Dauntless Arcstones - How to Get Dull, Peerless, and Shining Arcstones Quickly

Dauntless Arcstones - How to Get Dull, Peerless, and Shining Arcstones Quickly

Here's how you can get Dauntless Arcstones whenever you want, including the Dull, Peerless, and Shining Arcstone variants.

Although Arcstones in Dauntless aren't easy to find, they play a pretty crucial role in crafting stronger weapons and armor items. In this complete Dauntless Arcstones guide, we'll be providing you with all the information you need to farm every variant of Arcstone in the game. This includes Dull Arcstones, Peerless Arcstones, and Shining Arcstones.

Dauntless Arcstones

Below, we've outlined the three types of Dauntless Arcstones that you can earn in the first column. In the second column, we've detailed the corresponding threat level Patrols that you'll need to complete in order to earn the type of Arcstone.

Dauntless Arcstone TypePatrol Level
Dull ArcstoneThreat Level 8-12
Peerless ArcstoneThreat Level 17+
Shining ArcstoneThreat Level 13-16

What Are Dauntless Arcstones?

If you're new to Phoenix Lab's game, allow us to explain a thing or two about Dauntless Arcstones. Whenever you're in Ramsgate, you can head over to either the weapons or armor vendors in the hub zone, and request that they craft specific items for you. However, a whole lot of crafting options in Dauntless revolve around the Arcstones, and they're vital items that you're going to need to craft stronger weapons and armor pieces.

The Dauntless armor vendor in Ramsgate. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Phoenix Labs

Firstly, you need to unlock Patrols in Dauntless. These are the only type of missions in the game where we can guarantee that you'll earn Arcstones. Head to Katerin Sorrel in Ramsgate when you're first starting out, and she'll hand you a quest. You need to achieve Slayer Rank 4, slay a Skarn and a Shrike by embarking on the relevant mission from the Hunt Board, craft one of two Lanterns, and finally complete Admiral Zai's quest.

Here's where you can find Katerin Sorrel in Ramsgate. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Phoenix Labs

After you've done these easy steps, you'll have unlocked the ability to undertake Patrols from the Hunt Board in Ramsgate. It's through completing specific Patrols that you can regularly earn Arcstones in Dauntless.

Undertake Patrols from the Hunt Board. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Phoenix Labs

How to Farm Dull Arcstones in Dauntless

Dull Arcstones are the easiest of the three items to acquire, because you're going to unlock level 8 Patrols before you unlock level 17 Patrols, for example. You're actually going to unlock level 8 Patrols pretty early on in Dauntless, because by the time you complete the quest from Katerin Sorrel to unlock Patrols in the first place, you should be right around Slayer Rank 5 anyway.

How to Farm Peerless Arcstones in Dauntless

Peerless Arcstones are the hardest to obtain out of the three items in Dauntless. This is because they're locked behind all Patrols that have a threat level of 17 and above. To get here, you're going to need to grind out the main quests that you'll get from Katerin Sorrel in Ramsgate, the NPC that allows you to unlock Patrols in the first place.

How to Farm Shining Arcstones in Dauntless

In order to obtain Shining Arcstones in Dauntless, you're going to need to embark on Patrols with a threat level between 13 and 16. You're going to unlock Patrols with these threat levels after you've put around 10 or so hours into Dauntless in total.

If it's more Dauntless content you're after, then we've got you sorted. You can check out our full Dauntless beginner's guide, our in-depth Dauntless weapons guide, our page on the current Dauntless Season 5 Hunt Pass, or the current Dauntless server status page for more.

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