The Witcher 3: All Act 3 Main Quests - Bald Mountain, Imlerith Boss Battle

The Witcher 3: All Act 3 Main Quests - Bald Mountain, Imlerith Boss Battle

We wrap up the main quest line for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, including endings.

This page will contain all main quests for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Act 3, including Bald Mountain, Final Preparations, Blindingly Obvious, The Great Escape, Payback, Through Time and Space, King Radovid's Quest, Battle Preparations, The Sunstone, Veni Vidi Vigo, Child of the Elder Blood, Skjall's Grave, On Thin Ice, and Tedd Deireadh, and The Final Age.

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Witcher 3 Act 3 Quests Walkthrough Guide

Witcher 3 Bald Mountain Quest Walkthrough

  • Find a way to the mountain’s summit.

Chat with Ciri and walk along the road that has the torches providing its light. Take in the conversation, moving forward until you reach a wise man. You'll be invited to eat with him, at which point you can sit down and enjoy some additional conversation. Feel free to ask about the ceremony, why the gates are closed, as well as the ladies descending to the village.

  • Talk to Thecla and get permission to climb the mountain.

Follow the path through the village as you head north until you meet up with Johnny. If you removed Sarah from the haunted house during Novigrad Dreaming, she will be here as well. If you allowed Sarah to stay in the house, only Johnny is here. Either way, chat with Johnny about how you can get up the mountain, and about the possibility that Imlerith is there.

Make your way across the bridge made of wood and rope, passing some folks waiting for food. Go into the tent on your right where you'll see Thecla, who is judging those that wish to go up the mountain. She will deem Ciri worthy, but not you. Choose any conversation option you want to appeal this, but in order to be deemed worthy you'll have to complete a challenge. Agree to this stipulation.

  • Retrieve the coin Thecla threw in the water.
  • Give the coin to Thecla.

Dive into the water to retrieve the coin. The water is murky and filled with drowners, but your Witcher Senses should help you out here. The coin can be found close to the junction of the dead-end alcove. Grab it and swim to the exit tunnel, then head west towards the pool's exit. Watch out for the fiend that is hanging about in the woods here. Kill the fiend, then climb the steep wooden stairs nearby to get back to Thecla's tent.

  • Travel the path to the peak of Bald Mountain.
  • Defeat Fugas in combat.

Go back across the bridge that's made of wood and rope, then turn east at the petro glyph rock and approach the mountain's interior. You'll be stopped by a beast named Fugas, and he'll tell you that the coin your carry signifies a death sentence. Defeat the beast in combat if you hope to continue your journey forward. When it's dead, play rock, paper, scissors to decide who will fight with who up ahead.

  • Penetrate to the heart of the tree’s roots.

Now in control of Ciri, move along the tunnel until you reach a gap in the rocks that leads to a pool. Dive in and swim to the southwest, then surface and climb onto the nearby bank. Make your way into the crones' cavern, where three maidens are busy stirring a stew of sacrificial body parts. Speak with them, and when the time is right use your finest combat skills to send them to their graves. It's not an easy fight, so be sure to brush up on Ciri's abilities, such as teleporting to avoid the heavy hits of the crones.

  • Find Imlerith.
  • Kill Imlerith.

Now playing as Geralt, follow the path up Bald Mountain. When you reach the peak, take the wooden bridge and climb up some rock ledges to find a large fire, as well as Imlerith himself. He'll ask about Ciri, and lying is of no use. You might as well tell the truth and inform him that she's there.

Before you fight Imlerith, be sure to mediate, also taking note that he is weak to the following.

  • Potion: Golden Oriole
  • Sign: Aard
  • Bomb: Grapeshot
  • Oil: Draconid

Although he looks slow, Imlerith is actually quite agile. You should use any potion that will help you stay alive, such as Tawny, Owl, Swallow, Full Moon and Blizzard. You must also roll out of the way of his mace, as it cannot be blocked. In addition, he will block everything you throw at him, unless you evade and then strike, or strike at the precise moment that he himself is winding up, beating him to the punch with some fast attacks. If you mess up the timing of the latter, expect to pay a price.

When Imlerith teleports he will gain a frost coating for his armor. You should try to burn this off using your Igni Sign, but it is also possible to knock it aside using repeated attacks. When you lower Imlerith's vitality to 20 percent, he will toss his shield down in anger and go for a full-attack with his mace. Again, you cannot block this, so do your best to simply roll out of the way and make him miss. When Imlerith takes a massive overhead swing and gets his mace stuck in the ground, deliver a heavy attack to him and get out of the way, as the general will recover almost immediately. From here you need to continue to be patient, choosing your openings when they present themselves, and never forcing the fight when he is furious.

After Imlerith is dead, chat with Ciri and she'll remark that the two of you should meet up with Yennefer and Triss in Novigrad. Tell her you're not quite ready to go, then loot Imlerith's body and retrieve an acorn. Two villagers will ask about it, which you can give them, or you can keep it, eat it, and gain an additional two skill points. Either way, this is the conclusion of the quest.

Witcher 3 Final Preparations Quest Walkthrough

This quest will play out differently depending on some of the decisions you made in previous main and secondary quests. We aren't really about spoilers here, and none of the variables will impact the way the game ends for Ciri or Geralt, so we won't be telling you about them. Besides, all of the decisions were made in previous quests, so it's too late for you to change the outcome now. You should simply enjoy the consequences of your actions. We're only here to help you get through this quest, which is actually quite easy.

Most of this quest is going to be about conversation and setting up a few follow-up quests. In other words, this is a tracking quests, meaning that the next few quests will fall into this one, although under their own names. When this quest ends, you'll be able to begin Blindingly Obvious, The Great Escape, and Payback.

Witcher 3 Blindingly Obvious Quest Walkthrough

  • Talk to Triss.
  • Go to the bathhouse with Triss.

