Monster Hunter World Appreciation Fest Tickets, Greatest Jagras Quest, New Armor, Returning Event Quests - Everything we Know

Here's everything you need to know about the Appreciation Festival for Monster Hunter World, marking the one year anniversary of the game.

It's now been just over one year since Monster Hunter World first launched on consoles, and Capcom is celebrating the anniversary in style. In our Monster Hunter World Appreciation Fest guide, we'll be walking you through everything there is to know about the event, including the eventual Appreciation Fest end date, the new Appreciation Fest Tickets, and more.

But if you instead need any information on the wider game, you’ll want to head over to our complete Monster Hunter World guides hub. Here you can find a full beginner’s guide to the game, essential tips that every hunter should know, and much more.

When Does the Monster Hunter World Appreciation Fest Start?

Just below, you can see the announcement of the start date for the Appreciation Fest in Monster Hunter World. The celebration kicked off back in late January, and it'll be running on until February 22, so you've got right around a month to take part.

If you want to keep tabs on the latest events due to hit Monster Hunter World in the coming days, you can head over to the schedule on the official MHW website. We've got over a month to enjoy the Appreciation Fest, and it'll be arriving on all platforms, PC included.

The Greatest Jagras

Quite possibly the most notable addition in the Appreciation Fest is the big boy himself, the Greatest Jagras. This is basically a huge version of the normal monster, and although we won't spoil the particulars here, you can get some insane Gem rewards from defeating the beast. Note that you'll need to be Hunter Rank 50 to take part in the Greatest Jagras quest, so now's the time to get grinding.


Appreciation Fest Event Quests

In the past Spring, Summer, and Winter events for Monster Hunter World, event quests have returned for a limited time. Take the Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration event for example, which returned during the Spring Fest, after only running for the first three weeks after Monster Hunter World first came out. Well, with the Appreciation Fest, all these limited collaboration quests will be returning once again, so you'll have the chance to earn Aloy's gear, Street Fighter 5 outfits, and more.

Aloy's armor in Monster Hunter World | Capcom

But, if you're looking for a new challenge during the Appreciation Fest, then Capcom has got you sorted. Just below, you can see the 'Greatest Jagras,' an even bigger version of the standard beast, that'll debut during the Appreciation Fest for all Monster Hunter World players.

Appreciation Fest New Armor

As usual with events in Monster Hunter World, you’ll be rewarded with special Tickets every time you sign into the game, while the Appreciation Fest is running. While the event is on, you’ll earn two Appreciation Tickets every time you sign into the game, once per day.

Just below, you can see one of the confirmed new armor sets for the Appreciation Fest, which is known as the Gala Suit (credit to Fextralife for the screen). This new piece of armor will require 60,000 Zenny, 15 Appreciation Tickets, 8 Elder Dragon Bones, and 10 High Commendation in total to craft the full set. That’s quite the haul.

The brand new Gala armor | Capcom

Elsewhere, there’s a new gear outfit for your Palico, which you can see just below (credit to Fextralife for the screen). This Star Set of armor for your companion will cost 3 Appreciation Tickets and 850 Points in total to craft.

The brand new Palico armor outfit | Capcom

As of right now, this is a complete roundup of all the information we have on the Appreciation Fest for Monster Hunter World. We’ll be updating this guide with all future details about the event, so make sure to check back for more.

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