FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns Walkthrough - All Choices, The Journey Chapter Objectives, Rewards

FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns Walkthrough - All Choices, The Journey Chapter Objectives, Rewards

FIFA 18 guide, including how to score lots of goals, how to defend, FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns Walkthrough (including all player choices in The Journey), quick subs, skill moves and five-star players, goal celebrations, and more in FIFA 18 on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch. Best FIFA 18 attacking formations and how to dominate opponents.

FIFA 18 The Journey returns this year with Hunter Returns, a continuation of the Alex Hunter story from FIFA 17. In this FIFA 18 The Journey walkthrough we’ll explain what your choices mean, detail the key decisions you have to make, list the secret chapter objectives, and give some general tips and tricks to make sure you unlock all the rewards (including those for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team). If you want to know all there is to know about FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns, including how to get Alex Hunter in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, how long FIFA 18 The Journey is, and which teams you can play as, read our complete FIFA 18 The Journey walkthrough and guide.

If you’re after help that isn’t related to FIFA 18 The Journey Hunter Returns and the various gameplay mechanics it throws up, check out our FIFA 18 guide hub. It’s full of really useful tips and tricks.

FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns Overview

While FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns gives the suggestion that you’ll be making a lot of big decisions, most of this mode is based on how well you play and what kind of personality you choose to have. Read on for all the tips you need to achieve everything possible in FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns. We'll detail all the choices Hunter will need to make and look at the rewards you can earn in each chapter of The Journey.

What is FIFA 18: The Journey - Hunter Returns?

FIFA 18: The Journey - Hunter Returns is a story-focused mode in FIFA 18. This focuses on Alex Hunter, who returns from FIFA 17 having won the FA Cup. The Journey - Hunter Returns follows Hunter’s second season as a pro and will see him playing matches, taking part in training, talking to friends, and making big decisions.

What Teams can you Play for in FIFA 18: The Journey - Hunter Returns?

At the start of The Journey - Hunter Returns you can either choose to carry on with the club you ended FIFA 17 with or choose to start fresh with any Premier League team. While this is who you start with in FIFA 18: The Journey - Hunter Returns, it isn’t the only club you’ll play for. By the end of the story you’ll have travelled the world and played for at least two more clubs.

Do you Only Play as Alex Hunter in FIFA 18: The Journey - Hunter Returns?

While The Journey - Hunter Returns is focused on Alex Hunter, you can actually take control of the whole team he plays for if you’d prefer . You’ll also get the opportunity to play as two other players during The Journey - Hunter Returns - both of whom play key parts in the story.

How Long is FIFA 18: The Journey - Hunter Returns?

Unlike Madden 18’s Longshot mode, which can be completed in an afternoon, FIFA 18’s The Journey - Hunter Returns takes a long time to play through. It can take about 20 hours to complete the whole season, but you can skip an optional part of the story in Chapter 5 and choose to simulate training sessions (something you shouldn’t do) to speed things up.

Can you Fail in FIFA 18: The Journey - Hunter Returns?

You can fail in The Journey - Hunter Returns, but this is only ever a screen that says you must reload a previous save. These failures happen if your form drops too much. The manager will give Hunter numerous warnings before this happens. If you get shipped off to another team, it’s not due to your performances, but an in-built part of the story.

FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns Walkthrough

Here we’ll talk you through the key aspects of The Journey - Hunter Returns so you know the best way to approach the mode and the rewards you can get from playing.

Should you Play as Hunter or the Whole Team in FIFA 18 The Journey?

While The Journey: Hunter Returns is primarily about the second season of Alex Hunter’s pro career, you can actually play as the whole team rather than just as him. There are benefits to doing this, primarily that you don’t have to rely on the AI to create chances and score goals. The big downside, though, is that you’ll struggle to earn high ratings for Hunter when you’re in control of the whole team. Focusing on Hunter means you’ll always be able to get him into the best positions.

We recommend you chose to play as Hunter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an impact on the whole team. By pressing the button that corresponds to the action you’d perform if you had the ball you can shout at teammates to do that very thing. If you want them to pass to you, press the pass button, while a press of the through ball button will hopefully get them to play you in, for example.

Fiery and Cool Responses in FIFA 18 The Journey Aren’t as Important as you Might Think

Most of the choices you get to make in FIFA 18 The Journey are how to respond to questions. You can choose between a fiery, balanced or cool response. This choice affects an in-game meter that determines how popular you are with fans and sponsors, but more importantly how the manager sees you. The idea is that if you’re a bit arrogant and hotheaded, you’ll become a fan favorite (racking up social media followers) and earning big sponsorship deals, while being a team player will rank you highly in the manager’s books.

In reality, your performances during games are the biggest factor in your success. Play well and you’ll be a fan favorite and first on the team sheet. Our advice is not to worry too much about the answer choices.

How to Level up Alex Hunter During FIFA 18 The Journey

During your time playing The FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns you’ll gradually level up Hunter’s ability. This is done through training sessions in which you complete drills and are rewarded with stat upgrades depending on how well you do, and through skill point tokens that you can use to upgrade certain areas. Think about how you should spend these skill points to best help you perform well. Pace, strength, and finishing are all essential if you’re a striker, while heading and penalties might come in useful for far less regularly.

The key here is to take part in all training sessions rather than simulate them. It’s pretty easy to earn an A-rating on most of the drills, and you can retry three times if you don’t do as well as you’d like. If you simulate a training session you’ll be lucky to earn more than a C-rating.

While training sessions are meant to contribute to how the manager sees you, they are only important in that sense if you’re underachieving on the pitch during proper matches.