Head up the stairs and talk to Triss, she'll ask you to go to the bathhouse with her, and if you let Keira Metz go to meet Radovid during For the Advancement of Learning, you'll be able to take part in the secondary quest, A Final Kindness. However, for now you should head straight to Passiflora so that you can continue this quest.

  • Look for Philippa in the bathhouse.
  • Catch Philippa Eilhart.

Head to the southwest with Triss, passing by St. Gregory's Bridge, down the stone battlements and to the bathhouse that is located underneath. You'll see Dijkstra's men fleeing the entrance, which is a good reason for you to go inside and see what the commotion is about. You'll find Dijkstra inside, and you'll have to fight his men due to some a little brainwashing.

Run east and into the steam bath chamber, dropping into the drained pool. You'll end up in a cellar where you'll have to take on two more henchmen. Take care of them, then tell Bart that you are there to save Philippa so he'll allow you to pass. Head north, then east and down the tunnel, then to the west where you'll find a large chamber with a balcony. Philippa is standing on that balcony.

  • Sneak up on Philippa without making too much noise.

As you might expect, Philippa doesn't believe that you're there to help you, and she sends a golem to make your left difficult. You'll have to use a combination of sword play and Signs to take this creature out, as well as dodge the columns of energy that Philippa continues to summon to harm you.

After you deal with the golem, you need to sneak up on Philippa. She sees using sound, meaning that if you can remain quiet you can get close to her. Keep your pace down to a walk, then go up the stone steps toward the upper balcony. Jump across the gap, then move clockwise until you are close enough to leap and bring her down.

This will bring forward a chat with Philippa, and then you'll be confronted by Dijkstra. Be pleasant with him to be let through, or push him out of the way if you're in a bad mood. Either way, Triss will meet you at the Bathhouse entrance, and if you previously agreed to help with the assassination of King Radovid, you will have the Reason of State secondary quest available.

Witcher 3 The Great Escape Quest Walkthrough

  • Talk to Yennefer.
  • Catch the runaway.

Make your way across Novigrad in search of a place called Crippled Kate's. You'll find Yennefer sitting at one of the tables, and she'll ask you who's idea it was to kill Imlerith. You can respond how you'd like, and the conversation will continue forward.

After a man enters the brothel, Geralt will question him, prompting the man to flee. Exit Crippled Kate's on the canal side and run east along the edge. There are two ways that you can capture this man.

  • Run in a straight line and tackle him.
  • Quickly using Aard on him, causing him to trip.
  • Follow him until Yennefer stops him with magic.

After heading back to Crippled Kate's, chat with Faria until he takes off, at which point Yennefer will tell you to meet her at the bridge in Oxenfurt. You may want to meet up with Zoltan, telling him you're after some beer for the prison break. If you helped the mages escape Novigrad during Now or Never, he will not assist. If you didn't help the mages, he'll agree to help you.

  • Meet Yennefer at the bridge into Oxenfurt.

Head along the Pontar river to reach the outskirts of Oxenfurt. Follow the road to avoid any issues, passing through the Novigrad Gate to meet up with Yennefer. If Zoltan is with you he will be ready with the beer.

  • Enter the prison through the well.
  • Search the ruins.
  • Find the missing part of the mechanism using your Witcher Senses.
  • Repair the mechanism and open the doors.

Follow Yennefer to the well and jump in, taking the device that Yennefer hands you. You'll want to activate it when you find Margarita. Surface, then swim to the northeast and climb into and old elven sanctuary. Make your way to the southeast and into chamber where you'll find a grave hag. She's guarding a stone archway with a broken lever, something that you should take mental note of when it becomes a related objective.

Swim down the corridor to the northeast, then climb up and into tunnel that curves to the left. Enter a chamber with three drowners, killing them and searching the lever mechanism on the wall. It would seem that the lever might come in handy in a moment.

Head through the archway to the southwest and into a water logged room. Turn southeast, going across a stone bridge with a pile of bones on it. You'll make your way back into the chamber where the grave hag was, and you can now use the mechanism to open the stone door.

  • Enter the sewers.
  • Find the sorceress Margarita.

Turn left and move toward a sketchy looking brick wall. Use Aard to bust it apart, then hop into the sewers to do battle with three ghouls and a necrophage. The gated tunnel is a dead-end, so instead move east and then northeast, making your way upstream. Turn to your right and enter a dirty tunnel to the south, which turns out to be the body chute. Climb up the bloody ledge to find yourself in the torture chamber. If Zoltan arrived with the beer, there is nobody here for you to have to be concerned with. If Zoltan isn't there you will have to kill two witch hunters.

Open the southwest door and climb the wooden stairs, passing through another door and into the main prison level. You'll have to deal with a few more witch hunters (there will be less if Zoltan brought the booze), defeating them before going further into the cell block.

Access the grating along the main corridor, just across from the door you entered from. Margarita will look up from her cell. If Sile de Tancarville survived during The Witcher 2, she is also there.

  • Get the key.
  • Search the commander’s body and find the key to the cell door.
  • Open the cell.

If Zoltan helped you (we really hope that he did), exit the northeast door and go up a wooden set of stairs. Outside at the prison grounds you'll see some drunken guards, but you should be able to move past them as long as you don't get too close. Go up the stairs to the Prison Commander's Office, killing him and taking the key that you need. If Zoltan is not with you, you're in for a hell of a battle against up to a dozen guards. It could even be more, so you'll want to make sure to tie those boots tight before you kick things off.

With the key in hand, go back and open Margarita to get free, then use your summoning device to get Yennefer to arrive by portal. She'll leave you to continue your work, so head back to the courtyard and take care of anyone who remains. If Zoltan is with you, he'll be in the courtyard waiting for you, at which point you can accept a ride back to Novigrad, concluding this quest. If Zoltan is not present you'll have to make your own way out, either through a broken section of the western wall, or by retracing your steps into the sewers and exiting through a house.

