The Witcher 3: All Velen Witcher Contracts - Jenny 'O the Woods Walkthrough

The Witcher 3: All Velen Witcher Contracts - Jenny 'O the Woods Walkthrough

Complete all of the contracts in Velen and put some extra Crowns in your pocket.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt features more than 26 contracts spread across four different areas of the game. This is in addition to all of the main quests, secondary quests and even the Gwent quests. To put it simply, there is a lot of content to sink your teeth into, and we have plans to cover it all in so that you never find yourself without a helping hand.

In case you need help with anything else related to the game, head over to our Witcher 3 guides walkthrough hub, featuring complete quest walkthrough guides, as well as the locations of all the Witcher school gear diagrams.

Components for an Armorer Walkthrough

This contract can be completed as part of the Secondary Quest: Master Armorer. During it you will have to gather some acid from the draconic griffin seen to the north of Crows' Perch.

Your first objective will be to find the archgriffin using your Witcher Sense and kill it. Head to the area north of Crows' Perch, north of the Wolven Glade marker. You're looking for a road through the north part of the woods, and you shouldn't be surprised if you run into some bandits that are hanging out. Deal with them if you must, then fire up your Witcher Senses to look for the following.

  • Bloody body parts and claw prints by the road
  • Feather found on the hillside pasture north from the edge of the forest

The fight you're looking for is at the top of the hillock, but before you take the archgriffin on you'll want to prepare by taking a brief look at the Bestiary and learning a few of its weaknesses.

  • Oil: Hybrid
  • Bomb: Grapeshot
  • Sign: Aard

Killing the archgriffin will give you the acid gland that you required for the Secondary Quest: Master Armorer. Be sure to also cut off the beast's head to take the trophy, returning it to the quartermaster. He can be found on the left side of the archway within Crow's Perch. You can then take the ingredients to Yoana and continue with Master Armorer.

Jenny O' The Woods Walkthrough

Lure Jenny (Zula) into your Yrden trap, then use fast attacks to deal some damage.

Begin this contract by visiting the Notice Board in Midcopse, then talk to the ealdorman of Midcopse by heading into the village and locating Bolko leaning against his hut. After agreeing to a fee, interrogate the witness by speaking to Agneta at the long grass near the edge of the village.

When your conversation ends, head roughly northwest of Midcopse and search the nearby fields. Look specifically for a pasture that's being worked by villagers, equipping your Witcher Senses and looking for the following clues.

  • Bare footprints of a woman
  • Blood spatter by the small group of trees

Move along the grassy path and look for a grave with a letter sticking out. You'll need to read the dead girl's journal, then return to Bolko and ask the ealdorman about the lovers. He'll fill you in on the details of a girl named Zula, at which point you'll have to head back out to find the lovers' meeting spot. Head to a clearing west of the village to complete the latter objective.

Between Midcopse, the Refugees' camp and the Forest Hut is where you'll find the objective where you'll need to burn Zula's letter and the dried blood from the knife. This will bring your foe out, at which point you have to kill Jenny o' the Woods.. If this is something that you find difficult, try to exploit some of her weaknesses using the options below.

  • Bomb: Dimeritium
  • Sign: Yrden
  • Bomb: Moon Dust
  • Oil: Specter

The most important of these weaknesses is Yrden. Throw it on the ground as you see in the screen shot, then wait for your foe to enter before dealing some melee damage. Just make sure to roll away before she can retaliate. This formula should see you come out the victor.

To complete this contract, take a trophy from the nightwraith by inspecting Zula's body, then return to Bolko in order to collect your reward.

The Merry Widow Walkthrough

Grab this contract from the Notice Board in Lindenvale, then travel to the northeast side of town to talk to the gravedigger. You'll find him leaning on a fence near some chiseled gravestones. Agree to a price for the contract, then go to the cemetery.

