, or let him paint it himself. Either way, the result is pretty laughable.

The Fall of House Reardon Quest Walkthrough

You'll be reunited with an old friend in this quest, and we advise that you help him out.
  • Starting Location: Velen, Lindenvale Notice Board
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points

Pick up the quest at the notice board in Lindenvale, east of Crow's Perch. Head to Lindenvale, east of Crow's Perch and speak with Dolores. Fast travel to Downwarren to cut your travel time as you make your way to the mansion at the next waypoint.

When you reach the manor activate your Witcher Senses. If you let Letho live in The Witcher 2 or you told the inquisitor during the main quest, Imperial Audience, that Letho is alive, then look for a trip wire on the ground. This begins the secondary quest, Ghosts of the Past which runs concurrently with this quest.

If Letho is dead from your time playing Witcher 2, or you told the inquisitor that Letho is dead, then you can continue with this quest. Kill the Wraiths in the manor, then head back and speak to Dolores to complete the quest.

Once you've completed this quest or the Ghosts of the Past quest head back to the Reardon manor and go into the southern-most building. On the far wall look to the left (to the right on the black table with the candle) and activate your Witcher Senses to see some writing on the wall. To the left of the writing is a loose board near the ground. Examine this to find a box with 100 florens and gain more experience.

Go back outside and head to the south side of the building to find stairs. Loot the cellar then activate your Witcher Senses and examine the northwest wall and use Aard Sign magic to knock it down. Examine the bones and the papers on the ground to get the full story behind what happened here.

Ghosts of the Past

The decisions you make here can have an impact on the story when you reach the end of Act 2.
  • Starting Location: Velen
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points

Begin the secondary quest, The Fall of the House of Reardon and find the trip wires at the manor to begin this quest. Keep your Witcher Senses active throughout most of this quest and disarm traps as you come across them. Head into the northwestern building for a short cut scene, then head inside the barn to the south.

There are trip wires on the ground and crossbows mounted on the wall to the right that need to be disarmed. Head toward the back of the barn to discover there's an attic, then examine the ladder in one of the rear stalls to reach the attic.

After a cut scene you can choose to help your "friend" or let him fight alone. You'll get more experience if you fight, but the choice is yours as it doesn't impact the outcome of the quest. After the fight follow Letho to the bandit camp, have another short conversation then kill all of the bandits.

Follow Letho again as he makes his way to Lindenvale and then searches through the town. After another cut scene you can choose to attack the soldiers or let them go. If you choose to let them go do not let them take Letho's head. After they leave, send Letho back to Kaer Morhen and he'll be able to help you out later. If you allow the soldiers to kill Letho, he won't be around to help later. Either way the quest concludes after you make your decision and the soldiers leave or you kill them.

You can now go back to complete the Ghosts of the Past quest by speaking with Dolores again. Head back to the manor if you haven't looted the area.

Hazardous Goods

  • Starting Location: Lanka Estate
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points

While navigating the high trail above the southern riverbanks, you might happen upon a den of ghouls attack a man and his cart. Help the trapped man, and remove the ghouls from the equation. Once the area is clear, speak with him, his name is Gert Borel, to learn about the pile of corpses in his cart. Continue this conversation in any fashion, but make sure you tell him that you’ll need to burn the cart, the bodies, and any other plague victims in this area.

Even though he believes himself to be immune to the plague, Gert eventually gives in, and allows you to burn the cart. Pull out your Igni Sign and cast it at the cart to help the man burn the bodies.

Days later you might happen upon Gert roaming the various battlefields near south Velen. Despite his insistence that he was immune, he somehow has caught the plague, and begs you to end his pain. Either walk away, and leave him to suffer, or pull out your sword, end his life, and then burn the body.

Witcher Wannabe Quest

  • Starting Location: Lindenvale
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points

This quest will become available five days after the occurring events of the Witcher Contract: The Merry Widow.