Witcher 3 Payback Quest Walkthrough

  • Help Ciri take care of her business in Novigrad (Final Preparations).
  • Follow Ciri to find Whoreson Junior (Payback).

Make your way to Gildorf Square, where you can find Ciri busy negotiating the price of a small trinket. She’s looking to visit a few pals from the past. Agree to let her lead the way, then head out of the square to find Whoreson Junior.

If you killed Junior during the Main Quest: Get Junior, then follow Ciri over to Temple Isle. Here she’ll reveal that you are going to meet with Whoreson Junior. If you want to, object, but Ciri wants to verify your claim that he is dead. Follow her to Whoreson’s hideout, where you’ll be greeted by two henchmen at the front door.

You have two choices. Either:

  • Use Axii (Delusion Level 3) and convince them to let you in.
  • Fight, or draw your weapon. As you fight the henchman, Ciri will warn you of an impending attack. At the mention of your name they will back off, claiming it was a misunderstanding, and let you inside.

Continue following Ciri until you reach the top of the building and find that Whoreson Junior is miraculously alive. After a few choice insults are thrown at the two, Ciri has had enough and tells you to finish what you started. At this point, the roughneck brute Whoreson Junior turns into a scared shell of a man claiming that he’s Dudu, the gang’s doppelganger friend.

If you don’t believe him you can ask him about something that only Dudu would know. Once you’re sure, he explains why he’s pretending to be Whoreson. Turns out that Dudu has turned Whoreson’s business around and entered the legitimate area of the market. Profits have tripled, and he’s sure he won’t be found out by the blathering henchmen in his hire. Share your goodbyes and it’s time to move on to the next objective at hand.

If you let Whoreson Junior live during the Main Quest: Get Junior, then follow Ciri to the Bits district of Novigrad. Here she’ll search for Junior. This will lead you and your ward down a narrow alleyway, where a group of children are busy harassing a slumped drunken man. Shortly after, you discover that it’s Whoreson Junior, and Ciri advises that his punishment is more than enough for the sins he committed. Bid him farewell, and move on.

  • Follow Ciri.

Move eastward, following your ward until you reach the Golden Sturgeon. Head inside the tavern to find three shady citizens harassing a waitress. Step in to turn their attention to Geralt, and then make your conversation choice:

  • Tell them to “Leave on your own” and Ciri will back you up with a little story of your witcher’s reputation. The criminals retreat, leaving the tavern alone.
  • Tell them “Or I’ll throw you out” and you face off against the trio. Defeat them easily and quickly to move the story on.

After you’ve cleared the thugs from the tavern, Ciri will speak to Bea and give her the trinket you saw her buying earlier. The tavern owner seems pretty taken with Geralt, however, you refuse a meal of slaughtered piglet in order to help Ciri with one final task.

  • Follow Ciri.
  • Talk to Valdo.

Follow your ward through the southern area of Novigrad, and out beyond the gates. As you walk she’ll recall her time in the city, and after leaving the Portside Gate you’ll stumble across a small carnival’s camp along the Pontar River. Ciri finds Valda, and runs to greet him and his pal Aegar. You’ll be introduced, then Geralt will pick up on the slight tension between Valdo and Aegar. Offer up coin and Valda will refuse, instead offering to take part in a race. You can either accept the challenge (the winner gets the coin) or decline and skip it.

  • Take part in the race (Optional).

Race along the Pontar and then back around the road. The horse race will take about 40 seconds overall if you’re constantly galloping with your horse. No matter the outcome of the race, Ciri insists the coin be given to Valdo.

After the entire ordeal, Valdo pleads with the two to stay for wine. They agree, and hours fly by, and darkness descends upon the city. Aegar returns shortly after, unable to obtain any horses. He asks you to help him steal some. Either:

  • Agree, and you automatically arrive at the chosen stables in the city.
  • Refuse, and Aegar becomes angry. He challenges you to a fistfight, and no matter the outcome you are both banished from the camp and return to the Rosemary and Thyme in Novigrad.
  • Sneak into the stables.
  • Use your Witcher Sense to find a way to open the stable doors from the inside.

With Aegar on lookout, climb onto the nearby shed and then onto the roof. Move to the small platform ahead of you, then drop into the stables via the ladder nearby. Use your Witcher Sense, and sneak towards the sleeping guard near the back door. The key is on the table across from him.

  • Calm the horses with the Axii Sign (3).

If you make too much noise while in the stable the horses will grow restless and panic. This will wake up the guard, and you’ll have to take him down, then calm the horses with Axii before opening the door. Once you’ve grabbed the key and opened the door, Aegar and Ciri enter the stable, and you all ride out with horses in tow.

Ciri recalls the events with joy back at the camp, and you can either agree or disagree with the whole thing. Either way, Ciri will head off to meet you back at Dandelion’s tavern, and the quest will conclude.

Witcher 3 Final Preparations (Continued) Quest Walkthrough

  • Meet Yennefer and the Lodge of Sorceresses at Dandelion’s Inn.

You’re about to make the third of the five most important decisions you’ll make in your quest. This decision will have a massive effect on the Ending, and will decide Ciri’s fate. Choose +1 for the positive choice, and -1 for the negative choice.

Once you arrive back at the Rosemary and Thyme you’ll find Ciri waiting at the top of the first set of stairs. Speak with her to find out that the Lodge wishes to talk to her, and then make your decision from the following two choices. Remember, these choices have dire effects on Ciri’s fate, and the Ending of the game.