How to Earn High Ratings in FIFA 18 The Journey

To earn high ratings for your performances in FIFA 18: The Journey you need to play well and be involved. Simple passes will gradually bump you up, but this can be wiped out pretty quickly if you make badly timed tackles or wander too far out of position. The biggest boosts come from goals and assists. Don’t spam the through ball button as badly timed passes will lose you points, and equally don’t shoot from 40 yards. If you go through a game making good passes and your team wins you’ll end up with a good rating. Goals and assists will take you easily into the 9.0 or higher category.

FIFA 18 The Journey - Key Choices, Objectives and Rewards

There are points in FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns at which you are made to make a choice that will shape the story going forward. These are mainly character and club based. Read below for all the choices and what effect they have on the game going forward.

FIFA 18 The Journey Choices - Chapter 1

Import Hunter or Start Again

At the very start of The Journey: Hunter Returns in FIFA 18 you can choose to start a brand new Hunter (although you’ll still be in season two of his career) or import the Hunter from your FIFA 17 save. An imported Hunter will start with better stats.

Need a Refresher?

At the start of training you’ll be asked if you are ready to go or if you need a refresher. Choose ready to go unless you haven’t played a FIFA game before and don’t know what you’re doing.

FIFA 18 The Journey Choices - Chapter 2

Can you sign for Real Madrid in FIFA 18 The Journey?

The big story in Chapter 2 of The Journey in FIFA 18 is Alex supposedly signing for Real Madrid. The question is, can you actually sign for Real Madrid? The answer is no. Michael was played and there’s nothing you can do to make the transfer happen.

Say Goodbye to Michael?

In Chapter 2, once you find out about the transfer debacle, you can either get rid of Michael as your agent or keep him. If you choose to get rid of him you’ll never see him again. Keep him and he’ll remain your agent throughout the game.

FIFA 18 The Journey Choices - Chapter 3

Thierry Henry is a Friend or Acquaintance

In Chapter 3 of The Journey in FIFA 18 you get tickets to go watch the US Women play (and see your sister in action). You can choose to invite Henry and become good friends, or chicken out and just stay acquaintances.

FIFA 18 The Journey Choices - Chapter 4

Which European Club to Sign for

In Chapter 4 of The Journey you get to sign for a big club in Europe. The choice is between Atletico Madrid, PSG or Bayern Munich. You can see the offer from each in the images below. You’ll spend a large part of the game playing as this club, so think carefully about your choice.

FIFA 18 The Journey Choices - Chapter 5

Pick a Strike Partner

As one of the club's big new signings you're asked to pick a strike partner. The choices may well change depending on the club you chose to play with. Whichever player you choose will be the one you end up having to form a striker partnership with, making assists and scoring goals off their passes.

Do you Care About Danny's Career?

Once you get injured in Chapter 5 of The Journey you can choose to take over as Danny and save his career at your former club. If you choose to save his career you'll play a number of games as him with new goals. If you choose not to, Danny's career will suffer and you'll skip forward to when you return from injury.

FIFA 18 The Journey Choices - Chapter 6

When you return from injury you'll train with your sister and then work on closing the gap at the top of the league. There are no choices to make in Chapter 6 of The Journey in FIFA 18, but winning the league and a cup is a big challenge if you're playing on Pro or harder difficulty.

Each chapter of FIFA 18: The Journey has a number of objectives (some of which are hidden) that will reward you with bonuses for your career or for use in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. Here we detail all the FIFA 18 The Journey objectives, including the secret objectives. This is also how you get to use Alex Hunter in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 18 The Journey Objectives - Chapter 1

  • Get a Match Rating of 8.0+ in the 11v11 training match
  • Take at least 10 shots on target on the pre-season tour
  • Win the pre-season tournament

End of Chapter 1 Rewards

  • 1x Real Madrid loan player card
  • 1x MLS loan player card

FIFA 18 The Journey Objectives - Chapter 2

  • Score a goal in the first Premier LEague match of the season
  • Raise your transfer value to £10,000,000
  • Earn at least 6pts from the first three Premier League matches

End of Chapter 2 Rewards

  • 1x Rio Ferdinand loan card

FIFA 18 The Journey Objectives - Chapter 3

  • Come back to draw or win the USWNT match (with Kim)
  • A New Look - Play a match with a new hairstyle
  • Get the LA Galaxy into the MLS Cup Playoffs

End of Chapter 3 Rewards

  • 1x Gyasi Zardes loan card

FIFA 18 The Journey Objectives - Chapter 4

  • Show up to every practice (do not simulate)
  • Score five goals
  • Win the MLS Cup

End of Chapter 4 Rewards

  • 1x Thierry Henry loan card

FIFA 18 The Journey Objectives - Chapter 5

  • Make the Starting XI for a Premier League match (with Danny)
  • Assist on a goal scored by Griezmann
  • Win the EFL Cup (with Danny)

End of Chapter 5 Rewards

  • 1x Danny Williams card

FIFA 18 The Journey Objectives - Chapter 6 - How to get Alex Hunter in Ultimate Team

  • Achieve a maximum partnership rating with your strike partner
  • Assist on six goals scored by Griezmann (or whoever your strike partner is)
  • Saving Dino’s job by winning silverware (win the league or cup)

End of Chapter 6 Rewards

  • 1x Alex Hunter card
  • 1x Antoine Griezmann loan card
  • 1x Thomas Muller loan card
  • 1x Dele Alli loan card

With these tips for FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns you should have all the info you need to make it through Hunter's second season as a pro.

Elsewhere we’ve got guides to the best players in FIFA 18, the best young players in FIFA 18, the best hidden gems in FIFA 18, and how to defend or score lots of goals in FIFA 18.

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