As you stroll through Lindenvale the local Ealdorman begins to shout out names at you. Speak to him to investigate and learn that another witcher has drank all of the ale, defiled the Ealdorman’s daughter, and then departed, boasting about slaying the cemetery monster. Agree to find this ‘witcher’, and be on your way.

Head out of the small village to the east, and up the path that winds to the top of a hill overlooking the church below. Drop down into the clearing in front of the church, and take out the ghouls and two wraiths that appear. Once they are dead use your Witcher Sense to find the charlatan in the cemetery. His footprints will lead you to a stone coffin, and inside you’ll find him cowering.

At this point he reveals that he purchased the medallion off of a traveling merchant, and begs you not to reveal the truth to the villagers. Sadly, his luck is running out, as two villagers arrive demanding answers. Now you have to make a choice.

  • Tell the villagers that the man helped you slay the ghoul, thus keeping his secret.
  • Or, let them know he’s just a simple charlatan, taking advantage of their hospitality.

If you decide to turn him in, you’ll then be asked your thoughts on a proper punishment.

  • Have the man toil for the village elders all year.
  • Or banish him from Lindenvale forever.

Make your choice and the quest will end.

Looters III Quest

  • Starting Location: Toderas (Velen)
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points

Head to the village of Toderas in Velen to find a group of people who have been looting the roads in the area. Speak with the people here, but the conversation will end in a battle against seven enemies. Upgraded Igni can do some major damage against a cluster of foes, so hack and burn until the final one is down to finish this quest.

The Truth is in the Stars Quest

  • Starting Location: Velen, Oxenfurt Notice Board
  • Associated Main Quest: Family Matters
  • Reward: Experience Points,

Head to the Downwarren fast travel location, then make your way northeast to the waypoint on the map. Alternately you can head directly to the Benek fast travel point if you've been to the village already. When you reach the waypoint, head around to the northwest side of the house and speak to the old man here. If you are on the secondary quest, Gwent: Velen Players, you can challenge him to a game to advance that quest line.

Offer the old man some food and then head to the cave southeast of the village. Go inside the cave and head all the way to the back to find several Ghouls waiting there. Kill the enemies, then find the dragonsroot using your Witcher Senses. It will be highlighted in red. Head back to the old man and speak with him to complete the quest.

Blood Ties Quest

  • Starting Location: Nilfgaardian Central Army Camp (Velen)
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points, Crowns

Head to the far southeast corner of Velen to hear a woman in distress around the Nilfgaardian Central Army Camp. Speak with her and she asks you to find her son. Agree to do so and the quest begins. Follow the main path to the south toward the Notice Board and enter the large building here. Speak with the quartermaster and either bribe him with 100 crowns or use level two Axii Sign Magic to get him to talk. If you've already completed the contract, Patrol Gone Missing, and received the reward, you can get the information with ease.

Be careful of the Ghouls and head northwest to the search area. Activate your Witcher Senses to find two sets of tracks and multiple corpses highlighted in red. Head over to the red-headed corpse hanging nearby and examine the body and the note on the ground below him. With the evidence in-hand, head back to the army camp and speak with the woman to complete the quest. Your responses to her do not change the outcome or your reward.

An Invitation From Keira Metz Walkthrough

You can knock off several secondary quests from Keira in a short amount of time if you wish.
  • Starting Location: Velen
  • Associated Main Quest: Ladies of the Wood
  • Reward: None

Complete the secondary quest Magic Lamp to automatically begin this one. Head back to Keira's hut which is the next waypoint on your map. Enter the hut and talk to Keira to initiate a cut scene that completes this quest and starts the secondary quest, A Towerful of Mice.

A Towerful of Mice Quest

We forgot to snag a screenshot during the actual quest, so this is what you get. That's our bad.
  • Starting Location: Velen
  • Associated Main Quest: Ladies of the Wood
  • Reward: Experience Points

Complete the secondary quest, An Invitation from Keira Metz to begin this quest. Head south to the waypoint on the map to use Keira's boat to reach Fyke Isle, the next waypoint. You can stow your boat close to the waypoint and avoid most of the enemies on the isle, or you can choose to fight them for the experience points and loot. Waiting on the shore are a group of Rotfiends with Drowners and Ghouls nearby. If you can group them together you can kill one Rotfiend and the resulting explosion will finish off the others.