  • Choose to remain on the landing. You’ll spend the duration of the conversation spying through a peephole with Yennefer, and Ciri will face the Lodge alone. This choice will confirm your belief that Ciri can handle things herself, and will greatly improve her confidence. +1
  • Accompany Ciri into the meeting, and back up her arguments and thoughts during the conversation. This will undermine her confidence, as you will spend the majority of the conversation speaking for her. -1

Ciri receives an invitation to join the Lodge as their partner. She reveals that Avallac’h has been training her, and that he is responsible for any and all of her magical advancements. She leaves the meeting dismayed, and Yennefer advises you to check on Avallac’h. This quest will continue to track your progress, however, the Main Quest: Through Time and Space begins.

Witcher 3 Through Time and Space Quest Walkthrough

  • Talk to Avallac’h (Final Preparations).

Head up to the highest level of the Rosemary and Thyme, and enter the Ruby Suite to find Avallac’h resting on the bed. Speak with him to learn that he is happy you’ve defeated Imlerith, however, there are two more generals you need to take care of before facing Eredin. The first, Caranthir, is a loyalist to the end. The second, however, an elf named Ge’els was outstandingly loyal to the former king, and has no idea that Eredin killed him. He proposes that you and he travel to the land of Aen Elle and speak with Ge’els to reveal the truth. You can either meditate and head there later, or continue straight into the quest alongside Avallac’h.

  • Follow Avallac’h.

Trail behind the mysterious elf until you reach a house in Novigrad that you probably recognize from your earlier adventures. The dwelling is the home of Rudolf de Jonkheer, and is also the home that Sarah, the little Godling, lived in until the banker came along. Follow Avallac’h into the home, then down through the trapdoor to the cellar. Here you’ll find a crack in the wall. Remove it using your Aard Sign, then head forward when you’re prepared to move on.

If you allowed Sarah the Godling to remain in this house at the end of Main Quest: Novigrad Dreaming, then you can speak with both her, and the dreamer Corrine Tilly. This isn’t a requirement of the quest, however.

  • Find the next passage.
  • Wait until the passage opens.
  • Kill the monsters.

After entering the portal that Avallac’h led you to, you’ll arrive in a bright, and desolate desert landscape. Welcome to the Ddiddiwedht Desert. As you continue moving forward, always following Avallac’h, you’ll be informed that this world was once a gigantic ocean. You’ll reach the next portal without incident, however, while you wait for it to activate, giant Sandcrabs arrive and attack.

Fight them as best you can, making use of your Igni, and Quen Signs. You can’t beat them all, so your only goal this moment is to survive long enough for the portal to open to the next world. Once it opens, and Avallac’h tells you to, move through the portal and into the next world.

  • Find the next passage.

You arrive in an even stranger world than the last. Instead of bright desert sands, you’re greeted by bright and colorful lichen-covered rock formations. Looks like Avallac’h was transported somewhere else, so head along the ledge to your left. You should spot the next passage off in the distance, however, don’t go barreling for it just yet.

The terrifying thing about this new land is the bright vapors floating above the ground. This gas is poisonous, and will whittle down Geralt’s health as he moves through it. Your best bet is to find a safer route to the passageway.

Continue heading to your left (which just so happens to be east), and climb up onto the plateau ahead. Drop down to the next area, and run southeastwardly to find another ledge. Climb up onto it to catch your breath.

Now move south, running with the portal visible ahead of you. After a few steps, twist to your right and down the slope. Quickly sprint through the edge of this area, then climb up onto the other side to find a safe ledge to stop the poison. Look to the southwest now, and run through the reeds and poison. Don’t worry, you’re almost through! Climb up the three ledges ahead, then dash forward into the portal and out of this poison-filled nightmare.

  • Find the next passage.

Sadly, the world you step into isn’t much better than the last. Instead of poisonous gas clouds, now you’ll be faced with the biting wind of an eternal chill. Rush forward, out of the cavern you arrive in, and use Igni to melt the ice in your path. To stay alive in this area you’re going to need to stay out of the wind as much as possible. Turn northwest of the cave exit, and sprint to the rocky alcove with the X marked in the rock.

Once your health is back to normal, sprint forward and out of the alcove. Time to find your next piece of shelter. Look to your left, northward, to spot a ruined wall of stones. Dash over to it, then continue moving around the corner and down the slope to the east. This will place you behind an outcropping of rock. Face north once more, and then slide into the half-buried house ahead. Once you reach the bottom Geralt will notice a lit fire atop the lighthouse below. Time to see how’s lit the signal.

  • Get to the lighthouse

Immediately sprint downward towards the lighthouse. Unfortunately, there aren’t any rooftops wide enough to stop the wind, so set your sights on the open door at the bottom of the slope. Once you reach it, enter, and then drop to the bottom floor below. There are two hounds from the Wild Hunt nearby, so take them out, heal yourself at the nearby fire, and then continue heading northwest into the next open door.

Once you’re rested again, sprint out and into the open window of the building just ahead and to your left. Climb inside, and grab the notes from the kitchen you find inside. Read them to learn more about what happened to this village.

You’re almost done dodging the cold, however, there are just a few more stops to make along the way. Sprint northward again, and through the open door ahead. Keep moving forward, past the long-dead trees, and all the way up to a half-buried wall and a set of stairs leading up to a guard’s tower. Move through the tower, and out to the other side, stopping long enough to grab the diary beside a skeleton.

Once you have the diary (it’s just an additional item you can find, so ignore if it you aren't interested), head through the gap in the wall to your left, and move down the slope to the foot of the lighthouse. Three hounds from the Wild Hunt will attack, so take a moment to fight them off, and be sure to light any of the nearby campfires to regenerate your health. Once they are dead, head across the remaining landscape to the lighthouse, and move inside to find Avallac’h waiting.

  • Travel to the next world.
  • Talk to Ge’els.

Speak to Avallac’h, and learn that this lighthouse is familiar to Geralt. With this realization Avallac’h discusses your time with the Red Riders, and how this is where you fought Eredin’s projection. Ask him any of the questions you want, and then when you’re ready, tell him it’s time to go, and follow him through the portal.

