FIFA 18 Career Mode Tips - Transfer Negotiation Guide - Buying and Selling Players in FIFA 18 Career Mode - Best Transfer Deals in FIFA 18

FIFA 18 Career Mode Tips - Transfer Negotiation Guide - Buying and Selling Players in FIFA 18 Career Mode - Best Transfer Deals in FIFA 18

FIFA 18 guide, including how to score lots of goals, how to defend, FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns Walkthrough (including all player choices in The Journey), quick subs, skill moves and five-star players, goal celebrations, and more in FIFA 18 on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch. Best FIFA 18 attacking formations and how to dominate opponents.

Career mode in FIFA 18 isn't just about being the best FIFA 18 player. Transfer negotiations in FIFA 18’s Career Mode are a key part of building the squad you want. Negotiations can be very tricky, though, and with FIFA 18’s new face to face talks there’s a lot to think about. In this FIFA 18 Career Mode Transfer Negotiations guide we’ll tell you how to get the best deals for players you’re buying and selling in FIFA 18's Career Mode, and the things you should avoid doing if you want a successful transfer negotiation in FIFA 18.

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FIFA 18 Career Mode Guide - Buying Players in FIFA 18 Career Mode

There is a lot to think about when buying players in FIFA 18’s Career Mode. Here we’ve got all the tips you need to be successful in transfer negotiations when you’re trying to buy the next big star.

Go for Young Talent in FIFA 18 Career Mode

If you have a limited transfer budget that won’t allow you to sign the world’s best players, you’ve got to think long-term. FIFA 18 is full of hidden gems that aren’t rated brilliantly now, but will develop into really solid players. In three to five years these players will either be solid first-team members or command good transfer fees if you want to move them on.

Scout Players in FIFA 18 Career Mode

Even if you already know what players to target, thanks to our FIFA 18 Hidden Gems and FIFA 18 Best Young Players guides, you won’t know what value the selling club has in mind for them. By sending a scout you’ll learn a little more about the player.

Don’t go too low During Transfer Negotiations in FIFA 18 Career Mode

This is a pretty big tip that you should always bear in mind when you’re trying to complete transfer deals in FIFA 18. Never go in too low with the first offer. If you’ve scouted a player you’ll know roughly what value the selling club as placed on the player you’re after, and if you go in below this, chances are the seller will walk away. This will also lock you out from making a follow-up offer.

Listen to What the Selling Club is Saying During Transfer Negotiations

Transfer negotiations in FIFA 18 are a game of give and take. You are perfectly within your rights to try and offer less than the selling club has said they are after, but watch out for them saying they won’t accept less than a certain amount. If you lowball them at this point, they’ll probably walk away.

Add a Sell-on fee if You Don’t Plan to Sell

Sell-on fees in FIFA 18 are a good way to offer value to the seller, with you offering them a percentage of a future sale of the player. This obviously will hurt your finances if you give away too much, but if you’re negotiating one of the most promising young players in FIFA 18 and don’t plan to sell him in the future, ramp up the sell-on percentage. The selling club will think they’re getting a great deal, while you sit there knowing you aren’t ever selling a player set to become a 90+ rated superstar.

Player Negotiations in FIFA 18 Career Mode

Once you’ve had a fee agreed with the selling club you need to talk to the player. Here you’ll discuss contract length, wage, squad status, and release clauses.

  • For wages, just gauge what the player wants and judge it against what they earned previously. Always offer more than their previous salary if they don’t suggest an amount.
  • Push for five-year contracts as this gives you more power if a club comes in with an offer.
  • Signing on fees are a nice sweetener and can help convince the player to take a smaller weekly wage.
  • Squad status isn’t usually much of a problem. Young players tend to appreciate they aren’t going to be in the starting 11 every week.
  • Release clauses should be avoided if possible. You don’t want your new super kid signing to be sat there with a low buyout fee attached to their contract. If they insist on a release clause fee, push it as high as you can possibly go.

FIFA 18 Career Mode Guide - Selling Players in FIFA 18 Career Mode

Selling a player in FIFA 18 can be a great way to get extra transfer budget to improve your team in FIFA 18 Career Mode. We’ve got the tips you need to make sure you don’t slip up in the transfer market.

Always try to Negotiate a Sell-on Fee

A new feature in FIFA 18 is the ability to add a sell-on fee to player transfers. When you’re selling a member of your squad, try to add a sell-on fee for as much as the buying team will accept. This is much more important for a young player as their future fees are likely to be much higher than for older players nearing the end of their career.

Push as High as you can

For your own players you should have a good idea of the value they hold. Check the info the game is telling you and don’t be afraid to suggest a higher fee than is being suggested. Just be careful not to get carried away and go too high. If the manager screen is saying you can get between £35m and £50m for a player, don’t try and get £52m. If you try to negotiate a fee that’s seen as too high, the buyer will walk away.

Think About Who You’re Selling and What Player Growth Remains

If you own a kid who has amazing potential, don’t sell. Chances are you’ll get better offers when they’ve developed a bit more. If you have a decent player who is nearing the end of their playing career (aged 30 or older), seriously consider selling and using the money you make to invest in new young players. Just be careful you don’t leave yourself with a squad of players who are only average now or your form will seriously suffer.

Elsewhere we’ve got guides to the best players in FIFA 18, the best young players in FIFA 18, the best hidden gems in FIFA 18, and how to defend or score lots of goals in FIFA 18.

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