Move toward the center of the waypoint to find the tower. Water Hags and Ghouls surround the area, so don't rush in. When you get to the tower, head up the stairs and inside. Use your Witcher Senses and examine the red highlighted items on the ground, then move toward the glowing green light and activate Keira's magic lamp to listen in on the conversation between ghosts.

Open the door on the northeast side of the room and head down the stairs. Loot the cellar and use the magic lamp to listen in on the ghosts near the area that glows green. Head back upstairs and then make your to the second floor (up the next flight of stairs) and shine the lamp toward the fireplace to hear another conversation.

Continue up to the third floor and shine the lamp toward the green light in one of the rooms. Loot the items here, then head out onto the balcony to find another chest to loot. Go back inside and make your way up two more floors. Use your Witcher Senses to examine the red scrape marks on the floor here. Move to the left and use one of the levers to open a door in the opposite corner.

Head through the secret door and up the stairs. Activate your Witcher Senses and search the room to find several objects highlighted in red. Loot the chests, then use the lamp on the glowing green area to initiate a cut scene. During the cut scene you can either help the ghost (the best option) or claim she's not trustworthy.

If you claim she is not trustworthy you will have to fight her, then head down to the bottom floor and outside to fight her again. You'll then have to head to the next waypoint and speak with her lover. You both head back to the tower, fighting Wraiths along the way. Head up to the room where you first met the ghost, then return to Keira's hut.

The better option is to help her and therefore avoid fighting. Head back down to the ground floor and outside. There's a boat on the west side of the tower by the water. Take that (or the boat you came in) and head north to the next waypoint. Knock on the door of the hut to initiate another cut scene.

Leave the hut and start making your way toward the fast travel post to the east. After a few steps you'll hear a scream. Head back inside the hut to see Graham dead, then head back to Keira's house and speak with her to complete the quest and begin the secondary quest, A Favor for a Friend.

A Favor for a Friend Quest

This is the quest that leads to a Carnal Knowledge Encounter with Keira Metz.
  • Starting Location: Velen
  • Associated Main Quest: Ladies of the Wood
  • Reward: Experience Points,

Upon completing the secondary quest, A Towerful of Mice, agree to help Keira again and this quest begins. Head to the highlighted area on your map, activate your Witcher Senses and search the northern portion of the area to find cart tracks on the ground. There's a Water Hag and several Drowners nearby, so keep your guard up.

Follow the tracks south as they curve around until you reach the cart. Examine all of the red objects here to find the ingredients from the missing transport using your Witcher Senses. There are blood tracks leading away from the cart. Follow the tracks to find a Rotfiend finishing off a merchant nearby. Kill the enemies and loot the merchant to find a letter.

Bring the ingredients to Keira at her hut and speak with her. Agree to have dinner with her, then follow the yellow line and ride to the dinner site. After some dinner conversation, if you agree to more "interesting" affairs, you can use your Witcher Senses to follow a trail of clothing into the woods. You can also make other less inclined choices during the conversation. Whatever you choose, this is the end of the quest and you can now start the secondary quest, For the Advancement of Learning.

Lynch Mob Quest

  • Starting Location: Hangman's Alley (Velen)
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points

Head to the Hangman's Alley fast travel post in western Velen to find that a group of peasants has taken a soldier hostage. You can decide to save the soldier by killing the peasants, or let the peasants have their way with him. Either way, the quest is complete once your decision is made.

Loves Cruel Snares Quest

  • Starting Location: Condyle (Velen)
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points, Crowns

Travel to Condyle and head northwest to find a crying woman. Speak with her and agree to help find her man to begin this quest. Make your way into the woods to the southeast and activate your Witcher Senses to find footprints and hear a barking noise nearby. Follow the trail to find five hounds that need to be dispatched, then examine the body on the ground. Head back and speak with the woman to receive your reward and complete the quest.