You arrive in a grand arched hallway of the Palace of Awakening, also known as Tir Na Lia. Move forward into the gardens area, and follow Avallac’h to where Ge’els is painting. Interrupt his art, and he will offer you a drink. Accept or deny, depending on your preference, and continue to answer however you see fit until Ge’els agrees to travel with you back to the world of the Aen Seidhe.

Ciri awaits your arrival back at the Rosemary and Thyme, and with Corrine Tilly in tow, the stage is set for the big reveal. Ge’els tries to sow a bit of friendly animosity between Ciri and her elven mentor, however, the roots don’t catch, and the Viceroy agrees to witness the dream state.

Wait for the vision to play out, and then when you awaken Ge’els stands near the window, thinking the reveal over. He then tells you to travel to Skellige and find the Sunstone. He advises you that you can summon the Naglfar, and Eredin using the magical artifact. The quest will conclude once Avallac’h returns from Ge’els world, and you’ve made known your concerns. Then the final plan to draw Eredin out is put into motion.

Witcher 3 Battle Preparations Quest Walkthrough

The options available within this quest will vary depending on your choices in conversations and conflicts leading up to it. The ruler of Skellige, and the interactions available in Kaer Trolde are chief among these changes.

Due to the value of choices, and the consequences that they play in the world of The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, this quest may feature some varying interactions and goals. We've listed the choices that determine these changes below.

  • Secondary Quest: King’s Gambit: If you completed the mission alongside Cerys, then she is the new ruler.
  • Secondary Quest: King’s Gambit: If you completed the mission alongside Hjamar, he is the islands’ new ruler.
  • Secondary Quest: King’s Gambit: If you ignored the quest altogether, then Svanrige Bran became the new ruler of Skellige.

The decisions listed above define how the first part of the Main Quest: Sunstone plays out. This is mostly determined by which family - An Craite or Bran - currently holds the throne.

Depending on your romantic involvements, you may have more or less flirtatious options available within conversations.

  • If you wooed Triss Merigold in the Secondary Quest: Now or Never (and aren’t romantically involved with Yennefer), then your relationship grows.
  • If you wooed Yennefer of Vengerberg during the Secondary Quest: Last Wish (and aren’t romantically involved with Triss), then your love continues to blossom.
  • If you’ve tried to woo both women, or refused to become involved with either, there are no more chances to be romantically involved with anyone.
  • Find the Sunstone
  • Pick Fringilla up on the Emperor’s ship.

It’s been a few days since the events of the Main Quest: Through Time and Space transpired, and Geralt arrives in Skellige with Triss, Yennefer, and Ciri aboard a ship with Avallac’h, and the remainder of the Lodge of Sorceresses in tow. Yen releases a raven and discovers the Imperial Fleet moored off the coast, and after quite a few conversations you learn that:

  • Yennefer wants to extricate Fringilla Vigo from the Emperor’s ship. She can’t teleport onboard, and Triss’s plan to assault the fleet is suicide. This leaves you with one option, to board the armada during the night, and deliver a letter detailing the Lodge’s dealings with the Emperor to remind him of his promise. This begins Main Quest: Veni Vidi Vigo.
  • Ciri wishes to find the Sunstone. This is a powerful magical artifact, crafted by the Mountain Elves so they could summon the vessels of Aen Elle. Sadly, you don’t have much information to go on about the Sunstone, so you’ll need to speak with Ermion, as he’s the most likely to have any clues of the artifacts whereabouts.

Main Quest: Battle Preparations continues from here on out as a tracking quest, and will update with some objectives as you complete the missions which follow.

Witcher 3 The Sunstone Quest Walkthrough

  • Ask Crach where Ermion is (Optional).
  • Talk to Ermion.

The beginning of this quest depends on the decisions you made in previous quests.

  • If either of the An Craite siblings, Cerys or Hjalmar, sit upon the throne, then continue down Path 1.
  • If the Bran boy, Svanrige, is the new ruler of Skellige then you’ll need to follow Path 2.


Head up the stairs of the lookout just beside your ship in Kaer Trolde Harbor. At the top you’ll find Crach An Craite waiting, his eyes scanning the horizon beyond the harbor. Ask him where Ermion is, and he’ll reveal that Madman Lugos is causing some problems, and that Ermion is visiting him to try to calm things down. Grab Roach, or a boat, and head down to Holmstein’s Port, which is located to the south of Ard Skellig.

Make your way around the island and up the hill to Kaer Muire. Inside you find Ermion and Lugos deep in debate concerning the throne, and political things like treason. You can either accuse the Nilfgaardian of treason, or side with him, it makes no difference. In the end he’s just another crazed-mad man looking to fuel his own agendas. From here he orders his men to attack, and you’ll need to fight your way out of the keep, and then meet up with Ermion back down the mountain after the battle is over.


Make your way up the mountain to the bridge into Kaer Trolde. Cross it and enter the keep to immediately be greeted by Jarl Donar, who is upset about the nature of the negotiations between the Skellige King and the Emperor’s emissary. Speak with him how you wish, and when you’re done, ask to see Ermion.

You’ll be ushered into the feast hall, where Lady Birna and King Svanrige are busy negotiating with the Imperial Emissary. They speak on, Crach makes a snide remark, and once the conversation has come to an end, King Svanrige turns, and thrusts his axe into the emissary’s chest. This starts a fight with the Imperial bodyguards, and you’ll need to fight them off to end this segment of the quest.


After the battle speak with Ermion and ask him about the Sunstone. He’ll advise you that he doesn’t know much about the artifact, and that he’s never actually found it. He’ll make a few remarks about your wanting it, then tell you about a bard named Eyvind, and a pearl diver named Matthias Fish Lung. Time to have a chat with these fine blokes.

