Ion Maiden is 3D Realms' Newest Old-school FPS Running on Build Engine

Available now on Steam Early Access.

3D Realms, famous for owning the Duke Nukem brand, is back with a new throwback FPS that's kind of like Duke Nukem, but with a much better name. It's called Ion Maiden and it's available on Steam Early Access now.

Ion Maiden is a retro first-person shooter made by the team at Voidpoint and published by 3D Realms. The full release is planned for the third quarter of 2018 for PC. You can check out the announcement trailer below.

Ion Maiden is a prequel to an earlier 3D Realms Game, 2016's Bombshell. Originally thought of as a new take on the modern 3D Duke Nukem FPS, Bombshell failed to ignite audiences, and was met with middling reviews.

Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison stars in both the 2016 game and Ion Maiden. At one point Ion Maiden was teased as a digital extra to be included in Bombshell as bonus content (according to NeoGAF), but the project grew in size to become a standalone game. The new name was also chosen to separate the project from Bombshell, and thankfully the project is all the better for it.

Also, it doesn't hurt that Ion Maiden looks like particularly stellar callback to the 90s FPS games. The trailer makes a strong case for the game, especially for nostalgia fans and developer Voidpoint is made up of a bunch of people famous in the Duke Nukem 3D porting circles. So you know they know their stuff with this type of game.

Ion Maiden is available now in Early Access for $20.

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