When you arrive at the graveyard, take a few moments to defeat all enemies in the cemetery. Depending on the time of day this could end up being ghouls or dogs, but either way they all have to go. With the area clear, activate your Witcher Sense and locate a few clues.

  • Examine the graves
  • Follow the smell of the grave on the west side

Follow the scent of cadaverine to the rear of the chapel and over the stone bridge. Follow the path, encountering and killing a bear, then heading further south until you find an old cottage called Mourntart's Hut. Head inside and use your Witcher Senses to check for the following things.

  • The eating pot
  • Cooking pot on the small fire
  • Circle of human skulls

Before you leave, make sure you take the skulls and start making your way back to the cemetery. There is an alter lit by candles in a structure, and you need to put the skulls in the cemetery and wait for the grave hag to come. When she does, kill the grave hag using some of the following tips.

  • Potion: Black Blood
  • Sign: Quen
  • Oil: Necrophage
  • Sign: Yrden

Loot the remains of the grave hag and take a trophy as evidence of your work. From here, all that's left to do is head back to Lindenvale and collect your reward from the gravedigger. This will complete the contract.

Missing Brother Walkthrough

Locate the Notice Board at the Inn at the Crossroads to take this contract, then go inside the Inn at the Crossroads and Talk to Bruno. Negotiate a fee for your services and then be on your way.

Call your horse and ride to the north (just a bit to the east, as well), sticking to the road if you want to avoid extracurricular confrontations. When you reach the edge of the river, find a wagon and worker's hut at the mine entrance. Enter here to find the missing brother in the mine near the Inn at the Crossroads. You'll also need to explore the mine using your Witcher Senses, looking specifically for the following clues.

  • Splattered human remains
  • Some monster tracks into the mine

You're really going to have to get deep into this mine if you want to defeat this monster. Start by dropping into the water-filled tunnel and turning east, then moving forward to dryer land. You should see monster tracks with your Witcher Senses again, so follow them to a junction filled with more blood spatter. Continue through the tunnel on a northeasterly path until the tracks split between two tunnels, one to the left and the other to the right. Dive into the water of the tunnel on the right, then follow the monster tracks back to the surface. Move forward to the middle of the chamber, using your Witcher Senses to spot more blood and flesh.

Use your Witcher Senses to destroy all the eggs (12). Start with the four that are near the ingredient mushrooms using your Igni and Aard, doing so quickly and before they hatch. Turn to the west and take the exit on the left, taking on a group of young arachas before destroying four more egg sacs. Two of them will be together and the other two slightly apart. Go back into the first chamber and look for another underwater tunnel to the left. You'll find the final four egg sacs that need to be destroyed in a cavern just beyond it.

Continue moving northwest along a tunnel, turning west until you reach large chamber. You'll find more human remains here, as well as a calfskin boot that belonged to Bruno's brother, Mikel. If you have taken care of all 12 egg sacs you will have less young arachases to worry about before you have to kill the arachas, also known as Harrisi.

Check the Bestiary to learn that Harrisi has the following vulnerabilities.

  • Potion: Golden Orioe
  • Oil: Insectoid

Be sure to take a trophy from the arachas' body before you make your way back out of the mine. You'll want to retrace your steps to do this, then head back to the Inn at the Crossroads to speak to Bruno and collect your reward. He will refuse to pay the whole sum, so you must either accept half, or Axii him (Delusion Level 3) to get full payment.

Mysterious Tracks Walkthrough

Locate the Notice Board in Lindenvale to take on this contract, then talk to the hunter by locating his cottage on the southeaster side of Lindenvale. He'll give you a few clues to help you track down a "proper huge" beast, and you'll be free to negotiate a higher reward if you feel you deserve it.

Head south and pass a cottage near a large oak tree. Stick to the path, then take on the arachas that are feeding on the corpses you need to inspect. With them down, you need to locate some clues, all using your Witcher Senses. These clues will require you to search the forest, follow the tracks, and find out where the scent is coming from. Use the list below for convenience.

