FIFA 18 Substitutions Guide PS4 Xbox One - How to use Quick Subs and set Players to Bring on

FIFA 18 guide, including how to score lots of goals, how to defend, FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns Walkthrough (including all player choices in The Journey), quick subs, skill moves and five-star players, goal celebrations, and more in FIFA 18 on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch. Best FIFA 18 attacking formations and how to dominate opponents.

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Quick Subs in FIFA 18 might not sound exciting, but this new feature is great and makes a real difference to how you play FIFA 18. In this FIFA 18 Quick Subs guide we’ll make sure you understand how the new Quick Subs in FIFA 18 work and set the right instructions so the right subs are being offered.

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FIFA 18 Quick Subs Guide

In FIFA 18 you are able to make substitutions without leaving the gameplay. In this FIFA 18 quick subs guide we’ll detail how to make quick subs and how to set them up properly so the right players are being subbed.

What are Quick Subs in FIFA 18

Rather than having to pause a game of FIFA 18 or wait until half-time to make a sub, you can make subs during times the ball is out of play. An icon will pop up in the corner of the screen, and if you hold R2/RT you’ll be shown a potential substitution. Confirm the sub and the players will be switched before the game carries on. It’s very fast and convenient, meaning players who previously couldn’t be bothered to make subs can now do so.

Why is Quick Subs Such a Good new Feature in FIFA 18?

By the time you get into the final 15 minutes of a game in FIFA 18 you’ll notice a lot of your players are a bit sluggish and just not as good as they were at the start. If you’re a player who likes to press the opposition, this is especially true. While you might get good results from having your attackers get in the faces of the defenders, it will make them tired.

If you know that your Manchester United team, for example, will get a subpar Ibrahimovic as the game nears its conclusion, you can have a pre-set sub ready to go that will let you swap him out for Rashford without ever going into the menu. Manually making subs while the game is paused can really affect your flow, but the quick sub system is seamless.

How to set up Quick Subs in FIFA 18

Unless you manually configure your team’s quick subs in FIFA 18, the game will automatically pick players to suggest subbing. To set up your quick sub preferences, follow the steps below:

  • Scroll to Customise on the main FIFA 18 screen
  • Choose Team Sheets from the menu
  • Choose the club you wish to set quick subs for
  • Choose the team sheet you want to modify (unless you’ve made new ones, there will only be one option)
  • On the Squad screen move the selector over the player you want to give a quick sub option
  • Hold R2/RT and you’ll see the subs appear below
  • Choose the player you want to be the quick sub option for your selected player
  • You can set up quick subs for three players

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