The Witcher 3 Places of Power Locations - Where to Find All the Places of Power

The Witcher 3 Places of Power Locations - Where to Find All the Places of Power

Here's our guide to all the Places of Power locations in The Witcher 3.

This article will show you all Places of Power locations in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. These stone monuments are each marked with one of the five Signs (Aard, Igni, Yrden, Quen and Axii). When you approach a Place of Power and draw from it, you will enhance the Sign that is marked on that particular monument for a set period of time. You will also gain an additional Ability Point that can be spent on upgrades to one of the four Character Ability Branches - Combat, Signs, Alchemy and General. Throughout the rest of this guide, we'll be compiling a complete list of all the Witcher 3 Places of Power locations, so you know where to head to acquire as many Ability Points as possible.

Witcher 3 Place of Power Locations

Witcher 3 Place of Power Tips

  • Places of Power are often guarded by various enemies. Make sure you're prepared to deal with any threats in the area.
  • There are often other items that Geralt can loot near Places of Power. If things are quiet, do some exploring before leaving.
  • Each stone monument (Place of Power) has a Sign, when you draw from it you'll get a boost to that sign for a short while.
  • Using our guide, why not draw from a Place of Power that features the Sign you need to defeat and upcoming adversary?

White Orchard Places of Power

Sign: Igni

The nearest signpost to this Place of Power is the Mill. When you get close, a wraith will draw you into a nearby crypt. Head inside and kill it, then loot any corpses you find, as well as any other items that are laying about, including the Viper School diagram.

Sign: Quen

This Place of Power is not far from the Cackler Bridge signpost. Look for a hilltop with some ghouls hanging around. Make sure to kill the ghouls, looting their bodies before drawing from this Place of Power.

Sign: Aard

This Place of Power is also near the Mill signpost, and has some ghouls that are hanging about which you'll need to take care of. Kill the ghouls, destroy their nest, then get to what you came for, which is drawing magic from this stone monument and gaining an Ability Point.

Sign: Yrden

This Place of Power is near the Abandoned Village signpost, deep within the forest and near the traveler's road shrine. There is a level six bear guarding this one, so make sure you're in good shape for a fight. Kill the bear and then draw magic from this Place of Power.

Sign: Axii

The nearest signpost to this Place of Power is North of Sawmill. You'll find the stone monument in a clearing in the woods, guarded by a level seven wraith. Either kill it, or sneak up and draw from the Place of Power when it isn't looking.

No Man's Land, Novigrad Places of Power

Sign: Igni

The nearest signpost to this Place of Power is Elector's Square, and there's nothing to be concerned with in terms of monsters and creatures that you might need to fight. Avoid stirring up trouble with any guards while you draw your magic.

Sign: Yrden

Downwarren is the nearest signpost to this Place of Power, which you will find sitting at the top of the mountain peak. You'll have to do some climbing and jumping to reach it, but that's a decent trade off for an additional Ability Point.

Sign: Quen

Unlike the previous few Places of Power, expect to have to defeat a few drowners if you plan to draw from this stone monument. The nearest signpost is Lornruk, and the Place of Power itself can be found on a beach, below a broken bridge that used to connect two land masses.

Sign: Aard

The nearest signpost to this Place of Power is Frischlow, and it sits in the marshes just to the south. You have to watch out for the level 16 wraiths that can be found hanging about. If you aren't a high enough level to dispatch them, plan a stealthy entrance and get out quickly.

Sign: Axii

It's always great when something you're trying to locate is on a structure that stands out, such as this Place of Power being situated on some rocks near Alness, which is also the name of your nearest signpost. Approach from the north.

Sign: Yrden #2

This one is sneaky, slipping by us until we started a quest called Wandering in the Dark, and we didn't find it until we were on the Magic Lamp secondary quest. We would advise not wandering too far beyond this spot, however, as there is a very large creature in the next room.

Skellige Places of Power

Sign: Igni

This Place of Power is located near the village of Svorlag. It's on top of a mountain that overlooks the village. You're going to have to climb to reach it, but the journey should be fairly quiet.

Sign: Aard

The nearest signpost for this Place of Power is Gedyneith. You're looking for the road north of Redgill. There is a broken brick structure that you need to find, but it's guarded by a cyclops, so proceed with caution.

Sign: Axii

This Place of Power doesn't come with any catches, like monsters or crazy bit of climbing. It's located on some rocks along the mountain path south of the abandoned village of Fornhala

Sign: Yrden

To draw from this Place of Power, you're going to have to deal with white wolves and endrega. If you're up for the challenge, however, you can find it near a Freya monument, west of Harviken on the isle of Faroe.

Sign: Quen

The final Place of Power in the game is located at Yngvar's Fang, overlooking Urialla Harbor. Watch out for the rock troll, among other threats that you'll have to face on your way to this stone monument.

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