FIFA 18 FU Best Cheap Ultimate Team Players - Bargain FUT 18 ST, CF, CM, CB, CAM, GK, RB, LB, RW, LW

FIFA 18 FU Best Cheap Ultimate Team Players - Bargain FUT 18 ST, CF, CM, CB, CAM, GK, RB, LB, RW, LW

How to build an Ultimate Team in FIFA 18 FUT, great chemistry, earn FIFA 18 Coins quickly and win online. Get the best cheap players for FUT and learn about TOTW cards. Squad Building Challenges explained, and FUT 18 Card Packs detailed. Squad Battles, How to Beat Teams on Legendary.

Building a good team in FIFA 18 FUT Team is tricky. There are a lot of variables to consider to make sure you have good team and player chemistry, and you have to buy the best FIFA 18 Ultimate Team players within your budget. When you’re starting out (if you don’t splash out on FIFA Points using real world money) it’s essential you make the best buys possible without having to spend a fortune. In this FIFA 18 Ultimate Team guide we’ll tell you who the best cheap players are in Ultimate Team and what attributes you should be focusing on when you can’t have everything. Read on for details on how to buy the best budget team in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. We've got the best cheap ST, RW, LW in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, the best cheap CM, CDM, the best cheap CB, RB, LB in FIFA 18 Ultimate Tea, and the best cheap GK.

For more on FIFA 18 that isn’t the best cheap ultimate team, head over to our FIFA 18 guide hub. It’s where you’ll find info on the best overall players in FIFA 18, the best young players, and how to defend or score lots of goals in FIFA 18.

Best Cheap Players in FIFA 18 FUT 18

It’s worth bearing in mind that in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, you can’t just buy decent cheap players and throw them together. You’ll end up with terrible team chemistry, making the players underperform and you’ll find it impossible to enter events that have Chemistry rating requirements.

For now our list focuses on the Premier League, so you should be able to build decent chemistry without trying too hard. We’ll add more players from other leagues in the future. We’ve set a price limit of 5,000 FIFA Coins, so a whole team made from this lot should be within reach for most FIFA 18 players.

Key Attributes and Stats for Good Cheap FUT Players in FIFA 18

As you're not going to get 85+ rated players for cheap in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team you're going to have to be a bit picky. There are a few things you should keep in mind when looking for good cheap Ultimate Team players in FIFA 18.

  • Pace is King - Attacking in FIFA 18 is easiest if you have pace in your team. Against teams that are no better than OK a fast team can cause real trouble as it causes havoc with defenders. If you prioritise one thing in attackers, it should be pace.
  • Strength is Important - The chances of getting a good defender with pace in FIFA 18 Ultimate team is slim unless you want to pay a fortune on the transfer market or get lucky in card pack. A good defender with high strength is a great compromise, as long as you don't play the CBs too high up the pitch.
  • CDM is Vital - If you play an attacking formation, make sure you get in an aggressive, strong, defensive CDM. He doesn't have to be pacey as long as the players around him aren't too slow.

Best Cheap Goalkeepers in FIFA 18 FUT - GK

Goalkeepers are a key part of a good team, and thankfully you can get a good one in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team without spending too many FIFA Coins. Here are the best cheap GK in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.

David Ospina (GK) - Arsenal - Colombia

  • Cost: Approx 1,100 FIFA Coins

Ospina is a great buy for the money, with excellent all-round stats. He’s a bit slow, but a good shot stopper.

Michel Vorm (GK) - Tottenham - Netherlands

  • Cost: Approx 900 FIFA Coins

Vorm is a solid all-round GK who would be first choice at many teams. While second fiddle at Spurs, he could be first choice in your budget FIFA 18 Ultimate Team squad.

Ben Foster (GK) - West Brom - England

  • Cost: Approx 800 FIFA Coins

Foster is another top quality keeper who costs well less than 1,000 FIFA Coins. There are few better players that offer this much value in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.

Best Cheap Defenders in FIFA 18 FUT - CB, LB, RB

Defenders (CB, RB, LB) start to shoot up in price once you go for anyone with an ounce of pace. A lot of our choices are a little slower than you might like, so bear this in mind when you set your defensive line. If you want pace, be prepared to pay a lot more.

Davinson Sanchez (CB) - Tottenham - Colombia

  • Cost: Approx 5,000 FIFA Coins

Davinson Sanchez, Tottenham’s record signing, is a defensive powerhouse. He’s strong, has excellent defensive stats, and is pretty fast for a defender. If you can get him for around 5,000 FIFA Coins he’s a bargain.

