3D-Printed Neo Geo Cabinet Shell Turns Your Nintendo Switch into a Ferocious Fighting Machine

This cabinet shell is small and cute, but it's got attitude! Like--like a tiger cub!

News by Nadia Oxford, .

Last week, I offered some reasons why you should download and play Hamster Corporation's Neo Geo titles on the Nintendo Switch.

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"Portability" is a big reason. Hamster Corporation's Neo Geo games are available on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but you can't tote those onto a plane unless you have a TV, a strong back to haul it, and a good argument for the TSA and flight attendants.

But more importantly, if you own Neo Geo games on the Switch, you can 3D print this smashing Neo Geo arcade cabinet / dock for your Switch's screen.

Well, maybe—at the time of this writing, the seller's 3D print files are sold out. Hopefully, demand will push the seller, ShigeryuShop, to re-stock.

Just look at how tiny and cute that cabinet is! Reminds me of those Coleco Mini-Arcade units I played with in the '80s, except this 3D shell lets you actually play King of Fighters '98 instead of an LCD facsimile.

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