  • Wolf Corpses
  • Follow the big tracks
  • Locate the scent on a large oak tree
  • Follow the scent
  • Pile of feces at the cave opening.

To find a way into the cave you'll need to climb up on the hill and look for a hole that sits near some oak trees. Drop down and onto a ledge in the cave, then to the cave floor where you can explore the cave using your Witcher Senses. Look specifically for the following.

  • The corpse of the Fiend you thought you were hunting
  • Blood pools indicating a vicious fight involving a Howler

You'll automatically receive the chort llure potion formula, but you'll need to acquire fiend dung to use as bait, as well as crow's eye (a plant, not the actual eye of a crow), both of which are available in the vicinity of the cave. After you prepare some bait based on the Alchemy Formula, you'll need to pour the bait around the hill (4). This is done by consulting your mini map. With the bait set, drop back through the same hole as before and wait in the cave for the chort to catch the scent.

Gain an edge on the chort (Howler) by consulting the Bestiary and taking note of the following vulnerabilities the beast has.

  • Bomb: Devil's Puffball
  • Oil: Relict

Using your knowledge from the Bestiary, kill the chort, then remember to take a trophy from the chort as you would from any other beast that you've defeated. Leave the cave and whistle for your horse, Roach, then ride back to Lindenvale, speaking to the hunter so you can collect your reward for killing the chort.

The Mystery of the Byways Murders Walkthrough

Visit the Notice Board in Oreton to begin this contract, then locate and talk to the commander of the Nilfgaardian patrol. It seems the commander (Milan) lost contact with his men along the south shore of Lake Wyndamer.

To find out what happened in Byways, ride Roach south around a lake that to the western side. As you approach you'll need to deal with the ghouls prowling the village and find the surviving villagers. Start with the following.

  • Kill five ghouls that are stinking up the village
  • Head toward the objective area and yell that it's safe to come out

A man named Bytomir will emerge and speak with you, but more work is needed if you're going to find out what's causing all of this death and destruction. Explore the village and follow the scent of blood. This will require you to do a little more investigating.

  • Use your Witcher Senses near the bodies of the ghouls, locating dead Nilfgaardian soldiers
  • Find another soldier thrown to the ground using great force
  • Smell the air to pick up the scent of blood. Follow the trail to the north edge of Byways.

After conducting your investigation, speak with Bytomir again to get some additional information, then grab the key to the Byways tunnels from him to push forward.

To explore the tunnels under the Byways, enter the hut and lift the planks from its floor. You should also make note of a piece of fur here, allowing you to more quickly identify the beast that you're about to face.

Head into the mining tunnel until you find a slumped over guard. Use your Witcher Senses to note that his armor was pierced and his arteries torn open. This will help you realize that the monster is an ekimmara, disturbed from its hibernation. You must now kill the ekimmara.

Before you engage the ekimmara, be sure to spend a moment with the Bestiary to better understand how you can defeat this beast.

  • Bomb: Devil's Puffball
  • Sign: Igni
  • Oil: Vampire

Continue into the tunnel, dropping off a ledge and down past a wooden ladder platform. You'll come to an arched tunnel, spotting the remains of the Nilfgaardian patrol you were looking for. This is when you'll come face to face with the ekimmara known as Sarasti. Defeat the monster in combat, collect and ekimmara trophy, then return and talk to Bytomir. Your last order of business in this contract will be to report back to the Nilfgaardian patrol commander to collect your reward.

Patrol Gone Missing Walkthrough

Head to the Nilfgaardian Central Army Camp in the very southeast of the world map. Here you'll find a Notice Board, and on it a contract that mentions a missing patrol. Take it, then visit with Quartermaster Eggebracht and chat him up for a bit. Be sure to ask him for work, and at some point he will ask you to go to the abandoned camp.

