No Man’s Sky Base Building (Beyond Update 2019)

No Man’s Sky Base Building (Beyond Update 2019)

Everything you need to know about Base Building in No Man’s Sky.

Base Building is a huge part of No Man's Sky. Having a well stocked base on a planet of your choosing can seriously help you out in a pinch, and give you the chance to put your own stamp on the universe. In this No Man's Sky Base Building Guide, we'll lead you through building a base, unlocking more base parts using blueprints, and more.

No Man's Sky Base Building

For those just starting out in No Man's Sky, and those loading up an old save, Base Building will be pretty alien thanks to the new update. There's a lot of depth to it, and things don't work in the same way as they used to. We'll guide you through creating a base, unlocking new parts, and teleporting to and from your base planet.

Building a Base in No Man's Sky

There are a few different ways to build a base in No Man's Sky. Every single one starts with a base computer though, which you'll either need to find or craft from scratch. We've listed all of the key info below:

  • To start building a base you'll need to land on the planet of your choice
  • You can either use a Signal Booster to look for a habitable base, which will have a Base Computer, or you can build one from scratch anywhere you'd like
  • If you've started the game again, you'll receive a short tutorial on Base Building about an hour in where you'll build a rudimentary wooden hut using a Base Computer
  • While progressing through the Artemis storyline, you'll also go through a Base Building tutorial, though will be given significant resources to do so
  • To build, press up on the d-pad to enter the build menu
  • From here you can place objects and build to your heart's content

No Man's Sky Unlimited Base Building

The new No Man's Sky update boasts "unlimited" Base Building, and while it isn't technically unlimited, the limit is pretty lenient. You can check out a video of Sean Murray demonstrating this below:

No Man's Sky Base Computer

While those starting a new No Man's Sky save will be treated to a helpful tutorial on building a Base Computer, those jumping back in won't be so lucky. Just follow the steps listed below, and you'll have a Base Computer in no time at all.

  • Land on any planet, exit your ship
  • Press up on the d-pad
  • Select portable technology
  • Scroll along to Base Computer
  • You'll need 40 Chromatic Metal to do so (for tips on how to get Chromatic metal, head over to our No Man's Sky Chromatic Metal Guide)
  • Craft the Base Computer, and get building, Traveller

No Man's Sky Blueprints

If you want to have access to all of the building materials No Man's Sky has to offer, you'll need to collect Salvaged Technology and use a Construction Research Unit to unlock them. You can find Salvage Technology by finding Buried Technology Modules using your Analysis Visor. Once you have them you need to construct a Construction Research Unit using the following materials:

  • 20 Magnetised Ferrite (made by placing Pure Ferrite in a Refiner)
  • 1 Carbon Nanotube (crafted from 50 carbon)

No Man's Sky Teleport to Base

If you were worried about warping to the next system and leaving your base behind forever, fear not. You can actually use the teleportation portals in space stations to warp back to your base. If your base has a teleportation in it, you can even go the other way, back to stations you've visited previously.

No Man's Sky Locked Crate - Can You Open Locked Crates in No Man's Sky?

One of the items you can get from analyzing Blueprints is the Locked Crate. Many players have already done so, though have been surprised at not being able to open the locked crate in No Man's Sky. Unfortunately, the Locked Crate is purely cosmetic and cannot be opened or used as a storage space.

That's everything you need to know about Base Building in No Man's Sky. For more on the game, check out our tips on how to make money fast in No Man's Sky. You can also head over to our No Man's Sky Freighters Guide for a look at how best to use Freighters and Frigates in No Man's Sky.

For more on the No Man's Sky, you can check out our No Man's Sky Guides Hub. It's got links to all of our up-to-date No Man's Sky Guides, including beginner's tips, advice on how to make money in No Man's Sky, as well as a look at No Man's Sky Freighters and Multiplayer.

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