Ashley Williams (CB) - Everton - Wales

  • Cost: Approx 1,500 FIFA Coins

Given his overall rating and great defensive stats, Williams is a great buy. He’s not the slowest CB and his physicality and defensive stats make him a real problem for attackers.

Phil Jones (CB) - Manchester United - England

  • Cost: Approx 1,000 FIFA Coins

Phil Jones isn’t the quickest player in FIFA 18, but he’s a defensive rock in terms of stats. He’s big and strong and has excellent defending stats. As long as you don’t play with a high defensive line he should be able to mop most things up at the back.

Phil Jagielka (CB) - Everton - England

  • Cost: Approx 700 FIFA Coins

Jagielka is a solid and strong defender, but not much else. Don’t expect him to be breaking forward, but as part of a fairly deep CB pairing he’ll do a great job.

Joel Ward (RB) - Crystal Palace - England

  • Cost: Approx 500-800 FIFA Coins

Ward is lacking a bit in pace, but he can be bought for about 500 FIFA Coins so weaknesses in some areas are to be expected. He’s strong and has good defensive stats, so is a great cheap addition to your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team squad.

Danny Simpson (RB) - Leicester City - England

  • Cost: Approx 500 FIFA Coins

Danny Simpson is lacking a bit in terms of pace, meaning he’s not a world class RB, but he’s a good defending and pretty strong. He can also be bought for 500 FIFA Coins, so is a bargain for a cheaply built FIFA 18 Ultimate Team squad.

Mathieu Debuchy (RB) - Arsenal - France

  • Cost: Approx 1,000 FIFA Coins

Arsenal’s RB is a very solid all-round player. He is reasonably fast with good acceleration, can dribble, pass, and defend well, plus is pretty physical. One of the best for the money.

Matthew Lowton (RB) - Burnley - England

  • Cost: Approx 600 FIFA Coins

Lowton has great stats for where it matters. He’s fast, can dribble, is a solid defender, and pretty physical. At around 600 FIFA Coins he’s a real bargain.

Kieran Gibbs (LB) - West Brom - England

  • Cost: Approx 1,000 FIFA Coins

Gibbs is a fast LB with great all round stats for his position. He’s got a high 77 rating for defending and can dribble well.

Ryan Bertrand (LB) - Southampton - England

  • Cost: Approx 1,500 FIFA Coins

Bertrand is another nippy LB, but he also has excellent passing, dribbling, defending and physical stats. He’s a great option for a team that likes players to press but also attacks up the wings.

Aaron Cresswell (LB) - West Ham - England

  • Cost: Approx 1,000 FIFA Coins

Cresswell is a solid, fairly nippy LB that can be bought relatively cheaply. He’s not the most physical player, but he can dribble and pass pretty well for a player this reasonably priced.

James Milner (LB) - Liverpool - England

  • Cost: Approx 1,700 -2,000 FIFA Coins

Milner is getting on a bit now, but his stats are still excellent. He’s strong, reasonably fast, and has great attacking and defensive stats. He’s a superb buy for the money.

Abdul Rahman Baba (LB) - Chelsea - Ghana

  • Cost: Approx 1,300 FIFA Coins

If you want pace in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, you’re going to have to pay a premium for it. With a sprint speed of 83, plus strong dribbling, defensive and physical stats, Baba is worth the money.

Best Cheap Midfielders in FIFA 18 FUT (CM, RM, LM, CDM)

From our research it’s easier to get good CDMs for cheap than it is any other position. There are some bargains across the CM, RM, LM, and CDM positions, though, but again you’ll have to sacrifice one group of attributes if you want top quality in others.

Andre Carrillo (RM) - Watford - Peru

  • Cost: Approx 900-1,000 FIFA Coins

Carrillo isn’t going to be good if you want every player to track back and defend, but he’s a well priced RM who is fast and has strong attacking stats.

Aaron Lennon (RM) - Everton - England

  • Cost: Approx 800-1,000 FIFA Coins

Lennon isn’t young any more, so his performance might drop in the second half, but for a nice chunk under 1,000 FIFA Coins you can get a fast dribbler who can do real damage up the right of midfield. He’s never been a great shooter, but he’ll contribute well to your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.

James McCarthy (CDM) - Everton - Republic of Ireland

  • Cost: Approx 700-900 FIFA Coins

McCarthy has lots of stats you need in a good CDM. He’s strong, a good defender, and can pass well. He’s also got solid acceleration, so can get himself out of trouble. A great buy for you FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.