Head across the lake to the northwest, keeping an eye out for nekkers along the way. Eventually you'll reach the abandoned Nilfgaardian camp, and it's here that you'll want to search the area using your Witcher Senses. Be on the lookout for a campfire showing that the soliders left in a hurry, then follow the footprints (some booted, some barefoot) as they lead you into the woods.

Continue to follow the prints until you smell something foul. Follow the stench until you see draconid musk on the ground, taking note that there are three or four piles of this. Expect some fighting along the way, but you only need to find the scented corpse clue to proceed.

Consult your Bestiary to learn about the weaknesses that the wyvern haa

  • Sign: Aard
  • Bomb: Grapeshot
  • Potion: Golden Oriole
  • Oil: Draconid

Exploit the beast's weaknesses as we've outlined above to kill the wyvern and take a trophy. When things have calmed down, turn around and return to the Nilfgaardian camp in order to claim your reward from the quartermaster.

Phantom of the Trade Route Walkthrough

To begin, you'll have to find the missing caravan and examine the cart. Make sure you're tracking this quest, then follow your mini-map as it leads you to the area you need to be. If you're still lost, take the main road that runs north of Benkellham. When you stumble upon the upturned cart, look for the following points of interest.

  • Evidence that someone was tied up.
  • Footprints in some spilled wine.
  • Claw marks on a nearby rock.
  • Someone's footprints end suddenly.

Use your Witcher Senses to find and follow the scent. Stick to the rough path until you find an entrance, going inside so that you can explore the cave. This will lead you to two refugees, and the information you gather from them will lead you to believe that you're dealing with a royal wyvern.

Continue forward in an attempt to find the wyvern's nest. This will cause you to ascend into the cave. When you see a light, walk into it to find young wyverns. Kill them, of course, then destroy the wyvern's nest (2) to get yourself in position for the final fight. If you're here to find out some of the wyvern's weaknesses, you're in luck. We have some ideas to help you bring this beast down.

  • Potion: Golden Oriole
  • Sign: Aard
  • Bomb: Grapeshot
  • Oil: Draconid

There are a few keys to winning this fight. First of all, focus on movement, dodging and rolling out of the way if you are in danger. Don't be a hero. Stay out of the way when the royal wyvern is attacking. When it gets close, hit it with Grapeshot or your Aard sign, both of which will stun it. That's when you hit it with your fast attacks, something that is more effective if your sword is covered in Draconid. When the wyvern is in the air, hit it with a crossbow bold to bring it to the ground. This will again give you a chance to string a few fast attacks together before rolling to safety. If you follow this formula, your objective to kill the wyvern will be done in no time.

All that's left at this point is to take a trophy from the royal wyvern, then head back to the waypoint on your mini map to collect your reward.

How to Kill the Shrieker

As far as contracts go, this one isn’t too bad. You can fast travel to the Crow’s Perch signpost and speak with the quest giver. If you can’t find him, make sure you’ve raided the nearby Notice Board and that you have set this contract as the one you’re actively tracking.

Talk to the contract issuer, then walk around to the back of the building and talk to the witnesses to the shrieker’s attack. The boy will give you a better description of what you’re dealing with, and then it’s on to hunting this beast down.

Leave Crow’s Perch and ride east on Roach. Consult your map, but very close by will be a Burned Ruins signpost, which is very close to the monster you’re looking for. You should have a waypoint to guide you, and when you arrive you’ll have to investigate the site of the shrieker’s attack using your Witcher Senses. Be sure to take not of the following clues.

  • The remains of Symko’s dog, Ruffler.
  • Staggered tracks leading away.
  • Monster blood close to the water’s edge.

Follow the blood tracks using your Witcher Senses, which will lead you to a cave entrance just west (but below) the Burned Ruins signpost. This will cause you to find the shrieker’s lair, at which point you must drive the shrieker out of its lair with a Samum, Grapeshot or Dancing Star bomb.

The monster will exit the cave via another opening, at which point you need to chase down the shrieker and kill the shrieker to complete your two primary objectives. Roach should easily be able to keep up with your target’s pace, and when you’re close you can use a crossbow or Aard to knock your foe from the sky and chop it up into little bits.