  • Talk to the bard known as Eyvind.
  • Return to Yennefer.

Once you’ve spoken to Ermion make your way down to the western tip of Ard Skellig, and enter the village of Arinbjorn. Here, hanging out along the coast, you’ll find the bard that Ermion mentioned. Speak with the man to find that he is watching for a fabled white whale. Choose to watch for the whale together, and during the conversation it will surface. You can:

  • Try to tell him, but the whale will vanish back into the depths before he can see it.
  • Just ignore it, and he’ll never spot the animal.

Tell him about the elven ruins, and you’ll lie and say that it’s for research. After this he’ll question your topic of research. Respond with either:

  • A treatise on the Aen Seidhe with Ermion as your tutor. – Eyvind doesn’t believ you, and distrusts you, refusing to give up the location. You’ll now need to talk to Matthias Fish Lung.
  • An adventure novel. – Eyvind grows excited, and offers one of his song translations for use. Agree to use the song and he tells you about the ruins. You can now return to Yennefer at the port to continue this quest.
  • Find and talk to the pearl diver.
  • Return to Yennefer.

Make your way over to Eldberg Isle. You can travel via horse, or boat. Once you arrive locate the nearby pearl diver’s boat, and then dive into the sea beside it. Swim down and locate the cave entrance hidden underwater, and swim into the opening.

Inside you’ll find Matthias looting the corpse of a Nilfgaardian soldier. Ask him about the corpses, then move on to the elven ruins once you’ve learned everything you want to know. He explains where the ruins are, that they can only be accessed from the sea. A group of Drowners attack, and once they are dead it’s time to return to Yennefer and continue this quest.

  • Find out if Avallac’h is hiding something (Battle Preparations).
  • Sneak onto the Emperor’s flagship under cover of darkness (Veni Vidi Vigo).
  • Meet Philippa in the elven ruins (The Sunstone.)
  • Travel to the island where Avallac’h’s laboratory is located (Child of the Elder Blood).

At this point you can complete the objectives above in any order you choose, however, in order to limit confusion we suggest you complete them in the following order.

  • Hop aboard the boat in Kaer Trolde Harbor and speak to Avallac’h. (Main Quest: Battle Preparations).
  • Complete Main Quest: Veni Vidi Vigo.
  • Complete Main Quest: The Sunstone.
  • Complete Main Quest: Child of the Elder Blood.

Witcher 3 Battle Preparations (Continued) Quest Walkthrough

  • Find out if Avallac’h is hiding something.

Climb aboard the boat harbored in Kaer Trolde Harbor and speak to Avallac’h. The goal is to find out if he is hiding anything, which you can complete by asking him and of the questions offered in the conversation. The most important question, however, is ‘How’s Margarita?’. Asking this question will spark Avallac’h final answer. He tells you that she is feeling better, but the sooner Eredin is brought here, and dealth with, the better things will be.

This objective is completely optional, but should be completed if you wish to dig into the story as much as possible.

Witcher 3 Veni Vidi Vigo Quest Walkthrough

  • Sneak onto the Emperor’s flagship under cover of darkness.

Emperor Emhyr’s fleet is anchored just off the coast of Undvik Isle. Make your way over to the island, or just Fast Travel to the Marlin Coast marker if you have it unlocked. Once you can see the fleet from your position, Meditate, or wait until nightfall. Once darkness blankets the world, dive into the frigid waters and swim into the fleet. Be careful to avoid the lights and lanterns positioned around each ship, and look out for the hull of a boat with an anchor sticking out.

If you get spotted by the boats, simply dive underwater to avoid the arrows they throw at you. Once you’ve boarded the ship, Geralt will surrender, and pass a letter off to the Emperor. He’ll put up with your blatant disrespect for now. If you didn’t take Ciri to see him before taking on Imlerith, then he asks where she is, and grows infuriated at your response. Fringilla will be freed by the soldiers, and she’ll craft up a portal to take you back to Kaer Trolde.

Witcher 3 The Sunstone (Continued) Quest Walkthrough

  • Meet Philippa in the elven ruins.
  • Explore the elven ruins with Philippa Eilhart.
  • Exterminate the monsters.

Grab a boat and travel along the northernmost coast of Ard Skellig to the place marked on your map. Hop out of the boat, and walk up the stairs here to meet up with Philippa, and begin the quest. She’ll remove the illusion from the door, and then you’ll need to head inside. Simply follow Philippa through a winding tunnel and into a large cavern to find a Siren and a group of Drowners.

Take out the enemies, then continue up the stairs by the statue to a gap in the stairs. Philippa will fix the path, allowing you to move forward. Keep heading forward into the next area where you’ll need to take on a golem. Once the oversized creature is down, continue up more steps, and follow Philippa to a large ornate door. She’ll present her own blood as the toll, and the door will open.

Continue through the next room, and listen to Philippa’s conversation. Answer however you want, then she’ll shoot a burst of light into a huge crystal in the ceiling. After the thing lights up she orders you to start shifting mirrors.

  • Set up the mirror system properly.
  • Examine the Sunstone.

There are three mirrors in the room. In order to position each mirror you only need to pull the levers placed along their backs one time. Head around the room, careful of any ghouls who might spawn up, and reposition the mirrors. Once they’ve been completed repositioned, head up to the place where the Sunstone spawns in. Speak to Philippa, and then talk to you again, this time suggesting that she be allowed to supplant Yeneffer as the Emperor’s advisor. Make your choice of answers, then the quest will conclude and you’ll need to head to the island where Avallac’h was seen last.

Witcher 3 Child of the Elder Blood Quest Walkthrough

  • Travel to the island where Avallac’h’s laboratory is located.
  • Talk to Yennefer.
  • Wait for the door to open.
  • Neutralize the golem.

