FIFA 18 FUT Squad Battles - How to Earn the Most Points, Rank Highly and win on Legendary - Play Tiki Taka Football

FIFA 18 FUT Squad Battles - How to Earn the Most Points, Rank Highly and win on Legendary - Play Tiki Taka Football

How to build an Ultimate Team in FIFA 18 FUT, great chemistry, earn FIFA 18 Coins quickly and win online. Get the best cheap players for FUT and learn about TOTW cards. Squad Building Challenges explained, and FUT 18 Card Packs detailed. Squad Battles, How to Beat Teams on Legendary.

FIFA 18 FUT Squad Battles are an amazing new addition to FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, and thankfully can be enjoyed offline. You can earn some great rewards for playing Squad Battles and earning as high a rank as possible, so this FIFA 18 Squad Battles guide will help you get a high rank, beat Legendary teams, and understand how to get the most points in Squad Battles.

For more on FIFA 18 that isn’t about FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Squad Battles, head over to our FIFA 18 guide hub. It’s where you’ll find info on the best overall players in FIFA 18, the best young players, and how to defend or score lots of goals in FIFA 18.

How you Earn Points in FIFA 18 FUT Squad Battles

The points you earn for each FIFA 18 Squad Battle match is determined by a number of in-game stats. We'll detail each of these for you below.

FIFA 18 FUT Squad Battle Difficulty

The difficulty of the AI will big one of the biggest factors that determines how many points you will earn. The number below is a multiplier for a portion of the points you earn for the match. There's absolutely no reason to play on Beginner or Amateur unless you're a complete novice. Ultimate difficulty gives the biggest multiplier, but due to a number of other point bonuses that are harder to achieve (clean sheet, for example), Legendary is the sweet spot for Squad Battles.

FIFA 18 FUT Squad Battles - Difficulty Setting Point Multipliers

  • Ultimate – 2.6
  • Legendary – 2.1
  • World Class – 1.6
  • Professional – 1.0
  • Semi-Pro – 0.7
  • Amateur – 0.6
  • Beginner – 0.5

Other FIFA 18 FUT Squad Battle Point Earners

Match Complete Bonus

This points total is decided upon based on the quality of the team you're playing against and the Team Chemistry of the team.

Match Result Bonus

You'll either get 50 Points for losing, or 200 Points for winning. You can't draw a game in Squad Battles, so you'll go to Extra Time and then penalties to get a winner if necessary.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Squad Battles Skill Bonus Points

A large part of your points per game in a Squad Battle come from what FIFA 18 calls skill rewards. These points are based on in-game stats, events, and goals. You can also lose points for bad things, like fouls and cards.

FIFA 18 Squad Battle Skill Bonus Points

Points/UnitMax UnitsMax Limit
Goals Scored405200
Shots on Target51050
Successful Tackles12020
Clean Sheets75175
Pass Accuracy %18080
Possession %18080
Man of the Match15115
Goals Conceded-204-80

FIFA 18 Squad Battle Goals Scored Bonus Points

Scoring goals, especially on high difficulty settings, will earn you lots of points. You can earn for up to five goals per game, so scoring a lot should be a high priority.

DifficultyPoints Per GoalMax GoalsMax Points
World Class1005500

How to Beat Legendary Teams in FIFA 18 Squad Battles

Playing on Legendary difficulty strikes a good balance between difficulty and points. While Ultimate will earn you more points on paper, it's very hard to reap those rewards. Follow this Legendary guide and you'll be racking up the points faster than ever before.

Stop and Turn is King Against AI in FIFA 18

While the Stop and Turn skill move can be expected if you're playing a real person, and therefore countered, the AI in FIFA 18 will struggle to deal with it even on high difficulty settings. If you're running down the outside of the penalty box, perform a Stop and Turn and you'll probably beat the defender and find space to shoot.

To perform a Stop and Turn simply doing the following: Right Stick up (flick), left/right (flick).

AI Goes Attacks Aggressively in the Final 20 Minutes

If you can stay level against the AI in FIFA 18 during a Squad Battle, the team will start playing more aggressive attacking football as the match nears the end. As you can't draw in FIFA 18 Squad Battles the AI will always play for the win and leave themselves open at the back for a counter.

Don't Rush Attacks in FIFA 18 Squad Battles

Key to winning on Legendary in FIFA 18 Squad Battles is to stay level or ahead. If the AI isn't winning it makes mistakes and gives you a chance to exploit those errors. If you give them an easy goal by being sloppy at the back, the AI will be harder to break down. Don't rush to score as you'll find the game far easier if you hold onto the ball and wait for your chance.

Elsewhere we’ve got guides to the best players in FIFA 18, the best young players in FIFA 18, the best hidden gems in FIFA 18, and how to defend or score lots of goals in FIFA 18.

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