Pokemon Switch 2019 Release Date, Gen 8 Pokemon, Trading Card Patent, Kanto Region - Pokemon Stars Everything we Know

Pokemon Switch 2019 Release Date, Gen 8 Pokemon, Trading Card Patent, Kanto Region - Pokemon Stars Everything we Know

Here's everything we know and can speculate about the upcoming Pokemon Switch project, including a potential release date, the new trading card patent, and the Kanto region rumors.

A Pokemon Switch game has been anticipated for a fair while now, and with the Pokemon Stars rumors circulating since last year, anticipation has reached fever pitch. In this Pokemon Switch guide, we'll be going over everything we know and can speculate about the project, including a potential Pokemon Switch release date, the recently trading card patent, as well as the rumors of a return to the Kanto region.

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Pokemon Switch Release Date

We finally knew that a Pokemon Switch project was in development for certain at E3 2017, when Pokemon Company President and CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara appeared briefly in a pre recorded announcement to reveal as much, without going into any further details about the project.

Since then, we've heard precious little about the Pokemon Switch project from Nintendo officially, although details of the game have been reported and speculated about online (more on that further down). Since we've barely heard a word about Pokemon Switch for roughly a year now since it was first announced, it's highly unlikely that the game is targeting a 2018 release, and instead looks far more likely for 2019.

An a later interview with Bloomberg, Ishihara stated that "With the Switch, we see it as a chance to create Pokemon that goes deeper and with a higher level of expression. As a result, that makes it an extremely important platform. Right now we're using seven to eight inch screens, but on a high-definition TV you can express a whole different world with graphics and sound".

The Pokemon Switch project targeting a release in 2019 was confirmed on May 29, when the Pokemon Company and Nintendo revealed as much in their Tokyo presentation.

Pokemon Switch Kanto Region Rumor

So where could this forthcoming Pokemon Switch game take place within the established in-game world of Pokemon? The image below was published in fansite PokeJungle in March 2018, which seemed to point towards Pokemon Switch having something to do with the Kanto region.

Although the image has since been taken down from PokeJungle, it depicts a trainer riding a Lapras through what seems to look like Route 21 that leads to Sevii Islands, if our Pokemon knowledge is up to date.

On may 16, Eurogamer published a report stating that the upcoming Pokemon Switch game would indeed feature the Kanto region, and would star Pikachu and Eevee. In addition, the game would also be a sort-of remake of Pokemon Yellow.

Pokemon Stars Rumor

In late 2016, Eurogamer reported on the Pokemon Stars project being in development for the Nintendo Switch, this was roughly half a year before the Pokemon Switch project was actually revealed by Ishihara at Nintendo's E3 2017 presentation.

The Eurogamer report stated that the Pokemon game eventually coming to the Switch would be a spin-off from Pokemon Sun and Moon that launched earlier in 2016, similar to how Pokemon Yellow was a spin-off game from Pokemon Red and Blue back in the old days of the franchise.

According to the Eurogamer report, the Pokemon Stars project for the Switch will feature the same story and same location as Pokemon Sun and Moon, and that Pokemon would be tradeable between Pokemon Sun, Moon, and Stars, via an app. None of these elements have been confirmed by the Pokemon Company since Eurogamer reported on them, but then again we've heard precious little about the game itself.

Pokemon Switch Trading Card Patent

In a patent filed by Nintendo in 2018, a new and interesting angle was potentially revealed for the Pokemon Switch project. The patent file points to the game having an interactive trading card feature, that actually changes depending on your actions and behavior in the actual game.

The patent also suggests that these trading cards can be used with a smartphone, but also that everything about a single card - including background designs and patterns - can change depending on the way you use your Nintendo Switch. The patent seems to promise a great deal about Pokemon Switch, but also manages to seem like a project far too ambitious to be believed.

Pokemon Switch Gen 8 Pokemon Rumor

According to the tweet just below that translates a feature from the Spanish version of the Official Nintendo Magazine, Gen 8 Pokemon will be featured in the upcoming Pokemon Switch project.

This basically translates to Pokemon Switch having a lot of brand new creatures for us to encounter, which would seem to contradict the rumors that Pokemon Stars would be a spin-off of the Pokemon Sun and Moon games with the same location.

These all are the collective rumors and information we have surrounding the Pokemon Switch project right now, but make sure to keep an eye on this guide, as we'll be updating it with all the future information that releases surrounding the game, particularly with E3 2018 on the horizon.

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