Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Weapons Guide - Weapons Tier List, Best Weapons, How to Change Weapon, Weapon Upgrade, Tutorials

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Weapons Guide - Weapons Tier List, Best Weapons, How to Change Weapon, Weapon Upgrade, Tutorials

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate can be tricky to get to grips with early on, especially if you’re coming fresh from Monster Hunter World. To help ease you in, we’ve got everything you need to know about the game, including tips, monster guides, weapons info and more.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate offers up fourteen distinct weapons for you to master. Choosing which one is for you is part of the fun of a Monster Hunter game, as each weapon generally suits a different playstyle. Well, to help you pick, we’ve put together this Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Weapons Guide. It’s full of info on each weapon, including how to use them, and which one is best for beginners. We’ve also got information on a Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Weapon Tier List, to help you work out which is the best weapon in the game.

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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Weapons Guide

Monster Hunter is famous for its wild and wacky selection of weapons. There’s everything from giant axes to bowguns, each suiting a completely different playstyle. Figuring out which one is for you takes time and patience, though it’s definitely worth reading up on some of the core weapons beforehand. In this Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Weapons Guide, we’ll provide you with details on every weapon in the game, and take a look at which one is best for those just starting out.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Great Sword

The Great Sword is a heavy, damage-dealing sword with devastating charged attacks. It’s incredibly slow, though if you can land a hit then it’ll deal some serious damage. With the Great Sword, it’s all about the Charge Attack. Holding down the X button will cause small flashes to occur as you charge up. Release during the third flash for maximum damage. Because of your slow movement speed while using the Great Sword, you’ll want to keep the blade sheathed the majority of the time. Sprint and then unleash an attack, then sheath and move on. What you’re aiming for is a situation where the monster is stunned, allowing you to unleash a full Charge attack.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Long Sword

The Long Sword is one of the best weapons for beginners in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. It’s pretty quick, and is all about chaining together combos. You can move quickly while holding the Long Sword, so it’s easy to get behind a monster. You’ll have an extra gauge just below the weapon sharpness meter which is filled by landing hits on an enemy. The Fade Slash is a great evasive/attacking move that is triggered using X and A at the same time. After a fade slash you can hit R to do a special attack. Once the Spirit meter is filled, unleash your spirit attacks using R. Now, what you want to do is land the LAST hit, which will take you to the next Spirit level. At higher Spirit levels, damage is higher. Once you hit the third and final level you’ll be getting 20% added attack power. Land the last attack on the level 3 red gauge, and your spirit energy will regenerate for a short time, meaning you can hammer away at those Spirit attacks.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Sword and Shield

The Sword and Shield Weapons allow for a great range of playstyles. The main aspect is the ability to block, especially useful for monsters using ranged attacks. The blade is quick, though does not have much range, but you can make up ground fast even with your weapon drawn. There’s a powerful slash attack mapped to the R button which can be held to charge up. Combos are very straight forward, and oils can be applied to the blade for extra boosts in damage.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Dual Blades

The Dual Blades are very good for beginners as they offer a hell of a lot of movement options and speed. There’s a gauge you must manage by building up hits while in Demon Mode. Once you’ve filled it, you can activate Archdemon Mode which seriously amps up the damage. Beware though, that using Demon mode consumes stamina, so you’ll need to know when to ease off.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Hammer

The hammer is really heavy, but can be seriously effective if used correctly. The Hammer is best used by those with the patience to wait for an opening. There are charged attacks mapped to R, which at full tilt cannot be deflected by any armor in the game. You can KO monsters by hitting them a few times in the head, opening up the opportunity to inflict even more charged damage. There are three stages of charge, and you can cancel them at any time by dodging. Take your time, wait for an opening, and attempt a full charge attack.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Hunting Horn

The Hunting Horn is a great support weapon, offering the KO damage of a Hammer with the style of the Insect Glaive. There is a gauge below the HP meter, which will see musical notes appear after an attack. Chaining together these notes plays a tune, which in turn buffs your character. There are a ton of buffs, like upping movement speed, increasing damage, and more. Just build up attacks, hit R to play a song, and then hit R again to activate a second buff. It’s a tricky weapon to learn, but can be seriously useful when mastered.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Lance

The Lance is a great weapon in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for one reason and one reason only, its impressive reach. You press A to attack higher targets, and X for an attack that hits lower. You also get a shield, which depletes Stamina when used. It’s worth being wary of your evade moves while using the Lance, given that you cannot dodge roll while it’s drawn. You can sidestep and evade while attacking, and you can also counter attacks by pressing A while blocking at the moment of an attack hitting. Practise simple combos followed by a sidestep, you can repeat this with most monsters multiple times until you are victorious.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Gunlance

The Gunlance is an extension of the Lance weapon and is a highly technical fighting style. There’s another gauge, the Heat Gauge, to contend with, which is built up by firing off shells. Shells are fired using A, and a charged shot is also possible with R + A. Landing a shell will build the heat gauge. What you’re looking to do is get that Heat Gauge up to red, without going all the way to the right. Move to the edge of the red area and it’ll knock you back into yellow for a full two minutes.

