No Man’s Sky Freighters  - How to Get a Freighter For Free, What Are Frigates and How to Get Them, Storage, How to Repair Frigates, Command Room

No Man’s Sky Freighters - How to Get a Freighter For Free, What Are Frigates and How to Get Them, Storage, How to Repair Frigates, Command Room

Freighters are extremely useful in No Man’s Sky. Here’s all the info you need on Freighters, and the Frigates that they command.

We're currently in the process of updating our No Man's Sky Guides so that they are in line with the new Beyond update. As a result some of the info on this page might not be applicable post-update.

One of the coolest additions that No Man's Sky has seen post-launch is that of Freighters. No Man's Sky Freighters are huge, useful, and have some pretty awesome designs, so you'll want to get your hands on one as soon as possible. In this No Man's Sky Freighters Guide, we'll show you how to get a free Freighter in No Man's Sky, and give you some tips on how to use it. We'll also give you some info on Frigates, and how to send them out on missions to get valuable rewards.

No Man's Sky Freighters Guide

If you really want to get ahead and rake in units in No Man's Sky, you're going to want to get a Freighter. They can be found all over the universe, and are seriously pricey unless you know how to get one for free. Once you've got one you can start building a fleet of Frigates, which you can send out into the universe to complete objectives and bring back loot for you. Let's take a look at some important info regarding Freighters and Frigates in No Man's Sky.

How to Get a Free Freighter in No Man's Sky

Given the huge advantages that a Freighter can gain you, they're pretty pricey. If you want to purchase one outright, it'll cost you hundreds of millions of credits, but there is a way to get a free Freighter in No Man's Sky. We've pulled all the info you need into the list below:

  • Explore the universe until you receive a distress signal from a Freighter under attack
  • Kill all of the pirates that are attacking the Freighter, taking care not to inflict any damage on the Freighter itself.
  • Upon killing the last pirate, you'll receive a transmission from the Freighter Captain
  • Open your Starship Communicator and you'll be invited aboard the Freighter
  • Find and speak to the captain and they'll offer you the Freighter as a rewards for saving them
  • Accept their offer
  • You're now the proud owner of a shiny new Freighter

If you're having trouble finding a Freighter in distress, just keep warping between galaxies until you receive the call. You'll naturally come across one while following the Atlas storyline as well.

No Man's Sky Freighter Storage

One of the main advantages of getting a Freighter in No Man's Sky is its huge storage. You can transfer resources back to your Freighter at any time, though will have to be physically at your Freighter to transfer from Freighter storage to both Exosuit and Ships.

No Man's Sky Freighter Command Room and Base Building

Upon receiving your shiny new Freighter, you'll want to build a Freighter Command Room. It allows you to manage a fleet of Frigates , and must be crafted using the Freighter base building menu. You can access this menu by pressing up on the d-pad. You'll need the following in order to craft a Freighter Command Room:

  • Silver (120)
  • Gold (40)
  • Tritium (10)

You can build rooms and other components on your Freighter using the build menu. You'll predominantly need Tritium and silver to do so, so stock up on these if you want to build a Freighter Base in No Man's Sky.

No Man's Sky Frigates - How to Get Frigates in No Man's Sky

Once you own a Freighter, you'll want to start assembling a fleet of Frigates. To get more Frigates in No Man's Sky, explore the galaxy and keep an eye out for Frigate icons. From there you can speak to the Captain of the Frigate, and request that they join your fleet. You can check put all of the different frigates you can get in No Man's Sky in the image below:

How to Repair Frigates in No Man's Sky

If your Frigate gets into trouble in No Man's Sky, it will return with damaged components. In order to send it back out, you'll need to repair it. To do so, look for a red Frigate icon on your compass. Fly to it and you'll reach the damaged Frigate. Once you get into range, land at one of the landing sites located on the Frigate. Once you land, you'll be hailed by the Frigate Captain, and will be given the choice to highlight the damaged components. From there you need to exit your ship and use the walkways to get to the red icons. You'll need to interact with the damaged component, repairing it and then exiting the menu. Once all are repaired, you'll be able to use your Frigate again.

No Man's Sky Freighter Missions - How to Send Your Fleet on Missions

One of the coolest things you can do with your Freighter in No Man's Sky is send out a fleet of Frigate on Missions. They're called Expeditions, and can be accessed by speaking to your Freighter Navigator. From there you can select from a list of Expeditions of varying difficulty. You'll need to assign Frigates to each one, and make sure they are adequately fueled. You'll get all kinds of resources for completing an Expedition, from valuable materials to Units.

No Man's Sky Freighter Classes

There are different classes of freighters and frigates that you can find in No Man's Sky. The classes include C, B, A and S, with storage capacity increasing with each level. S is the highest, and higher class freighters will have better warp drive capacity, allowing you to warp farther with each jump.

That's all you need to know about Freighters in No Man's Sky. For more info in the game, why not check out our guide on how to make money in No Man's Sky. You should also take a look at how multiplayer works in our No Man's Sky Multiplayer Guide.

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