Gareth Barry (CMD) - West Brom - England

  • Cost: Approx 500-600 FIFA Coins

If you want a proper holding midfielder to play in the CDM role, Barry is a good and cheap choice for you FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. He’s slow, but is a good defender and an excellent passer.

Roque Mesa (CDM) - Swansea - Spain

  • Cost: Approx 1,200 FIFA Coins

Mesa is one of the best CDM buys in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. He’s strong, can pass, is a solid defender, and also pretty fast. More glamorous players sell for a lot more and offer little extra in terms of stats.

Jese Rodriguez Ruiz (LM) - Stoke City - Spain

  • Cost: Approx 1,200 FIFA Coins

Jese is fast and an excellent dribbler, making him a great attacking LM in your budget FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. He’s not a good defender, so make sure you have some solid CDMs playing alongside him and a defensive LB.

Jay Rodriguez (LM) - West Brom - England

  • Cost: Approx 1,100 FIFA Coins

If you want pace and god attacking attributes from your LM, Jay Rodriguez is a good option at just over 1,000 FIFA Coins. For the price you miss out on defending quality, so make sure there are other players behind him to make up for this.

Lazar Markovic (RM) - Liverpool - Serbia

  • Cost: Approx 1,400 FIFA Coins

If you want pace, Markovic has this in abundance. He is lightning and a great dribbler, too. He’s a bit weak and isn’t the best finisher, but for bursting through defenders he’s a real bargain.

Etienne Capoue (CM) - Watford - France

  • Cost: Approx 500-700 FIFA Coins

If Capoue had pace he’d be a sought after player. As he stands, he’s a solid CM who is also pretty strong.

Yohan Cabaye (CM) - Crystal Palace - France

  • Cost: Approx 1,200 - 1,300 FIFA Coins

Apart from a slight lack of pace, Cabaye is an all-round great CM who can create and take chances. He’s also not afraid to get stuck in.

Mario Lemina (CM) - Southampton - Gabon

  • Cost: Approx 1,500 FIFA Coins

Lemina is one of the most costly midfielders in our list, but he’s a great, strong player who also has pace. For the money he’s a bargain and perfect for a cheaply made FIFA 18 Ultimate Team squad.

Best Cheap Attackers in FIFA 18 FUT (ST, RW, LW, CF, CAM)

Finding good CAM for cheap proved to be tough, but there are plenty of great ST, RW, and LW available for good money. We’d recommend spending higher on this group of players to ensure you get pace in your attack. Given how tricky it is to defend in FIFA 18, pace can destroy a defense.

Ibrahim Afellay (CAM) - Stoke City - Netherlands

  • Cost: Approx 1,400-1,600 FIFA Coins

Affelley is one of the few reasonably priced CAMs in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. He’s got pace, is an excellent dribbler, and has strong passing and shooting stats.

Mame Diouf (ST) - Stoke City - Senegal

  • Cost: Approx 1,300 FIFA Coins

With 83 Pace, good strength and excellent finishing, Diouf is a great Ultimate Team buy. He will be a real handful for most defenders.

Shane Long (ST) - Southampton - Republic of Ireland

  • Cost: Approx 1,300 FIFA Coins

Shane Long is a great budget striker for your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team squad. He’s fast, has good finishing and is strong. He can also dribble well, making him a real handful.

Joshua King (ST) - Bournemouth - Norway

  • Cost: Approx 4,000 FIFA Coins

While King is one of the most expensive players we’ve recommended, he is cheap for a player of his pace. With a pace rating of 90 and finishing stat of 82 he will score a lot of goals.

Luciano Narsingh (RW) - Swansea - Netherlands

  • Cost: Approx 2,300 FIFA Coins

With lightning pace and strong dribbling, Narsingh is a superb buy at RW. His pace will cost you a little more than the team average, but it’s worth it.

Jose Izquierdo (LW) - Brighton - Colombia

  • Cost: Approx 4,800 - 5,000 FIFA Coins

Jose Izquierdo is expensive in the context of this guide, but he’s cheap compared to players who have similar pace. He’s very fast and can cut in from the left to cause real damage. A great buy for your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team if you can afford him.

Elsewhere we’ve got guides to the best players in FIFA 18, the best young players in FIFA 18, the best hidden gems in FIFA 18, and how to defend or score lots of goals in FIFA 18.

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