Each subsequent Heat Gauge level increases your attack damage, so if you can keep your Heat Gauge in the red, you’ll get a 20% boost. To reload the weapon, we recommend hitting A after an evade for a full reload. There’s a special attack assigned to R + X + A which knocks you back a bit in your Heat Gauge, where you’ll stay for two minutes. It’s possible then, to time this so that you knock back into an area of red, meaning your damage will be locked for a short time. The Gunlance is a tricky weapon to use, but with the right meal prep and charm buffs, it can be a real heavy hitter.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Switch Axe

The Switch Axe is a hybrid weapon combining a heavy axe with a sword weapon. You can switch between the two, but only once your Switch Gauge is yellow. To switch, hit R while standing still, or after a forward slash attack. If your Gauge is pink when you hit R, you will reload, filling up your Gauge a bit. You move faster when using the axe, and hit harder while using the sword. Mastering the Switch Axe is all about balancing these two scenarios and learning how to quickly switch between the two states. The real highlight of using the Switch Axe is the Chop Combo. Pressing X + A will trigger an upward slash. Continue pressing A after that and you’ll repeatedly swing your sword until you run out of stamina, doing huge amounts of damage.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Charge Blade

The Charge Blade is an incredibly complicated weapon introduced in Monster Hunter . It’s not dissimilar from the Switch Axe, though you do start in sword mode and can switch into axe mode once certain conditions are met. While doing Sword damage, a meter will fill up below the Health Bar, from yellow to red. In either yellow or red states, hit R + A to charge the Phials located on the meter. Having full Phials means you can now attack in Axe Mode. Pressing R + X will switch to Axe mode where Phials will be consumed with each attack. This is some serious damage output, and it is also possible to unleash a Super Burst move using X + A, immediately consuming your vials. Vials can be swapped out for different types, some offering explosive damage, some elemental. The most powerful move involves hitting R while charging Phials in sword mode. The shield and sword will now glow red. Moving into axe mode from this state grants access to the Ultra Burst attack, using the power from phials and shield to unleash a devastating attack.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Insect Glaive

The Insect Glaive is pretty difficult to use, but offers a number of a few advantages. Firstly, you can jump by using the weapon to pole vault. Then there’s the Insect minions you can command, with a variety of insects available all with different properties. The weapon itself is quick, and great for chaining combos together. Now, once you’ve chosen your insect companion, you can fire a pheromone bullet at the enemy using R. This acts as a lock on target of sorts for your insect to home in on. If you want to send it somewhere else, R + X sends it out on a direct path, or you can hold R to aim where you want it to go. The fun of the Insect Glaive lies in using different insects for different scenarios, watching as it slowly chips away at a monster’s health while you vault in for a strong attack.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Light Bowgun

Now onto the ranged weapons of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. There are two types of Bowgun: Light and Heavy. The Light Bowgun allows for more movement, but doesn’t hit as hard. Using a Bowgun doesn’t involve flashy combos. Instead, you’ll be firing, evading, reloading and repeating. The strategy boils down to what ammo you use when, with a huge range available. There’s explosive ammo, elemental ammo, and poison tipped ammo. Be aware that Bowgunners generally have much less effective armor, so you’ll need to be incredibly cautious when evading.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Heavy Bowgun

Where the Light Bowgun is about speed and mobility, the Heavy Bowgun is about power. There are fewer evading options, but if you can land a shot it’ll do more damage. It’s possible to upgrade Bowguns with shields, attachments and power barrels, so there is a bit of customization involved as well. Ultimately, if you’re well-versed and confident with dodging, go for the Heavy Bowgun, if you’d rather a bit more speed, the Light Bowgun is for you.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Bow

Finally, we have the Bow. The Bow is the perfect starter weapon for those looking to use a ranged weapon in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. It’s quick, you don’t have to worry about reloading, and it can be seriously stylish when paired with the adept Hunter Style. There are a few different shot types to get your head around, and you can add coatings to your ammo for extra effect. Be aware that arrows do have an effective range depending on which shot you fire, and you’ll be able to do damage at close and long range. The Bow allows for some of the quickest movement and evade speeds in the game, so is great for easing newcomers into the slower pace that Monster Hunter offers.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Weapon Tutorials

The best way to learn each of the weapons in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is to play through the tutorials. There’s one for each weapon, and each Hunter Style in the training menu at the quests hub. We recommend picking Guild style for each and getting a feel for each one, before picking one to focus on. From there you can test out new Hunter Styles and Arts, and start going after harder monsters.

How to Change Weapon in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

You’ll choose your weapon at the start of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate by heading into your house and opening the item box. Just go to “Manage Equipment” and you can equip a new weapon. You can also do this at the Item Box before you leave to go on a quest. If you’re looking to upgrade a weapon in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate head to the Armorer located by the Quest Exit Gate in the first village. Here you can spend Armor Spheres to upgrade a weapon of your choosing, or you can use resources you’ve gathered while out hunting at lower levels.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Weapon Tier List

The Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Weapons Tier List is a survey conducted by the community to determine the best weapons in the game. An overall rank is assigned to each weapon, indicating its viability against the different monsters. The most comprehensive Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Tier List we have is from Reddit user Jecks95 ( , the key details of which we’ve listed below: (Note that the data below relates to the weapon’s effectiveness during Time Attack situations)

  • Top Tier (S+) - HBG
  • Top Tier (S) - Lance LS
  • High Tier (A) - Bow GS LBG
  • High Tier (B) - SA DB CB
  • Mid Tier (C) - Hammer SnS IG
  • Low Tier (D) - GL HH
  • P Tier - Prowler

That’s everything we have on Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Weapons. We’ll be bringing you more info shortly, as we spend more time with the game.In the meantime, you can see how Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate’s weapons compare to that of Monster Hunter World’s in our Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide.

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