Take a quick look at your World Map, and locate the island that Ciri marked. Head over that way using a boat, and locate the entrance to a cave in the center of the island.

Time to head inside, as Yennefer and Ciri await you just ahead. Yen’s attempt to remove the magical barrier is a success, but it also activates one of the golems set to guard the door. Take the golem out using your Silver sword and powers, then once it is down, head forward into Avallac’h’s laboratory. Ciri and Yen find several sketches of the young woman, indicating that Avallac’h’s interest in Ciri is more than just to protect her.

  • Explore Avallac’h’s laboratory using your Witcher Senses.
  • Talk to Yennefer.
  • Talk to Ciri.
  • Search the laboratory using your Witcher Senses.
  • Meet Ciri outside the laboratory.

Using your Witcher Senses you find:

  • Some sweets and candy. Speak to Yenneffer to learn that someone else was just in the chamber.
  • A hairbrush rests atop a table, indicating that this is more than just a lab.

Make your way down the stairs and into the lower chamber of the laboratory. Here you find:

  • Perfume sitting on a desk, next to a mirror. You can talk to Ciri about it.
  • You also notice an overly large genealogical chart adorning the arched wall in this chamber. It would appear Avallac’h has been analyzing the bloodline of Lara Dorren, and the Elder Blood for generations in order to track down the Children of the Elder Blood.

Once you’ve found the chart, turn around and beeline for the door in the opposite wall. Enter to meet Avalac’h’s lover and after a brief bout of conversation she ends up calling Ciri a half-breed degenerate. You also learn some other stuff about Avallac’h, but we won’t spoil the details for you.

You’re about to make the fourth of the five most important choices you will make in The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. Remember that these choices will affect the end game, and Ciri’s fate. Choose +1 for the positive choice, and -1 for the negative choice. Ciri is upset and wishes to pillage Avallac’h’s laboratory in her anger. You can choose:

  • ‘Go for it’. Geralt pushes over a bottle, and a mass wave of destruction unfolders. Ciri becomes stronger. +1
  • ‘Calm down’. Geralt calms Ciri down, and then fastens Lara Dorren’s necklace around her neck. Ciri leaves the lab, but she becomes weakened in her resolve to save the world. -1

Outside the lab Ciri tells you she wants to go see Skjall, the boy who saved her from the Wild Hunt when they attacked Lofoten. Yennefer shares the bad news that he is dead, and filled with sorrow, Ciri asks you to visit his grave with her. You are about to make the fifth and final choice of the game’s most important decisions. This choice will affect the end game, and Ciri’s fate. Remember that +1 is the positive choice, and -1 is the negative choice.

  • ‘Yeah, I’ll go with you.’ Geralt encourages Ciri to share her final goodbye with Skjall, and you head to Hindarsfjall with the help of one of Yen’s portals. Ciri’s resolve grows stronger. +1
  • ‘No time.’ Geralt tells Ciri there just isn’t time to deal with this right now. Ciri’s resolve grows weaker, and you all head back to the ship to face the Wild Hunt. -1

Witcher 3 Skjall’s Grave Quest Walkthrough

  • Help Ciri confront her Past (Battle Preparations).

If you choose the positive choice at the end of the Main Quest: Child of the Elder Blood, you travel to Hindarsfjall with Ciri (or by yourself) and search for the craven, Skjall, but are unable to find his grave in the village cemetery. After a little searching, you find his corpse, discarded in the same pit as the corpses of the village’s dead animals. Ciri buries him, and a group of villagers arrive to scorn her for the act.

During the conversation you can:

  • Tell them to quiet down.
  • Remind them that their laws don’t bind you.

No matter your choice, Ciri grows angry and punches one of the villagers in the mouth, and advises them that anyone who touches Skjall’s grave will have to answer to her. The grave is left alone, and you can return to the ship in Kaer Trolde, with Ciri or on your own, and this quest comes to a close.

Witcher 3 Battle Preparations (Concluded) Quest Walkthrough

  • Let Avallac’h know everything is ready

Once you’ve completed all the quests under this banner, head back to the ship and speak with Avallac’h. You can advise him that everything is ready, and also ask him a few questions, including any you haven’t asked yet. You can:

  • Ask about the Sunstone. Confide in Avallac’h about your worry that Eredin will see through the ruse and attack Ciri and him along the shore. He’ll tell you the signal can be moved so that Eredin can’t figure it out, and that there are other artifacts that could have been used.
  • Ask about his lab. He’ll confide that his work isn’t important anymore, and at the mention of the she-elf he’ll quiet down, and shut you out.
  • Tell him that everything is good to go, and the ship will sail to Undvik where the final preparations are underway. This will begin Main Quest: On Thin Ice, and you won’t have time to Meditate or craft any potions. If you’d like to do so, instead choose to meet him there.

This will conclude the Battle Preparations quest line, and move on to the next Main Quest: On Thin Ice.

Witcher 3 On Thin Ice Quest Walkthrough

  • Join Avallac’h and the sorceresses on Undvik.

Once you’re ready to take on Eredin and the Wild Hunt, head over to Marlin Coast on Undvik Isle. Here you will find the Lodge of Sorceresses and Avallac’h planning for battle. The coven will include Margarita, Triss (if she didn’t leave for Kovir with the other mages), Philippa, Fringilla, and Yennefer. Ciri watches them all from the side, a look of displeasure across her face. Avallac’h explains the plan to activate the Sunstone, wait for the Naglfar to arrive, then the witches will keep the ship from escaping back to Aen Elle. At this point you’ll have to move in to take down Caranthir and Eredin, all while Ciri watches from the sidelines. Once the conversation ends you can:

  • Join Avallac’h now, heading to battle immediately.
  • Join Avallac’h later, look around the camp, listen to the soldiers, and finish up any final preparations for the big battle ahead. Once you’re ready, join him on the ship at the nearby pier.
  • Defeat Caranthir

The Sunstone is activated, and the Naglfar arrives. The witches do their part, holding it in our world. The ship you’re on begins to move toward the Wild Hunt, however, a spell is cast and the water freezes. You set off with a group of soldiers across the ice.

