Man of Medan Endings - All the Endings Explained, How to Save Everyone

Man of Medan Endings - All the Endings Explained, How to Save Everyone

In this complete Man of Medan endings guide, we'll be going over the best and worst endings, endings explained, and how to save everyone.

There are plenty of different Man of Medan endings for you to uncover, which is a bit of a surprise given how relatively short the game is. In this Man of Medan endings explained guide, we'll be going over every possible outcome for our hapless seafaring voyagers, including how to save Conrad, Julia, Alex, Fliss, and Brad. We'll also be examining the best and worst Man of Medan endings you can attain.

Man of Medan Endings

The Man of Medan endings function fairly similarly to how they did in Until Dawn. There are five characters: Conrad, Alex, Julia, Fliss, and Brad, and it's your job to make sure as many as possible survive the events of the game. Any number of the 5 characters can survive, from all of them, to none of them at all.

At the end of the game, you'll see small cut scenes depending on who perished. For example if Conrad died in the events of the game, then Julia will have a small scene where she wonders what became of her brother.

However, there are exceptions to this. There is an alternate ending to Man of Medan, where the group doesn't escape the ship. This can only happen if you fail to grab the distributor cap from Olson during the QTE, and the distributor cap will be destroyed, meaning your group are stranded on the ship forever.

But it can get even worse. When the group gets on the military radio frequency and hails for rescue, you can opt to give them both your co-ordinates, and the name of the Medan ship. If you do this, and you then fail to get off the ship due to the distributor cap being destroyed, the army helicopter will arrive, and actually arrest the group for being on a military ship. Great!

In the sections below, we'll be walking you through how to save each character in Man of Medan. We'll be taking you through the points at which each character can be killed, so you know how to make it out with everyone still breathing.

How to Save Conrad

Conrad is the first character in Man of Medan to be properly placed in peril. It's during the escape sequence on the boat, after the five characters have been taken hostage by Olson and co, that you need to make the choices below to have Conrad survive.

  • When Conrad is being beaten by Olson, ask him "what do you want?"
  • Opt to say nothing to Olson.
  • Opt to say nothing to Junior when he tells Conrad to behave.
  • Choose to 'sneak around them' when asked what to do by Julia and Alex.
  • Press right trigger to break the window in time with the thunder.
  • Complete the heartbeat sequence on the side of the boat.
  • Choose to grab the knife on the deck.
  • Opt to try and grab the gun that Olson presents you.

It's tough knowing what to do during the kidnapping sequence to keep Conrad alive. Note that there is alternative scenario to all of this, where Conrad does actually escape using the speedboat, instead of taking the knife. But it's a lot more difficult to pull off, as you have to complete two very quick QTEs to avoid being shot and killed by Olson.

Later, there'll be another pivotal moment for Conrad aboard the ship. There's a series of three quick time events, each consisting of three button presses, when Conrad is fleeing the old woman chasing him.

A short snippet of the best ending to Man of Medan. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Bandai Namco

After you've fled, you've got the option to run or hide. Choose to run, and at the end of another QTE, you'll have the option at the very top of the ship to 'jump,' or 'confront.' You need to select the confront option here, because the illusion you're seeing is actually just Fliss.

Finally for Conrad, there's a showdown with Olson in the cargo hold. It doesn't matter if you attack or back off from Olson, he'll still smash the cargo bulkhead and completely flood the area. Again when Conrad shouts to Julia to either close the door or wait, it doesn't matter which you pick because you'll still end up in the same situation, with Olson pressing down on you with the hammer.

Get ready, because you need to complete two quick QTEs to escape Olson. First hammer Square/X to push him away, then press Circle/B to escape his grasp one final time, before the bulkhead door slams shut, killing Olson in the process.

How to Save Julia

For Julia, the first major moment of survival comes when both her and Alex are being chased by the 'other Alex' on the ship. We'll walk you through the correct choices just below.

  • Complete the QTE to ascend the stairs.
  • You're free to select 'run' or 'jump' when given the option between the two.
  • Either way, you have to complete another QTE.
  • If you're given the option of 'fight back' or 'keep going,' choose the latter.
  • Complete the final QTE to escape the other Alex as you regroup with everyone.

How to Save Alex

Alex takes center stage at the conclusion of Man of Medan, during the 'Matters of the Heart' chapter. It can be pretty tough at times to make it through this section with Alex alive, but if you do, he's guaranteed to survive the events of the game.

  • When you first encounter Olson, complete the heartbeat sequence to go unnoticed.
  • Correctly press the three buttons to jump over the gap in the walkway.
  • Grab the distributor cap from Olson's corpse.
  • Complete the QTE sequence where three rats pounce on you in a row.
  • When faced with the monster with two heads, don't stab it with the knife.
  • Ask "who are you?" in the conversation with the monster.
  • Don't attack either the rat or the monster with the knife.

Complete all these options above, perfectly in time, and Alex will survive Man of Medan.

How to Save Fliss

As you might have worked out from the steps above, saving Alex also involves saving Fliss near the end of Man of Medan. When faced with the rat and the monster with two heads while playing as Alex, don't use the knife, and you'll discover that the monster with two heads is actually Fliss. Good thing you didn't stab the monster!

How to Save Brad

Brad's situation in Man of Medan is a bit of a strange one. He can either be placed in successive dangerous situations, or be entirely safe for the majority of the game, depending on who you send down the hole after the group use the radio on the ship. If you send Brad down the hole, then follow the steps below to save him from danger.

  • Complete the first QTE when hunted by Olson.
  • Be assertive and elect to stand your ground.
  • Complete the second QTE sequence, while Olson still hunts you.
  • When facing off against Junior, first ask him what the mist does.
  • Next, admit that there was something in the last room.
  • Tell Junior that you both held your breath the entire time.
  • Select the 'distract' option instead of grabbing the gun.

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