A Dog's Life Quest

  • Starting Location: Drudge (Velen)
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points, Crowns, Orens, Diary

Make your way to Drudge and head northwest along the road. As you approach the lake take down the wolves here to save the dog they're attacking. Examine the dog to obtain a key, then follow it down the hill to engage several bandits. Make quick work of them as they will attack the dog and it's important to keep the animal alive if you wish to complete the quest.

When the dog reaches a house, open the door and head inside. Activate your Witcher Senses and examine the floor to find some loose boards. Clear away the boards to find treasure hidden below and complete the quest.

Defender of the Faith II Quest

  • Starting Location: The Mire (Velen)
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points

Head to the Mire and make your way southwest to Duen Hen hill to speak with the crazy lady you find there. Agree to fix the shrines to begin this quest. You need to fix three shrines in total, with the first right here. Head to Crow's Perch to find the second shrine east on the way to Blackbough, with the third shrine located in southwest Velen. Be careful as you make you way because there are much higher level enemies in this area compared to most other places in Velen.

When you get to the third shrine you'll find the gentlemen who are causing so much trouble. You can leave them alone or take them out, but it's recommended to start a fight. Either way, the quest comes to an end after you make a decision.

Witcher 3 For the Advancement of Learning Quest Walkthrough

Be very careful how you speak to Keira here, as it will decide her fate in later quests.
  • Starting Location: Velen
  • Associated Main Quest: Ladies of the Wood
  • Reward: Experience Points

Complete the secondary quest, A Favor for a Friend to begin this quest. Head to Fyke Isle again and make your way to the next waypoint. During the cut scene explain that Keira's plan is suicide, then have her go to Kaer Morhen and mention you'll see her there. Using this dialogue route, Keira will be available when you need her later in the game. If you agree to her plan she will end up dead, and if you refuse to let her take the notes you'll have to fight her. Whatever you choose, this ends the quest.

Highwayman's Cache Quest

  • Starting Location: Crow's Perch (Velen)
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points, Crowns, Diagram

Head to the Crow's Perch fast travel point and continue east (and slightly south) to the Boatmaker's Hut. There's a road here that leads over a bridge and into the Bandits' Camp area. When you're stopped by the bandits you can fight them or choose to show them your medallion and avoid a fight. Either way, after the altercation (or non-altercation), activate your Witcher Senses and examine the area surrounding the campfire by the entrance to the bridge. Follow the footprints to find a chest that contains crowns and a crafting diagram. This completes the quest.

Witcher 3 A Greedy God Quest

  • Starting Location: Velen
  • Associated Main Quest: Ladies in the Woods
  • Reward: Experience Points, Crowns x100

Head to the exclamation point on the map at the structure just south of the Wastrel Manor fast travel marker (northwest of Fyke Isle). Two men are here talking. Speak with them to begin the quest.

Approach the altar and interact with it. After a brief conversation, activate your Witcher Senses and examine the crack on the wall to the right of the altar, and the wine on the ground to the left. Follow the scent of the wine and examine the rumble on the ground to reveal stairs.

Make your way into the crypt below for another cut scene. Demanding that the creature settles for humble offerings is the most lucrative way to end this quest. However, you can choose to kill the monster then loot the body to earn monster saliva, a monster eye, monster hair x2, monster liver, monster heart, grilled pork x5, crowns x23 and hardened leather x4.

You get more crowns and experience points if you demand the creature settles for humble offerings, but you won't get any of the other loot. There is quite a bit of loot in the cellar here, so either way, collect all of that and then head back upstairs and speak with the peasants to complete the quest. Do not inform them of the crypt below or you'll find them dead if you ever come back.

Magic Lamp Quest

You can find a Place of Power during this quest. Should be in one of the side rooms. Hard to miss.
  • Starting Location: Velen
  • Associated Main Quest: Ladies of the Wood
  • Reward: Experience Points

As soon as you complete the main quest, Wandering in the Dark, you begin this secondary quest. Follow Keira into the next room, then search the room using your Witcher Senses and examine the glowing red doorway to see a short cut scene. You need to light the braziers in the correct order or else Wraiths will attack.