Meanwhile, Avallac’h senses the trap back on shore. He tells Ciri they need to leave, but she refuses to run anymore. Unable to convince her to leave, Avallac’h insists she find the mage casting the spell and break his staff. She advises him that she’ll do much more than that, and sets off to save Geralt and the others.

Playing as Ciri you need to make sure to utilize all of her abilities from Blink to Charge, and all the way back to the default dodge that she has. She is a powerful swordswoman, and her skills are really unmatchable. Make your way through the ice covered sea towards your objective, which turns out to be Caranthir. You face off against him as Ciri, bringing his health down with your attacks. After a bout of fighting you’re knocked to the ground, and just as Caranthir moves to finish you off, you blink away.

In the distance Geralt manages to break free of the ice covering him, and drops down into the battle arena to face off against the Wild Hunt rider.

  • Kill Caranthir

Time for the real battle to begin! Quickly close the gap between you and Caranthir by sprint forward. Roll and dodge to avoid his icy projectile attacks. The biggest thing to keep in mind here, is the projectiles and where they are flying. Once Caranthir has been hit a few times (usually two to three swings) he teleports to a new spot, and attacks with either a multiple projectile attack, or a burst of icy spikes. Dodge them, and close the gap between you to attack and keep him moving.

Once he reaches around half his health Caranthir begins to summon Ice Elementals to fight for him. These guys aren’t too hard to take out with your Igni Sign, however, you can also pin them down easily using Caranthir’s projectile attacks. They take the Elementals down easily, and allow you to quickly get back to slashing away the bosses health.

If you aren’t careful Caranthir can end up with multiple Elementals fighting for him. Limit this by taking them down quickly, but make sure you don’t lose focus of the real objective here, to kill Caranthir. Once he goes down, it’s time to move on to the next part of this quest, and take on Eredin himself.

  • Swim to the Surface.
  • Board the Naglfar.
  • Kill Eredin.

You plunge your sword into Caranthir, who tries to take you with him by teleporting you beneath the icy surface of the sea. You kick free, and then you’ll need to quickly swim to the surface before you run out of air.

Once you’re back on land push your way forward to the Naglfar. You’ll have to take out quite a few hounds between here and there, but it isn’t anything you and your Skellige warrior friends can’t handle.

  • Jarl Udalryk is here, and depending on whether you helped in Secondary Quest: Possession or not, his comments will vary.

Keep moving forward, off the ice and onto a flaming ship.

  • If you saved Hjalmar, he comes barreling out of the ship’s cabin, cheering.
  • If Hjalmar is dead, then Skellige soldier exits the cabin.

Continue past this scene and enter your final fight with Eredin. Patience is the number one thing to keep in mind here, as rushing into this battle will get you killed. Time your attacks, striking when Eredin isn’t able to counter, and be sure to make good use of your parries. After you manage to drive his health bar down by about 25% he opens a portal and throws you through it.

You’re now on the clifftops high above Undvik, and during this moment of the battle there are several things to look out for. Eredin has multiple long-range attacks. Once will summon an orb to sap your health, another will shoot blasts of light through the ground at you. Avoid these attacks, and close the gaps to score a few precious hits off of him, then immediately dodge away when he teleports behind you.

Most of this fight will be spent dodge rolling, then springing back into the fight to score a few hits. Take your time, don’t rush the battle, and you shouldn’t have too much of a hard time. If you find yourself taking hits from Eredin, pay closer attention to his movements, and wait for him to teleport before rolling away. It is possible dodging away from his attacks won’t get you far enough away, so be sure to actually use the dodge roll maneuver. Getting greedy during this battle can put a stop to your attacks quick and in a hurry. He also sometimes calls in meteors of ice to strike at Geralt from above, so watch out for the telltale signs of this attack along the ground.

Once you’ve managed to drive his health down to almost empty, Eredin will open up a new portal back to the ship. Follow him through and finish him off with a few more quick hits. He falls, and tells you that Avallac’k has fooled you both, and taken Ciri for himself. This brings this quest to a conclusion and begins the final leg of the journey.

Witcher 3 Tedd Deireadh, The Final Age Quest Walkthrough

  • Follow Yennefer

This quest isn’t hard. In fact, most of it is Geralt following Yennefer. Head back through the camp, hopping on a horse when told to, and follow Yennefer as fast as you can. Don’t bother trying to attack the giants and other creatures around you, as you’ll only end up dying. Your goal this quest is to follow Yen, find Ciri, and stop Avallac’h.

After a certain amount of time you have to disembark from your saddles, and continue on foot. At this point the White Frost is upon you, and you’ll need to stick close to Yennefer to survive the biting cold. Keep pushing forward, taking out any hounds that spawn around you, until you reach a magical barrier. Yen will inform you that she can open a way through, but she won’t be able to follow. Answer however you wish, then pass through the tear.

  • Get to the elven tower.

Remember that tower Ciri mentioned in her conversations before? Well, it’s time to face that sucker head on. Continue up the path, following the winding staircase until you reach the summoning circle where Avallac’h is busy casting magical spells. You tell him to draw his weapon, but he throws it away, unwilling to face you. Either:

  • Tell him that you aren’t falling for that.
  • Tell him you won’t spare his life.

No matter what choice you make, the outcome is still the same and Ciri approaches, advising that Avallac’h is only helping her to complete her task. Answer however you want, but despite your protests Ciri is determined to defeat the White Frost and save the land… or die trying. Depending on your choices in five key moments of Act III, the quest ends and you receive one of three Epilogues.

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