Apex Legends Crypto - Abilities, Backstory, How to Unlock Crypto

Apex Legends Crypto - Abilities, Backstory, How to Unlock Crypto

Here's everything you need to know about Crypto in Apex Legends, including his abilities, backstory, price, and how to unlock the new legend.

Crypto is out right now in Apex Legends, but you'll have to shell out some cash if you want to play as the hacker. In this Apex Legends Crypto guide, we'll be providing you with all the information you need to know about the latest legend to enter the Apex Games, including abilities, skins, and more.

Apex Legends Crypto Abilities

Crypto has a bunch of new abilities, pretty much all of which revolve around his unique surveillance drone. Below, we've rounded up his Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate abilities.

  • Passive - the Passive ability is called Neuro Link, and allows him to see what his surveillance drone detects for up to 30 meters away.
  • Tactical - This Aerial Drone Tactical ability send out a surveillance camera drone, which hangs around for 40 seconds, and can hack doors, pick up banners, and loot chests.
  • Ultimate - Weapon Drone EMP, which charges up an EMP blast from the surveillance drone, damaging enemy shield, disabling traps, and slowing down players.

What's the Story Behind the New Legend?

Park Tae Joon is the true identity of the latest legend to arrive in the Apex Games. Joon and his sister Mila were prolific hackers from Angel City, until they created an algorithm that could game the betting system for the Apex Games, thus netting the pair a ton of money.

When Park refused to sell the algorithm, Mila was abducted, and blame for the algorithm was placed solely on him. Park then used a huge EMP blast to destroy the Repulsor Tower in King's Canyon, allowing hostile wildlife to overrun the arena.

How to Unlock Crypto

Now that Season 3 of Apex Legends has arrived, Crypto is available for purchase. Head over to the 'Legends' tab in the Apex Store, and you'll see that he is available to purchase for 950 Apex Coins.

Crypto Skins

What you can see below is Crypto's default skin in Apex Legends, just as every other legend character has their standard skin. We'll be updating this guide with additional legendary and epic skins for Crypto.

Crypto's default skin. | EA/Respawn Entertainment

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