  • First: The brazier to the immediate right of the once glowing doorway.
  • Second: The brazier to the immediate left of the doorway.
  • Third: The brazier to the far right of the doorway, to the right of the first brazier.
  • Fourth: The brazier to the far left of the doorway, to the left of the second brazier.

Once all four are lit in the correct order, a passage opens beyond the doorway. Head into the next room to initiate another cut scene. Loot the chest to the right of the monument and pick up the notes on the altar, then turn around and climb up the rocks to the right just before the doorway. This is a place of power. Approach the glowing purple rocks to the left and interact with them to earn an attribute point.

In the room ahead is a Golem. Get your Quen Sign magic ready and keep it activate as often as possible during this battle. Attack the Golem once, then dodge away to avoid its counterattack. If it bends over to form a ball-like shape, move behind it and back away to avoid the attack that follow. At times the Golem will use three consecutive lunging attacks. Dodge to either side to avoid these. Depending on your proximity to the Golem when this happens you may need to dodge multiple times.

Defeat the Golem and then loot body to find monster saliva, a Lesser Stribog runestone and one infused dust. Loot the four chests in room, then look to the right of the stairs to see an archway. Use your Aard Sign magic to remove the stones blocking the passage. Collect the loot inside then head back to the room with the braziers and continue to the south (straight ahead), then up the stairs to the right. Interact with the boulder blocking your path, then head outside to watch another cut scene that completes the quest.

Witcher 3 Deadly Crossing III Quest

  • Starting Location: Crookback Bog (Velen)
  • Associated Main Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience Points, Treasure

Head to the Crookback Bog fast travel point and make your way to the Dragonslayer's Grotto. Continue west to find a group of bandit-like enemies in the nearby woods. Take out all of the enemies here (including a few Nekkers) then search the area for treasure to complete the quest.

You might also want to grab any nekker eyes that are dropped here, as they can be dismantled into monster eyes, a necessary crafting component for some of the armor sets in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Witcher 3 Return to Crookback Bog Quest

If you're not sure how to defeat a fiend, make sure to consult your bestiary and do some reading.
  • Starting Location: Velen
  • Associated Main Quest: Ciri's Story: Out of the Shadows
  • Reward: Experience Points, Crowns x100

Complete the main quest Ciri's Story: Out of the Shadows and agree to help the Baron get his wife back to begin this quest. Fast travel to Downwarren and head to the waypoint on your map. Follow the Baron as you head toward the next waypoint, taking down two groups of Drowners along the way (or rushing ahead and skipping the fights).

You soon find the Baron's wife, but the state you find her in depends on your decisions during the Ladies of the Wood main quest. If you killed the entity in the tree earlier, you'll find the Baron's wife confused, but alive and human. If you helped the entity you'll find the Baron's wife has been turned into a monster of sorts.

Whatever decision you made before, you don't have much time to think about the consequences. You must engage several more Drowners and Water Hags, followed by a large Fiend. The Fiend will focus on the other soldiers, allowing you to attack relentlessly from the side and behind.

If you killed the entity in the previous quest, this quest concludes now. If you helped the entity you must go find Johnny at the next waypoint marked on your map. When you arrive more Drowners and another Water Hag await. Take them out, then interact with the entrance to Johnny's cave.

Activate your Witcher Senses and follow the footprints on the ground, but beware of the hounds from the Wild Hunt, Drowners and Water Hags in the area. At the end of the trail speak to Johnny, who is hiding under a broken wooden structure.

Head back to the village (the next waypoint) for a quick cut scene, then head to the highlighted area and into the house. There's a cellar door to the right. Open it if you haven't already, then head down to the cellar and move toward the altar. You're now tasked with choosing the right doll and you only have one chance. Select the doll with the violet hollyhock bloom to see another cut scene. Head back to Crow's Perch and toward the baron's residence to discover he met a grave end.

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