5 Instances of Video Game Characters Crashing Nativity Scenes

5 Instances of Video Game Characters Crashing Nativity Scenes

"We three kings picked up this electric yellow rat on our way here. That cool?"

Every Christmas, churches and homes set up Nativity scenes that depict the birth of Christ via small figurines. Mary, Joseph, and the swaddled Baby Jesus are invariably present in these festive dioramas, but it's not uncommon to see additional guests, particularly the three Wise Men who, according to legend, cruised into Bethlehem to say hi to the newborn king.

I'm not Christian or even particularly religious, but I appreciate the tranquility Nativity scenes exude. I also appreciate how people find ways to get creative with the scenes. I don't just mean how they let their cats supplant Baby Jesus and offer themselves up as a figure to be admired and worshipped. Cats are going to cat; it's inevitable.


What I mean is, people realize modern times sometimes call for modern Nativity scenes. Tradition is important, but so is a sense of humor (and a willingness to dabble in blasphemy, I guess). "Geeky" Nativity scenes that replace Joseph, Mary, and Jesus with Obi-Wan, Leia, and BB-8 respectively are neat, but I have a particular interest in Nativity scenes involving video game characters. In honor of the festive season, I dug up a handful I'd like to share.

That's Not Snow, it's Fallout

While this first example isn't a full-blown recreation of the Nativity, I'm still amused at the prospect of Vault Boy following the Star to deliver a gift of 500 Atoms (yes, I ran with the obvious Fallout 76 joke. Sorry. Please let me have this; it's Christmas). [Source]


In 2011, U.K.-based game store chain Gamestation made a geeky Nativity scene featuring some rather atrocious game character models. Zelda fills in for Mary, and Gears of War's Marcus Fenix is Joseph. Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet is the Holy Child. I'd ask, "How on Earth did this happen," but I guess anything's possible when divine conception is involved.

If Your Nativity Scene Doesn't Showcase Accurate Pokémon Lore, Don't Even Bother

Um, Mewtwo is born of Mew, not the other way around. Just throwing that out there. Thanks. [Source]

I Don't Ship It, But the Bible Technically Does

Final Fantasy VII lets its spiky-haired protagonist Cloud hook up with either Tifa or Aeris (or Yuffie, kind of, if you're weird), but it's just Aeris x Cloud all up in this Nativity scene. It makes sense; Aeris is Final Fantasy VII's not-subtle Jesus allegory, and while her role here as Mary isn't the same as being Jesus (whose part is filled by a Fisher Price Busy Town figurine), I suppose it's close enough. Dang, my "eh, close enough" attitude is probably good for a few visits to a Confessional. Let's just end this by blowing kisses of sympathy to the very small Chocobo who probably had to carry the very large Wise Man Barret across the desert. [Source]

ELECTRODE used EXPLODE! It Erased Christianity Before it Had a Chance to Start!"

Oh no. [Source]

Happy holidays, one and all! Enjoy some time with your family, but if spending time with your family is a pill, you're welcome to read our picks for 2018's Best Games.

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