Destiny 2 Last Word Quest Steps - How to Complete The Cleansing, The Temptation, The Damnation, and Get the Last Word in Destiny 2 The Draw Exotic Quest

Destiny 2 Last Word Quest Steps - How to Complete The Cleansing, The Temptation, The Damnation, and Get the Last Word in Destiny 2 The Draw Exotic Quest

The Last Word has made a return in Destiny 2, and it's still as powerful as ever.

The Last Word is back with a suitable bang in Destiny 2, although it's a pretty long road to get your hands on the new Exotic hand cannon. In this Destiny 2 The Last Word guide, we'll be walking you through completing the new Destiny 2 The Draw Exotic quest steps, so you can inch closer to obtaining the overpowered weapon.

Destiny 2 The Draw Exotic Quest Walkthrough

Just below, you can see the complete outline for all content arriving in Destiny 2 as part of the Season of the Forge, which concludes in February. The Draw Exotic quest arrived in Destiny 2 yesterday, on January 29, for everyone who owns the Annual Pass for the game.

The update schedule for The Black Armory. | Bungie

How to Get The Last Word in Destiny 2

So far, we've uncovered quite a few steps in The Draw quest line. Just below, we'll be outlining each of these steps, detailing how you can complete them as easily as possible. If you're stuck at a certain part of The Draw, head to the exact point using the links below.

Tainted Artifact

When you first load into Destiny 2, there'll be a new quest available in The Tower. Go see the Drifter to kick off The Draw quest line, and complete this objective.

The beginning of The Draw. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Bungie

The Cleansing

To complete this stage of the quest, you need to kill a lot of Hive. Head to Mars and repeat the Escalation Protocol for this stage, and you'll want to have at least one Solar-powered weapon on you as well.

The Cleansing quest step. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Bungie

The Temptation

For this stage, you're going to need to head to the Crucible. Your objective here is to defeat Guardians, but the catch is that getting defeated in the Crucible will knock down your completion percentage slightly, so stay alert.

The Temptation, the third quest step. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Bungie

The Damnation

So this step is a lot easier than the previous one, mainly because it's not in the Crucible. You need to head over to the Cargo Bay 3 Lost Sector, found on Titan. Within this Lost Sector, you can find a single Acolyte surrounded by Hive Wizards. You need to kill the Wizards, which lower the shields of the Acolyte, which in turn allow you to kill the actual Acolyte, and complete this step.

A New Jagged Purpose

To complete this step, all you need to do is head back to the Drifter. Give him the helmet that's been pierced by thorns, and he'll provide you with some rather intriguing lore.

Sullied Light

This step actually has multiple steps to it, but unlike The Cleansing step with the Hive, they aren't available to be completed all at once. Below, we'll list out all the individual steps to complete this objective.

  • Collect Etched Crystals from Lost Sector Wanted Escapees.
  • Earn multiple 'Best Served Cold' and 'Blood for Blood' medals in the Crucible.
  • Defeat Hive with precision damage, to collect Larvae.
  • Sacrifice Hive bosses summoned in Witches' rituals (complete The Summoning Public Event on Mars).

Sorrow's Road

After the previously lengthy step in The Draw quest line is completed, return to see the Drifter once again in the Tower.

The Conversation

To complete The Conversation stage of the quest line, you need to head to Hellfire Canyon, which is found through the Jetsam of Saturn, in the Tangled Shore. There's a single flag that you need to find and interact with in this area, to begin the next phase of the quest.

  • Defeat waves of Hive enemies, until an Ogre appears.
  • Defeat the Ogre, and pick up the Worm that it drops.
  • Run to the blocked passage in the area, and use the worm to blow it open.
  • Proceed into the next area, and kill three Wizards.
  • Jump down the hole, and stand on the plate nearby.
  • A 'Steady' prompt will appear, which will steadily charge.
  • When the 'Draw' prompt appears, The Last Word will appear right beside you.
  • Use The Last Word to shoot the weapon out of Enkaar's hand.
  • Defeat a wave of enemies while you're proceeding to the next plate.
  • This time two versions of Enkaar will appear, and you need to use The Last Word to shoot the weapons out of the hands of both versions.
  • Another wave of enemies will spawn, hindering your progress to the next and final plate.
  • This time three versions of Enkaar will appear before you, and you need to disarm all three of them.

A Darker Path

Once that penultimate stage of the quest is done, there's only one thing left to do. Simply head back to the Drifter, and while he'll give you some expositional dialogue, The Last Word will finally be yours to keep.

Destiny 2 The Last Word Exotic

But what about the actual statistics for The Last Word? It turns out the previous Reddit leak claimed knowledge of the weapon stats and perks. Just below, we’ve highlighted all the supposed perks for The Last Word.

  • Fan Fire - This weapon can be fired quickly and continuously. Faster reload and increased accuracy on successive hip-fire damage.
  • Corkscrew Rifling - Balanced barrel (slightly increases range, stability, and handling speed).
  • Accurized Rounds - This weapon can fire longer distances (increased range).
  • Hip-Fire Grip - Ergonomic grips that increase accuracy and stability when firing from the hip.
  • Textured Grip - The friction on this weapon’s grip is particularly strong (greatly increases handling speed, slightly decreases stability).

On top of all of this, The Last Word is slated to boast a rounds per minute value of 180, and a magazine size of 8. It certainly sounds like The Last Word is going to be one of the deadliest weapons in all of Destiny 2, just like it was back in the original game.

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