Fire Emblem Three Houses Class - All Classes and Requirements

Fire Emblem Three Houses Class - All Classes and Requirements

This is our guide covering every Fire Emblem Three Houses class, including all the various requirements for the classes, and more.

Within Fire Emblem Three Houses, you can unlock different classes for your students and other characters, to help define their combat roles. In this complete guide to each Fire Emblem Three Houses class, we'll be detailing the class requirements, so you know which skills you'll have to level up with each character in order to unlock a new class for them.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Class

At the very beginning of Fire Emblem Three Houses, every student, including the player character, will start out in one of two roles. You'll either be a 'Commoner' or a 'Noble,' but from there everyone can progress into additional classes once you hit level 5.

To acquire a new class for a character, you need to have them undertake a certification exam. These are only available every Sunday, and you'll have to have met certain requirements to undertake certification exams for different classes (more on that below).

Throughout the tables below, we'll be detailing everything there is to know about all the Fire Emblem Three Houses classes. We'll be going over the class name, skill proficiency, certification requirements, and more.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Beginner Classes

These beginner classes can be earned in certification exams once a unit reaches level 5.

Class NameProficiencySkill RequirementNotes
MyrmidonSwordSword rank DN/A
SoldierLanceLance rank DN/A
FighterAxe, Bow, BrawlAxe, Bow, or Brawl rank DN/A
MonkReason, FaithReason or Faith rank DCan use magic

Fire Emblem Three Houses Intermediate Classes

Below, you can find all the intermediate classes in Fire Emblem Three Houses. These classes can be undertaken and unlocked from level 10.

Class NameProficiencySkill RequirementNotes
LordSword, Lance, AuthoritySword rank C, Authority rank CClaude, Edelgard, Dimitri only
MercenarySword, AxeSword rank CN/A
ThiefSword, BowSword rank CN/A
CavalierSword, Lance, RidingLance rank C, Riding rank DMounted unit
Pegasus KnightSword, Lance, FlyingLance rank C, Flying rank DFlying unit
BrigandAxe, BrawlAxe rank C, Heavy Armor rank DN/A
Armored KnightLance, Axe, Heavy ArmorAxe rank C, Heavy Armor rank DN/A
ArcherSword, BowBow rank CN/A
BrawlerAxe, BrawlBrawl rank CMale only
MageReason, FaithReason rank CCan use magic
Dark MageReason, FaithReason rank C, Dark SealCan use magic, male only
PriestReason, FaithFaith rank CCan use magic

Fire Emblem Three Houses Advanced Classes

Advanced classes in Fire Emblem Three Houses are where units tend to specialise and hone their skills more. A unit can take a certification exam to become an advanced class once they hit level 20.

Class NameProficiencySkill RequirementNotes
SwordmasterSwordSword rank AN/A
HeroSword, AxeSword rank B, Axe rank CMale only
AssassinSword, BowSword rank B, Bow rank CN/A
PaladinSword, Lance, RidingLance rank B, Riding rank BMounted unit
WarriorAxeAxe rank AN/A
Fortress KnightLance, Axe, Heavy ArmorAxe rank A, Heavy Armor rank BN/A
Wyvern RiderAxe, FlyingAxe rank B, Flying rank CN/A
SniperBowBow rank AN/A
GrapplerBrawlBrawl rank AMale only
WarlockReason, FaithReason rank ACan use magic
Dark BishopReason, FaithReason rank A, Dark SealCan use magic, male only
BishopReason, FaithFaith rank ACan use magic

Fire Emblem Three Houses Master Classes

Finally, there's the master classes in Fire Emblem Three Houses. Although these can be unlocked from level 30, you need to progress past the time skip in order to undertake the exams for these classes.

Class NameProficiencySkill RequirementNotes
Mortal SavantSword, ReasonSword rank A, Reason rank B+Can use magic
Falcon KnightSword, Lance, FlyingSword rank C, Lance rank A, Flying rank B+Female only, flying unit
War MasterAxe, BrawlAxe rank A, Brawl rank AMale only
Wyvern LordLance, Axe, FlyingLance rank C, Axe rank A, Flying rank AFlying unit
Great KnightLance, Axe, Heavy ArmorAxe rank B+, Heavy Armor rank A, Riding rank B+Mounted unit
Bow KnightLance, Bow, RidingLance rank C, Bow rank A, Riding rank AMounted unit
GremonyReason, FaithReason rank A, Faith rank AFemale only, can use magic
Dark KnightLance, Reason, RidingLance rank C, Reason rank B+, Riding rank AMounted unit, can use magic
Holy KnightLance, Faith, RidingLance rank C, Faith rank B+, Riding rank AMounted unit, can use magic

You'll note in the tables above there are instances where certain classes require a 'Dark Seal' in order to undertake a certification exam for some classes. Dark Seals are incredibly rare items in Fire Emblem Three Houses, and are only obtained by defeating powerful foes in combat.

One such example is when you first encounter the Death Knight. In the underground section of the Monastery when you first see the Death Knight, he's presented as a mini boss that you can entirely avoid. But if you've got the courage to defeat him, you'll earn a Dark Seal.

If it's more Three Houses content you're after, then USG has everything you could need for the adventure. You can head over to our various guides, including our Fire Emblem Three Houses weapons guide, our Fire Emblem Three Houses romance guide, or our Fire Emblem Three Houses recruitment guide. Alternatively, there's our full Fire Emblem Monastery guide, or our page on which house to choose in Fire Emblem Three Houses.

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