Be sure to loot the body to take a trophy from the shrieker, then return to the Crow’s Perch signpost and make your way back to collect your reward from the contract issuer. This will complete the contract.

Swamp Thing

Ensure that this contract is set as the one you’re actively tracking, then fast travel to The Orphans of Crookback Bog signpost. From there you should see a waypoint that will leave you to Leslav, the quest giver in this case. Speak with him to get things started.

To find out what’s killing people in the bog, head toward your objective area and begin to look around using your Witcher Senses. You’ll find the following clues.

  • A slumped corpse with its weapon sheathed.
  • A corpse that is almost completely decomposed.

Head for the second objective area and use the Eye of Nehaleni to see through the illusion. You can also expect to bump into a couple of nekkers, and we’d advise looting their bodies afterwards. They will often drop the nekker eye, which can be dismantled into a monster eye that is a common crafting material with some variations of armor. In the objective area you’ll want to complete the following with the help of your Witcher Senses and Eye of Nehaleni.

  • Dead folks with claw marks on their bodies.
  • A wall of magic using the Eye of Nehaleni.
  • Tracks that lead to your monster, an old foglet.

Follow your objective makers (and your Witcher Senses) so that you can navigate the illusions to find the foglet. This will lead you to a boulder, but it’s not a boulder. The Eye of Nehaleni will remove this illusion from your path and allow you to press forward.

The path of least resistance will have you keeping to the left, at which point you will face and have to kill the foglet in battle. The key here is your movement, and using your Quen Sign will allow you to avoid any unnecessary damage. Cut the foglet down with your silver sword, then be sure to take a trophy from the foglet’s body. Return to the quest giver to complete the contract and collect the reward for the foglet.

Woodland Beast Walkthrough

Begin this contract by visiting the notice board southeast of the Border Post, and talk to the Redanian commander of the guardpost by the bridge to Novigrad, Captain Felix Grubb. He offers gold and a pass to cross the Pontar river to whoever brings him the head of the beast that attacked a Redanian transport caravan. Agree to this deal to begin the contract.

Locate the fallen transport in an area southwest of the captain, where you will find a couple alghouls eating the remains. Proceed to examine the site where the transport was attacked using your Witcher Senses. Here you will find the following clues:

  • Claw marks on a slumped corpse with evidence of an arrow injury to the head.
  • Clawed and gnawed dead bodies.
  • An empty chest.
  • Humanoid tracks leading southeast.

Follow the tracks using your Witcher Senses into the grassy area before the ford, killing any drowners you may encounter along the way. You’ll notice the tracks lead down to the ford and then disappear. Look across the ford to the southeast where the tracks reemerge. Continue to follow these tracks up a grassy hillock, where you are suddenly stopped by a Scoia’tael archer perched in a tree. Speak to the archer, and then choose to conclude the quest in one of two ways:

Option 1: Tell the archer “you’ve killed enough humans already,” or refuse to put down your weapons as requested, resulting in a violent situation. Kill the Scoia’tael, and return to the guardpost captain for your reward.

Option 2: Answer that you wish to speak to the archer’s commander, and agree to put down your weapons. The archer will lead you to Vernossiel at a hidden elf camp. She claims her Scoia’tael unit will stop attacking the Redanian transports, but that you must leave and forget what you’ve seen. Answering that they are common bandits causes them to fight you, resulting in the same outcome as Option 1, only in this case you have no weapons. However, if you say “do as you will,” you will receive a few elvish items for your help. Return to the guardpost captain for your reward.

How this quest concludes depends on what you tell the guardpost captain. If you tell the captain you didn’t find anything, you will receive no reward. However, if you break your promise to the elf leader by informing the guard captain of the Scoia’tael camp, he says that he can’t give you the reward, but still agrees to give you a letter of safe conduct to cross the Pontar.

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