Madden 20 Defensive Money Plays - All the Best Madden 20 Blitz Plays

Madden 20 Defensive Money Plays - All the Best Madden 20 Blitz Plays

This is our guide covering Madden 20 money plays on the defensive side of the ball, including the best blitz plays, and more.

It can be tough finding the best Madden 20 money plays in the tens of defensive plays available in every playbook, but this guide can help you out. In this Madden 20 defensive money plays guide, we'll be taking you through our complete list of the best Madden 20 blitzes, so you know which plays are going to get through to the QB as quickly as possible.

Defensive Money Plays

In the table below, you can find our complete list of the best Madden 20 defensive money plays. Going along the columns from left to right, you can find the formation and the play name, the playbooks that the specific play can be found in, and finally the adjustments you'll be wanting to make before the ball is snapped by your opponent.

Money PlayPlaybook(s)Adjustments
4-4, Crash 3 BlitzLA RamsPinch defense, manually control middle linebacker and cover the middle of the field
46 Normal, Cover 2 InvertFalconsPress the offense, and put the middle DB in a deep blue cover zone. Manually play either one of the linebackers, and use them to guard the middle of the field
3-4 Odd, Engage EightBearsNo adjustments needed
3-4, Cover 4 Drop Show 2BearsBase align with your corners, and opt to show blitz. Blitz all linebackers, but manually control one linebacker and use them to cover the middle of the field
3-4 Bear, Pinch Buck ZeroChiefsCrash the defensive line out, blitz all linebackers. Manually play a DB and cover the middle of the field

Defensive Money Plays Explained

With the defensive money plays that we've detailed above, it's important that you don't run them too often while you're playing online in Madden 20. Instead, we'd recommend incorporating them into your larger defensive scheme.

If you run a single play too often, chances are your opponent is going to adapt to that one particular blitz or coverage play. For example, if you show your hand too often with a single blitz, your opponent could start throwing screen passes against you to counter your blitzes.

Instead, we'd recommend holding one of these super blitzes that we've outlined above in your back pocket, for when you really need a stop. In addition, keep in mind that all of the blitz plays above are designed to counter opponents that prefer to run the ball, although they will still work against your average run play.

If it's more Madden 20 coverage you're after, then you can check out any of our guides pages here at USG. You can head over to our Madden 20 Face of the Franchise guide for a full walkthrough of the story mode, or our Madden 20 Ultimate Team Solo Battles guide for a rundown of all the rewards. Alternatively you can check out either our Madden 20 offensive money plays guide, or our Madden 20 defensive money plays guide for some of the best plays in the game.

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