FIFA 18 FUT Draft Guide - What is FUT Draft, What can you win in FUT Draft?

How to build an Ultimate Team in FIFA 18 FUT, great chemistry, earn FIFA 18 Coins quickly and win online. Get the best cheap players for FUT and learn about TOTW cards. Squad Building Challenges explained, and FUT 18 Card Packs detailed. Squad Battles, How to Beat Teams on Legendary.

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FIFA 18 FUT Draft is a game mode within FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. In this FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Draft guide we’ll detail the two different Draft modes, explain how the Draft works, and go over how to win the best prizes in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Draft. Read on for the complete FUT 18 Draft Guide.

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FIFA 18 FUT 18 Draft

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Draft is a unique game mode within FIFA 18 Ultimate Team in which you must build a team from a selection of players presented to you as options for each position. To enter a Draft you must pay 15,000 FIFA Coins or 300 FIFA Points. A Draft can be played offline against AI (with a difficulty chosen) or online against other players.

How to set up a FIFA 18 FUT Draft Team

As long as you can pay the entry fee for a Draft you can take part as you don’t use any of your own players. On entering you must build a team in the following order:

  • Pick a Captain - This will be one of your best players, and let you build the team around them.
  • Pick a Formation - This can’t be changed once you choose it, so pick a formation you want for the next four games of the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Draft.
  • Pick Players - Each position in your formation must have a player, so you choose them from a small pool presented to you. There is no cost associated with each player.
  • Attempt to get a Great Team with Good Chemistry - The goal when selecting players is to maximise both your overall team rating and chemistry. You can preview each choice to see how it affect these two stats.
  • Pick Subs/Reserves - These players don’t have any impact on your starting 11 chemistry and score, but you can switch things up once they are chosen. Try to think about what players could swap into the starting 11 to improve rating or chemistry.

How to win Prizes in FIFA 18 FUT Draft

As with every game in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, you’ll earn FIFA Coins for every game you play. The real prizes in FUT Draft come from stringing together a series of wins. Get four wins out of four and you’ll earn the biggest prizes on offer.

Rewards for playing Online Draft are better than playing Offline Draft, and Offline Draft rewards don’t seem to be affected by the AI difficulty.

Annoyingly it seems as though what you win will vary, even if you always win the same number of games. Prizes always come in the form of Card Packs, but the quality can differ substantially.

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    I don't know what game you are playing mate but there is no way any "stop and turn" works against the god like powers of the computer AI. In squad battles (or any online mode) any difficulty passed semi-pro is extremely hard this year.

    The game applies user sliders before each match and there is a noticeable difference immediately when you start the game. My players are much slower, they don't respond normally and the computer AI user stats are buffed to the point that any player rated beyond a 70 is a mini Pele on any team. The amount of blocked shots, intercepted passes and getting pushed off the ball by a 5'4 140lbs LW is ridiculous.

    In squad battles I lose to a barely rated 70 team with a 186 rated squad, how does that make sense? I've been playing FIfa for a very VERY long time and FIFA18 is by far the worst version ever. I'm on FUT looking at all the pack "promo's'" and that's what FIFA18 is really about, exploiting people for money.

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